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Ah Hearth's Warming is upon Equestria, the best time of the year. To Spike however, it's his first Hearth's Warming with his human girlfriend Rachel. And he's all to excited about it, he plans on giving her a good gift when she comes over.

But he gets the startling news that Rachel wasn't coming, so what does the loving drake do?

He takes off to Fillydelphia to get to the bottom why Rachel isn't celebrating.

Now this is a Holiday Special, since I love Christmas, I decided to work on this piece to get ready for the holiday spirit.

Pinkie: Hey! You still got Thanksgiving to get through!

Ugh! don't remind me, double P, don't remind me. I just love Christmas more than Thanksgiving lol

Cover done by me :3, this story is all of it's own and only a side story

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After a mishap spell, Twilight accidentally sent Rainbow Dash into a game on her phone called "Flappy Bird" A rage quitting game that no pony has yet to defeat. The only way for Dash to get out of the game is if she beats the highest score of 119 feet.

The catch is, Twilight has to play the game. Dash becomes the flapping bird.

One shot fic and I regret nothing XD. The pic was done by me.

Tag for death 'cause of game character dying repeatedly and restart.

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"I will regain my throne if it's the last thing I'll do!"

After being resurrected by Radiant Hope, King Sombra was back and was ticked off. Ignoring all of Hope's attempts to get him to forget about revenge, he sets off to the frozen wasteland before being summoned and met by none other than "Mother", the Queen of the shadows herself. Learning that he was no longer needed, Mother casts him aside and turned her attention to Equestria's newest and greatest enemy...

The cover is not mine but belongs to to Yula568 from deviantart. I suggest you take a look at the artwork. I will get a better cover soon
main image

Yula568's deviantart page

I made "Mother" Hate-able and the type you want to kill yerself for a reason :P

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Big Mac, brother to Apple Jack, the Element of Honesty and to Apple Bloom, a founding member of the famous CMC. He's infamous for usual "Eeyup" "Nnope", a pony of a few words. For years he kept to himself, only to speak when it's needed to, no pony knows why.

All but Big Mac...

Many years ago, when he was just a young colt, him, his father Bright Mac and his mother Pear Butter - Buttercup everyone calls her, traveled through the Everfree Forest to collect a herb that would keep the parasprites from eating the farm when Mac came across a carnival. Run by Carnival Catherine, a strange mare with strange abilities. Cat nearly lead Big Mac to his doom before his parents stopped her, costing their lives in the process and Cat and her Carnival of Doom vanished.

Now, Carnival Cat has returned to Ponyville to finish the job, her newest victims, CMC in her grasp, Big Mac will have to revisit the past to stop Cat and save the girls.

This is my take on Carnival Cat, based on a song created by Sand Josieph who gave me the A-OKAY to do this. I just heard this the other day and I need to write a story that goes with this, if ya'll haven't heard of it, the link is down here.


Hiatus till I can edit all

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