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1.) Sunset Shimmer

2.) Adagio Dazzle

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Sup ya'll

Hey guys, welcome to my FIMfic page!

For Shits & Giggles

A Great Dream

About My OC's

(Image made by HoodwinkedTales. Used from her DeviantART page.)

Name: Steel Blade
Age: Mid-20's
Race: Unicorn
Coat: Red
Eye color: Sapphire blue
Mane: Trimmed, light brown
Origin: Des Mane
Special Talent: Sword combat
Cutie Mark: Two swords crossing in the form of an X
Occupation: Captain of the EMS Mareitania
Backstory: Born in the city of Des Mane, Steel is the youngest of two. His older brother, Wooden Blade, was always obsessed with the theater. Eventually he'd go on to become one of the most famous actors in Equestria. Whereas Steel, he was fascinated by swords. He became so fascinated by them that his parents enrolled him in Des Mane's local sword fighting academy. He received his cutie mark after winning his first duel as a student.

Later on in his teens, he found himself intrigued by the ocean liners of the Equestrian Ocean. These big vessels were so beautiful to him. Wanting to see more of the world, Steel joined the Equestrian Merchant Marine Academy where he graduated at the top of his class. It didn't take long for him to find employment with one of Equestria's major shipping lines, the Red Apple Line.

Name: Bullseye
Age: Mid-20's
Race: Unicorn
Coat: Dark blue
Eye Color: Neon green
Mane: Messy, light brown
Origin: Appleloosa
Special Talent: Accuracy
Cutie Mark: Archery Target
Occupation: Professional Archer
Backstory: Bullseye was a quiet one as a colt, always keeping to himself but yet always enjoying the thrill of competition. When he first visited the Equestria Games in Fillydelphia, he was instantly astounded by the ice archery contest. Seeing the different ponies shoot ice arrows at targets made him want to try practicing it himself. Unfortunately, ice arrows were expensive and didn't really last long underneath Celestia's sun in Appleloosa, so he had to make due with regular arrows instead. (The rest might be in an upcoming story if I get around to making it)

Name: Lucky Strike
Age: Mid-20's
Race: Unicorn
Coat: White
Eye Color: Blue
Mane: Messy, red
Origin: Canterlot
Special Talent: Bowling
Cutie Mark: Bowling ball hitting a pin
Occupation: Professional Bowler

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Hope things are going well for ya, buddy. 🤘

I wonder if you'll make another Erotica Girls story anytime soon?

Thanks for the fave.

You earned both of them! :pinkiesmile:

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