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Sweet Chapter.

Rachel is so gonna TORTURE that announcer pig so badly. He will regret enslaving Spike like that! :twilightangry2: :flutterrage:

Finally, we have a lead to where's Spike freaking is!!!

The sound of baby Igneous wailing was deafening. Rachel's horns were still glowing blue and vibrating as the summoning of the mystical Cutie Map, images of the blue diamonds and wings still floating above her head.. Her jaw dropped as she turned to see Twilight with the doors to her chambers open.

Her shouts woke the baby up.

"Two things; one: fuck you for barging in like a deranged psycho and scaring him. Two: what the hell are you talking about??" Rachel growled as she pressed her crying newborn up against her shoulder and began bouncing him. Making shushing noises to get him to stop.

Twilight flinched. "I am so sorry, I know you told me to not barge in unannounced but at least I didn't teleport in this time." Her alicorn and dragon wing relaxed. She was still getting used to having her new wing. Having to lose her other wing during the conflict against the humans.

Ha! Called it.

BTW, it seems that there's no human tag in this story anymore?

Sucks that we probably won't see the human side of things when we finally learn the full truth that this is all Sombra's/Blueblood's fault.


BTW, it seems that there's no human tag in this story anymore?

Sucks that we probably won't see the human side of things when we finally learn the full truth that this is all Sombra's/Blueblood's fault.

Yeah I forgot to add a human tag, thanks for the reminder lol

Edit: I'm finally working on this now.

Rachel grabbed his hand and he shook it, when he went to kiss it, she quickly took it back. “Capper….” she repeated the name, having it jog a memory. “Didn’t you use Spike as a flamethrower against the Storm King? Spike told me about it once.”

Capper let out a laugh. “Ah yeah. Well at the moment, sweetheart, it was in a dire situation. I kindly reminded the tiny guy that he was a fire breathing dragon. It was a mutual decision."

"That was like twelve years ago, he's probably not tiny anymore." The unicorn said as she came up to her. "Fizzlepop Berrytwist. I also go by Tempest Shadow, you can call me either way." she raised a hand up to her to shake.

Rachel took it and both shook. “I’ll go with Tempest.” she said.

Something about Tempest’s voice struck something within Rachel. A voice she hadn’t heard in years.

So Rach, you’re my ride and die?

Ride and die, hell yeah!

Rachel quickly lets go of Tempest’s hand. “So, you two got summoned by this dang map?” She asked, trying to push some thoughts away.

“Ain’t my first time.” Capper shrugged before he motioned for her to go take a seat.

Rachel sighed before approaching the table as Twilight went back to her chair. She saw her summoned symbol, along with what looked like an emoji looking Capper’s head and Tempest’s broken horn symbol floating around the Friendship Castle. She frowned.

“Why did the map have my floating things looking like Rarity’s cutie mark with my wings? That’s just all kinds of wrong.” Rachel grunted.

As if the map listened, it glowed and her symbol changed. The blue diamonds turned into a single blue flame with her wings.

Twilight blinked. “Uhhh….okay that never happened before.” She looked at the map. “After all these years, I’m still baffled by this thing.”

“You’re supposed to be the Princess of Magic and Friendship, it’s literally your job to know all of this.” Tempest said, causing Rachel to snort.

“Ironstone Wharf?” Rachel read the name of the village. “Fucking Sombra took him basically the other side of Equis???” Her voice cut deeply, filled with anger.

Damn, that explains a whole lot on why you didn't find him by now.

It finally took the Cutie Map to do something about it.

“I’ve heard horror stories, it makes Klugstown a paradise in comparison.” Capper said. “It’s owned and run by a nasty little pig by the name of Snowball.”

Did you know about Animal Farm? Because that seems like a bloody reference?

Rachel pushed herself up off of the map table. “Bring it on. I’ll gladly cook that squealing bastard over an open fire.”

Is it weird for me to have some bacon or pork by reading this? :pinkiecrazy:

“Okay, Tempest, I think I’m going to like you too.” Rachel grinned. Oh crap, I know who her human variant is… Putting together several similarities of the human she knew in question together. There was no denying it. She knows these two weren’t the same but still.

I'm so confused, how is this possible?

That pig Snowball will burn in the underworld.

Ahhh I'm still on chapter 29-2 of rewrite the stars can wait to find out why she is now a freaking dragon lol

Oh no. It's can be good. Iggy is in danger.

it's in Rewrite the stars, just keep reading :twilightsmile: you only got.... 49 chapters to go in that story plus Queen of the Dragonlord.

You got this!

Not bad for this chapter. It won't be long until Spike is freed.

Spike's has been found. I hope they freed him.

I’m impressed by the consistency of these chapters and this entire universe on display here. Nice

Curse that Snowball

You know even with both of them dead there not exactly out of the woods yet because there still one more person that can start a war and they were actually successful at that. You know the 6th alicorn Opaline. The one alicorn that no one knows about?

Yeah g5 is not part of this

That stupid Harpy needs to be stooped.


Thank God!! :yay:

The setting really frickin sucks, when you realized that everything that Twilight and her friends did, has been for nothing. :facehoof: :twilightangry2:

I still haven't forgotten or forgive the writers that they did that. Completely ignoring the other non-pony races too!?

Although, the new recent characters like the Mane Five, and Misty are okay to me.


Just fry her already. Nobody will miss her. :ajbemused:

Oh I have plans for that, it's gonna be worse than death with the birdy

Nice chapter. Harpy sould probably try to hide.

As for songs... If it is like a "final" battle, then I'll choose Black Betty.

If it is more comical, in the moment style then Dead Man Walking.

I only saw the G5 movie, I haven't seen any of the series.

All star by smash mouth, if spike can handle her so casually, then Rachel is just gonna steamroll her

Looking forward to seeing Harpy getting what she deserves

Nice. Looking forward to the next chapter.

Okay, I don't like how Spike is acting to Rachel of all people!?

If I was in the story. I should f***ing hit him, or even on his groin if he keeps saying this bull crap against his own wife that's trying to save his ungrateful ass!!!!! :facehoof: :twilightangry2: :ajbemused:

When I say that he is very hesitant and scared of going back to Equestria, guilt and trauma, he lashes out.

He knows he'll regret it. Rachel has very few patience left and they are quickly fading.

It was mentioned that the couple is going to go through a fight.


Oh he will regret big time, once he finally learned that he's a father.

And recently being such a total ungrateful dick to his own damn wife!

I bet Snowball will use Rachel's anger of harpy to say something along the lines of "you crippled/killed her, Now you own me"


He should join her if he keeps being a smart ass. :pinkiecrazy:

I am definitely in the appetite for roast ham or bacon....hope there is some left after Rachel (and hopefully Dragon Spike too) get her hands on that bastard boar....:twilightangry2:

That take care of that Harpy.

No amount of surgeries can repair Harpy's beak. Pretty much be feeding from a tube for the rest of her life.

So yes Gertie, Harpy did infact eat her words.

Not gonna lie, I had this chapter mostly finished by the time Rewrite The Stars was done. :rainbowlaugh:

Damn! You really planned ahead. :pinkiecrazy: 👍

Since Harpy is basically a dead griffon walking--especially after how 'affectionate' she is despite Spike constant yells and insistence he is not interested in her and he already has a mate--I do wonder how Rachel will kill Harpy. Hopefully this doesn't occur with new info that Spike ultimately failed and cheated on Rach, but then again, Spike was in such a fucked-up space (physically, emotionally, and mentally) that he was easy pickings for Sombra to deceive him to and sold to that dirty boar. I have a sinking feeling that Harpy took advantage of him sexually, and Rachel will eventually find out.

EDIT: I like Dead Man Walking. It will be appropriate when Rach actually confronts Harpy...and in a way, it can work on Snowfall too.

The beat down of that stupid harpy was awesome, so was the sex scene.


Didn't you read the new chapter?

P.S. I doubt Spike will ever did it with that Griffin slut.

All what Harpy did is constant teasing and sexual harassment against him. I don't think they ever did it once. Which is a very, very bloody good thing for Spike.


Yeah he never slept with her. In a way, she reminded him too much of Rarity and it was hate at first sight


Well that's one problem solved.

Still, even with the apology sex. I still think Spike should personally apologize verbally.

After all, Rachel did a whole ton of life-and-death shit to save his ungrateful ass. Not to mention that he is a father now.

Part of me wonders if he will be able to handle the kid Considering if he is this much trouble for the babysitters I can't imagine the villain having an easy time of it.


Igneous has more tricks up his tiny sleeves that has yet to be uncovered. Like Ember, he also inherited abilities from the Blood Staff and now with the Blue Celestial. Sombra is in for a surprise.

lets just say Sombra will learn very quickly that he has to stop underestimating babies


Onto a different topic. I finally come to edit one of my previous comments near the bottom.

was waiting for that to get edited :heart: thank you

🍪 That's for actually getting the reference

Rachel has good memory and can recognize them by their voices. So when Tempest spoke, it sounded a lot like her old friend even if it's been eight years. I'll explain more of her friend in later chapters because Rachel and tempest's human variant were good friends.

Interesting that Iggy has powers. They do need Rachel after all.

Something tells me that Sombra is in for a nasty surprise once he gets his hands on Iggy.

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