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Plans for 2020 · 8:29pm Dec 31st, 2019

Hey everyone, your friendly neighborhood cowmare, Crimson here. it's 1:30 at my time, that mean less than 11 hours and thirty minutes, the year 2020 is upon us.

This year has been stressful in a lot of way, dealing with my sperm donor father and his assholeness, my little brother acting out horribly - he's 16 BTW - my crap hours at my new jobs going at 2 days a week for work.

What's worse, I never finished the content all of you to enjoy.

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No problem. I read you fic and it was hilarious. Also watched the link to the outcasts, which also made me laugh hard. you are funny sir, keep going. <3

Thanks for the favorite

can you please follow Twilight+Glimmer if you already don't. And if you already do, please spread the word. Thanks.

  • Viewing 202 - 206 of 206
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