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An ancient foe has returned, a war between humans and ponies erupted, Spike was gone and she was no longer human.

Now in order to find the missing dragonlord and help fight the war against the Human invasion and Sombra and have the dragons follow her lead, the princesses sends Rachel back to her home world where she must retieve an artifact linking to an ancient past life.

Are you frickin serious!? Welp, the ponies will obviously f****** lose. It will be one-sided massacre.

Oh they got more help than they realize

However, the reason behind his leaving, it wasn’t hard to see why. Still didn’t lessen the blow that impacted everyone. Being not only poisoned but unable to control one’s own actions and go on a blood thirsty ramage, destroying those who were unfortunate enough to get in his way. There were several casualties as a result. All because of Rarity.

I hope we can see her own spirit burning and tortured in hell for what she did in a new chapter. :facehoof: :twilightangry2:

"I'm afraid at this moment you cannot. With the Elements of Harmony one element short, you don't have enough strength" Celestia said. With Rarity dead, The Elements were weak, useless even."You'll be involved soon enough."

Even if she somehow miraculously lives. She will immediately lose her element, with no chance of having it back, and rightfully so.

So you will lose the element of generosity either way. Unless you immediately found a new bearer that truly deserves it!

“Exactly. Taught him how to fight, use magic of the staff while keeping everything underwraps. Can’t have the little guy get jumped left and right by greedy bastards.” Ember entered the room and walked up to Rachel. “We eventually settled with me taking over, however I’m not really considered the Dragonlord. Spike’s the True Dragonlord and he needs to be found. And the only one he’ll listen to is his Queen.” She says that right in Rachel’s face.

Now that I think about it, Spike kinda deserved the role.

But he does owe a huge ass apology to Rachel for just leaving her.

After hopping on 2 different trains, keeping her head down and trying to get as small as she could to not attract attention, ignoring the newscasts about the human invasion and Sombra’s assaults, Rachel eventually made her way to Fillydelphia. She would fly but she still didn't know how to use her new wings, never really asked to learn how with how crazy things gotten.

You know, I get your emotional/mental trauma. But you need to stop f****** messing around all day. Because LIVES are freaking at stake here!!!!!

"Why did you leave me, Spike?! Why?!" She shouted between sobs. Her stomach twisted as she sobbed, causing her to cough and gag haphazardly. Puffs of blue fire scorched the wooden floors, unable to puke up anything since she couldn't keep any food down.

Damnit Spike, you really do owe her a VERY huge ass apology.

She was going to get her dragon back.

There we go.

"If it makes you feel better, that Spike is a dog… but remember, that Rarity hasn't done anything so she's innocent… unlike ours." Twilight frowned when mentioning her dead friend.

I'm at least glad that human Rarity is innocent. And she will be rightfully disgusted with her pony self.

Twilight gripped her head as she was trying to comprehend this. Spike is going to be a dad! But he doesn't know!!

Oh, he is so going to regret leaving if he learns this.

“Hi, I’m Spike.” this world Spike introduced himself to her.

Oh boy. :rainbowderp:

I'm just interested in the human invasion, I mean which country decided to invade? But yeah I hope Rachel find spike again.

All of them. you'll see soon enough


Then I was right that Equestria is literally f****** dead then. :twilightoops:

By the way, I barely remember what happened in the last story.

So, how the hell did Blueblood f******* piss off every single U.N. official to declare war on Equis/Equestria!?

And framed Celestia/Luna that they were "blamed" on the first place?

Why the heck didn't any of them tell the U.N. officials the truth that it was all Blueblood's fault, not them?

And speaking of blueblood, is he really that freaking retarded to think that ponykind has a slightest chance to somehow beat humanity/earth!!??

Not only does they're own military ( Royal Guard/Wonderbolts ) suck ass in a real battlefield. But Equestria really didn't experience real warfare for over a thousand years.

While we ( Humanity itself ) literally "mastered" warfare over a couple of times in the past centuries and even decades ago. And regretfully, right about now even.

Especially with guns/missiles, jets/planes, tanks, warships/submarines, etc....

And do I forget to mention that we have over thousands of freaking NUKES that I highly doubt the ponies can't even defend against all of them??

Blueblood's is probably the most dumbass misanthrope/racist/xenophobic pony in existence right about now. :facehoof:

You'll see, it'll be explained

Well partly Celestia fault because she saw the darkness in him and knew that there was a good chance of him following his father footsteps but she refused to face the fact that he was dangerous to everyone around him and instead tried to erase his memory in order to save him but it was plain to see he was still rotten.

Well except maybe a tiff I don't think she would kill that rarity although she might have been surprised to see someone who was supposed to be dead not dead but I am sure that sunset and friends will be able to keep rarity.


There are two "different people". Besides, this Rarity is a human, and Spike is a canine doggy. So, their wouldn't be "issues" with Rachel.

Unless Rarity is secretly into bestiality!? :twilightoops:

No she's not XD she's actually in a healthy relationship with Human Kol

Yes but they are very similar in a lot of ways remember how twilight on her first visit seemed to each of them because they were so similar. And Rachel will probably know that this rarity didn't do anything but if she didn't know about the double thing she might think their rarity somehow survived and try to hurt her for everything she did. Spike the dog has nothing to do with this I don't where you got that idea.


Twilight already warned Rachel that human Rarity isn't pony Rarity.

That is what I was commenting about considering if she didn't warn I'm sure sunset and the rest of their friends could take care of it. 😤🤬

It was this world’s Rarity.

And at that moment, Rachel had a look of murder shine in her eyes.

Damnit Rachel, what did I f******* say!!!!

Spike already caught the pony bitch, you know this.

“In other words, because of that Portal, our world is dying.”

Rachel’s eyes widened when she heard that. The Human world was dying??

She realized that If this world was dying, then the Humans invading wasn’t the result of Blueblood, they weren’t invading to get their “humans” back from the evil ponies, it was a ruse, or for resources as she thought before.

The War going on back home, is the Human’s way of getting ready to bring more humans over, it was going to be a total take over….

Rachel thought this through. If what Neighsay said was true about the Blue Celestial, the staff was the reason the Portal opened in the first place, then the Portal must be closed while she’s here before the War gets too far.

She has to get to that staff before it's too late.

Shit, it's one of those cliches where two different worlds can't be connected for too long or it goes unstable, or some shit like that?

I hope it doesn't get frickin permanent. Because I do want some amends from both races.

Wait a god dam-! Rachel is from equestria girls world?! What the hell author?! I thought this was earth's world not- u know what forget it, just forget it.

This is a version of EG world dude

It doesn't. Once the portal is closed, it'll fix the mess

It's a shock to her, she'll be fine


Well thank goodness, so the only issue is that the portal can't be open 24/7 indefinitely right?

Not going to spoil more but the portal will close a tiny bit somewhere near the end. It'll fix a lot of the holes it creates but won't close all the way. It'll open back up.

Since it was made with dragon magic, Dragon magic is the key to close it

Probably ptsd because because rarity and Celestia everything she dreamed about has been turned upside down and she is trying not hate rarity counterpart but they are lot alike and rarity was a monster and twilight unfortunately didn't bother to be there for spike until after the trust between them was gone.

"Yeah." Rachel muttered before looking at them, lowering her hand. "I'm sorry if I come off as snappy and bitchy, my mind is coming to terms with some things. If I snap at you guys for any reason, it's not your fault… especially you two. " She looked at Spike and Rarity. "I know it's different here so please forgive me if I seem… "

I understand her reasoning for this, but I really think that this ironically it would be better for Rachel here that to rip that conflict out now instead of letting it fester. I get it--Rachel is emotionally compromised because of what happened in RTS closing chapters, as well as knowing she's a future mommy and needing to have Daddy Dragon back in her claws safe and sound.

Im rooting for you, Rachel.

How the hell was I suppose to know that?!

Oh that bandaid is gonna be ripped off soon between her and Elizabeth (EG Rarity)

Awesome chapter. Those fellow are in for it now.

Fancying you seeing here.

Rachel is so not messing around

I hope she'll find her true love.

Rachel looked at Lucy with slight fear in her eyes. She didn't know which version of Pinkie Pie was scariest.

Really? You do realize that you are way stronger, and way "scarier". If you're pissed off enough.

The mane 7 in the van watched with mixed, frightened expressions.

To her, Rachel looked like she had turned into a demon straight out of Hell itself.

See what I mean.

“Hey Sunset,” Rachel called out in a pant. Her voice slightly deepened while in this form. “I let my anger out.” She let out a breathless laugh before suddenly doubling over and began puking.

Nice callback.


Don't really have emojis for Sunset and doggo Spike remotely scared.

Needless to say, they all now know not to piss off mama dragon.

IF I was there.

Me: Oh please, everybody calm down. Those assholes f******* deserve it anyway.

If all of you were there in Equestria, like I was. And seeing what these disgusting xenophobic/racist/misanthrope "White Mantle" prick's own heinous crimes they have committed.

You wouldn't have any sympathy with them, like I do.


The two lay in silence for a moment before Spike spoke. “Hey, one Spike to another, what he pulled was a dick move. He’d probably been trying to save you the heartache, but him leaving only hurt you. And if he’s anything like me and I had run away, especially from someone like you, I would regret it instantly. Running away from the ones you love only causes more pain than what it’s worth. It’ll take time, but I believe he will come back… probably do a hell of a lot of asskissing.”

Rachel laughed. “That’s one of his cute quirks. You think he will?” She does know if they are reunited, Spike would do a whole lot of apologizing, groveling and doing what he does best. After she whacks him good on the head for putting her through this mess.

I admit, Dragon Spike will had this coming with the eventual yelling and even some beatdown from Rachel.

He will technically be a "run-away father". He will feel totally despicable when he realized this.

So relieved that Spike--even if he isn't technically her Spike--was able to get Rachel back to her senses somewhat. He is right--dragon Spike is a bastard, and deserves what is coming to him when finally reunited with his wife--but also understood why its hurting Rachel and so, will do hia best. One of our trademark is to adapt, and Rachel is doing that as a necessity, so dog Spike is the perfect companion.

Now if only Rach can do the same for Elizabeth. That will go a insanely long way to Rach succeeding in her mission. It will also be a way for her to realize EG Rarity is a entirely different person and that her previous interaction of Rarity should not contaminate future interactions. Your current Rarity is dead, never to return. You can start anewm

Awesome chapter.

Twenty minutes later…

“Angel, fucking, Rainbow Dash, you officially had lost it!” Rachel yelps as she and the others were standing at the edge of the cliff looking over the forest below.

Rainbow Dash, Serenity and Cassandra all had pony-upped, pony ears were on their heads, their hair grew to mimic a tail and their wings were out and exposed. Two of the girls were just as scared as Rachel.

“Dash, please don’t do this to her!” Cassandra pleaded for her.

“Please, she’s with child!” Serenity cried out.

Dash, don’t you fucking dare!” They could hear Spike in the background hollering but Applejack was holding him back.

“What! We all had to learn this way.” Rainbow Dash shrugged. “Now Queenie, dragon-up so we can continue.”

“Yeah, I don’t think it works that way.” Rachel gazed down. “I already did this a month ago and I didn’t fly either.”

“Yeah, you just gotta keep falling in order to use those wings.” Dash assured.

“If you’re teaching her how to fly, wouldn't you like to start her off with a smaller height??” Elizabeth asked with worry.

“Sorry Rares, you don’t have wings, this isn’t your business.” Rainbow waves her off.

“I’m not doing this.” Rachel begins laughing but it wasn’t humorous. “Me and heights have a love/hate relationship so fuck this and fuck you.”

“You’re jumping.” Dash crossed her arms.

“No I’m no~ YOU FUCKING CUNT!!” Dash cuts her off by speed running up to Rachel and shoving her off the cliff!

“SHE’S PREGNANT, YOU IDIOT!” Serenity screamed as she and Cassandra jumped after her.

“Oh she’s fine!” Dash called out. “We all did this with higher heights!”

Both girls flapped their wings as fast as they could, racing both to try and catch Rachel.

However, the closer they got to the ground, they noticed that they couldn’t find her!

“Do you see her?” Serenity asked panting. Looking around the grounds and clouds but both unable to see her.

“No! I can’t believe she fucking did that!” Cassandra gripped her head in disbelief that Rainbow did that. “Where is she?!”

Rainbow Dash waited a moment before jumping off of the cliff and flew up to them. “Okay where is she?” she asked nonchalantly.

Both of her friends gave her a deathglare.

“What? We all have been~” Rainbow Dash was suddenly cut off when a figure shot from the clouds. Rachel, being in her dragon form, flew up to her and socked the prism colored hair girl in the face so hard, it caused a shock wave and sent Dash flying and crashing back to the cliff. When landed, it formed a six foot crater.

“YOU EARNED THAT YOU BITCH!” Rachel growled, her yellow furred dragon wings beat as hard as they could to keep her up afloat, using new muscles she hasn’t used before to keep her flying.

Rainbow Dash’s face was bloody, her nose looked very crooked, right eye blackened and a tooth was knocked out.

I seen f****** stupid, but this is a new kind of low.

Human Rainbow Dash is definitely going to hell to join Pony Rarity. :facehoof:


So relieved that Spike--even if he isn't technically her Spike--was able to get Rachel back to her senses somewhat. He is right--dragon Spike is a bastard, and deserves what is coming to him when finally reunited with his wife--but also understood why its hurting Rachel and so, will do hia best.

I do understand that Dragon Spike ( Despite his broken mental/emotional issue when he was turned into a unwilling, nearly uncontrollable beast. Due to a certain white pony bitch. ) will get his for abandoning his wife and child like that. But damn. :rainbowderp:

It's good that dog spike is able to help considering sometimes kind ears and listening can help a lot.

Yeah human rainbow kinda deserves getting beat up for goodness sake what doesn't she get about the word no. Plus the girl is pregnant and you shouldn't risk anything that might hurt the baby. She only doing this because she got to get her husband back.

I wouldn't say she'd join Rares in Hell, but she definitely earned a can of whoopass

I am gonna get hated on for this, but after the whole 'got to learn' crap with Dash and Rachel, i wanted Rachel ro actually kill Dash for that. The girl is PREGNANT, why the FUCK would anyone, much less Dash, would think its the best time for flying lessons??!!:flutterrage::flutterrage:

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