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After their loss at the Battle of the Bands, and a month's worth of detention as a result, the Dazzlings decide to look for a fresh start somewhere else rather than deal with the scorn of their classmates at CHS. But the opportunity that they crave soon makes itself known, but at a cost that none of them will be aware of until it's too late to turn back.

A special thank you goes out to Ta-Na for allowing me to use this picture for the cover art.

Currently undergoing a complete rewrite

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After a rather weird, yet awkward moment in the cafeteria of Canterlot High, you find yourself having a series of strange encounters with the same group of three girls who've taken a somewhat obsessive interest in you.

Chapters marked "Original" will remain up, but are no longer considered canon to the series.

This story was inspired by "Going Somewhere...?", a very well-written and just plain awesome story written by trevordark. If you haven't read it yet, take a look.

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The Equestrian Ocean has seen many types of ships over the years. From the time of large sailing vessels relying on their pegasus crew members for power to the age of the paddle wheel steamships. Nowadays, ships are driven by powerful steam turbines. One such ship is the recently completed flagship of one of Equestria's top shipping companies, the EMS Mareitania.

Leading her on her maiden voyage is Steel Blade, a young Captain who was just promoted weeks prior. But he will have his hooves full as threats of a possible attack by changelings linger over this historic event. With this in the back of his mind, he must move forward if he wants to make his company proud. But once out on the open ocean, anything can happen.

Will Steel and Mareitania complete their first voyage? Or will the threats of attack turn into reality?

(Currently being rewritten. Set after Season 6 finale.)

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