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Ah Hearth's Warming is upon Equestria, the best time of the year. To Spike however, it's his first Hearth's Warming with his human girlfriend Rachel. And he's all to excited about it, he plans on giving her a good gift when she comes over.

But he gets the startling news that Rachel wasn't coming, so what does the loving drake do?

He takes off to Fillydelphia to get to the bottom why Rachel isn't celebrating.

Now this is a Holiday Special, since I love Christmas, I decided to work on this piece to get ready for the holiday spirit.

Pinkie: Hey! You still got Thanksgiving to get through!

Ugh! don't remind me, double P, don't remind me. I just love Christmas more than Thanksgiving lol

Cover done by me :3, this story is all of it's own and only a side story

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This is starting out good so far Crimson and I already hate Racheal's dad.

Oooo. A good start. Racheal's dad can eat a rail road spike.

Damn Rarity's in a mental ward, I know she brought this on herself but I kinda feel bad for her.

Rarity in a mental ward, Rachel isn't coming to Ponyville to see Spike for Hearths Warming? I feel like that there's a connection with the two, but I don't know. I'll have to wait for the next chapter. Great chapter, by the way.

brave stallion !!

Another great chapter Crimson. Spike's on Racheal's trial now and nothings gonna st-

*A wild shiny Salamance appears!!*

Goddamnit man!!:facehoof:

So Rarity lost her mind, this is gonna be fun.

I was expecting something where Rarity and the two lovebirds would eventually have a sit down to where they could talk.

We'll probably see it in the main sequel.

I am not really into thanksgiving either so hell

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