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Greed and Giving

just a batpony/thesteral wanting to do that in which I do. Why it says I'm online all the time is because I don't want to log out on my laptop, and my PS4 was logged in and I can't turn it on anymore.

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Lame · 8:37pm Monday

They are having a Superman marathon on the SYFY channel for the new Krypton series and man is it so lame. Right now it's Superman 2. Why does he have to be one of the stupidest hero's ever, other than Batman. This is one of the dumbest things I've ever seen and wish that Superman would go away and never return. Hell when Gothom came out they didn't have a marathon of Batman movies. I know people are biased with him, but still there are like 15 Supers in existence in these worlds, ranging from

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Thanks for the Fave on Queens to Check, Dragon to Mate

Thanks for the watch.

And I'm sorry to, and I will.

Sorry didn't mean to sound like that. I do hope you enjoy what I have to offer though.

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