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I would like to thank you for Requesting your idea for a Story on my Page! It was enjoyable to make!

Thank you for watching. :raritywink:

Love it. So AJ and RD are just leaving the shop when they get caught up in Rarity's dream. What Rarity is dreaming is actually happening to Dash and AJ in real life? I love it. What if Twilight is walking by the shop and does a double take? She mutters "I don't know what's going on in there, but this is too good to pass up." So she goes in and grabs a seat. She watches as her two friends, stuck in Rarity's dream, go through the entire "nightmare." Maybe another pony comes by and goes in. Does that work? When Rarity wakes up all her friends applaud the work but the two models - still frozen in her magic field, are not taking it well. How about when they're leaving (still all made up) They start getting whistles and compliments. At first they think the other ponies are making fun of them, then Celestia shows up and is genuinely complimentary. She invites them to a dinner party she's holding in honor of Luna's engagement. Luna's getting engaged??!! To whom? (See? You start me up and I will never stop...

Hello JBlaser! I see on my list that you made a request a while ago for an R63 Sunburst fic? If I recall, you went into an impressive amount of detail about certain aspects of the story but the unfortunate thing is that I've lost the notes I made about it! Can you refresh my memory?

its ok, im patient , thank you for the update

  • Viewing 12 - 16 of 16
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