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Greed and Giving

just a batpony/thesteral wanting to do that in which I do.

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Well fuck my life · 5:38pm June 16th

With the biggest object, I need to get back Enid, but everyone I ask basically snubs me.

Reason I need to get back to Enid tomorrow is because my 'adopted dad' was hit and kill by some fucking retard drove drunk.
I want to be at his service tomorrow, but everyone I ask either can't because not enough gas, or just straight up snub me because 'fuck you'.
I know no one here can help me, but God do I loath my blood relatives right now for snubbing me.

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Welcome and love Warlord.

Thank you for the watch!

2607127 no worries. And thank you. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I loved writing them

Okay honest mistake there on my part:twilightblush:, I told someone else that they we're welcome before when I followed them. Anyway you're welcome and your stories look very interesting.

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