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Greed and Giving

just a batpony/thesteral wanting to do that in which I do.

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Well fuck my life · 5:38pm Jun 16th, 2018

With the biggest object, I need to get back Enid, but everyone I ask basically snubs me.

Reason I need to get back to Enid tomorrow is because my 'adopted dad' was hit and kill by some fucking retard drove drunk.
I want to be at his service tomorrow, but everyone I ask either can't because not enough gas, or just straight up snub me because 'fuck you'.
I know no one here can help me, but God do I loath my blood relatives right now for snubbing me.

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Lol that's ok,which one is your favorite as of right now?

You have some interesting stories, and I'm going to have to click watch again because my mouse double click it, sorry.

Thanks for the watch may I ask why?

  • Viewing 209 - 213 of 213
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