• Published 2nd Apr 2015
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Hunted - Harms Way

After an awkward moment in the cafeteria, you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation as the Dazzlings look to make you fall under their spell.

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Unexpected Formality (Revised)

Adagio slowly runs her hands across your body, sometimes slipping them beneath your shirt to feel your chest. The touch of her warm palm on your skin sends a shiver down your spine as she looks up at you and grins. "You're gonna remember tonight for the rest of your life." She says before kissing you on the cheek again. This time, she moves back slightly, kissing your ear softly as your eyes slowly drift upwards. You mentally slap yourself to stay focused on the fact that soon, you're going to be spending a mixture of wanted, yet unwanted quality time with the three of them before you fall under their power.

As she presses her body against yours again, you can feel your keys inside her pants as she pins her crotch against your thigh. "It would be so easy to reach in, grab the keys, shove her away for long enough to get in the car and get out of here." You think as you play the scenario out in your mind. She is practically asking for you to try and take your keys back with the way she keeps pressing the area between her legs against your leg. Looking over to your right, you notice her eyes are closed. Slowly, you try moving your arm as she lays her head on your shoulder.

"Don't even think about it, big boy." She says softly into your ear. You roll your eyes in response before letting your arm go motionless once again. A few minutes of her hands exploring your upper body pass before Aria comes back with Sonata in tow. You look over at the blue siren as she appears to have a dazed look on her face.

"Umm... is she alright?" You ask, making Adagio take a look at Sonata.

"Oh, she'll be fine." Adagio replies. "It wasn't the first time we've had to use her as a battering ram, probably won't be the last either." After saying that, she releases you from her grip while reaching inside her pants to pull out your keys. "Nice car by the way."

"Uh... thanks." You say as she pushes a button on the small remote, making the doors of your car unlock.

"Get in." Aria commands. Slowly, you reach for the door of the front passenger seat, placing a hand on the handle before Aria quickly twists your other arm and presses you against the side of your car. "Uh... what do you think you're doing?"

"Getting in my car?"

"Back seat." She commands as she jerks your arm even further behind your back.

"Fu-" You grunt as your arm gets bent back more than it has ever been. "My car, I get front seat."

"Unless you want your arm broken, you'll get.. in.. the.. back." She threatens while jerking your arm slightly back more after each word. Sensing that your arm can't take much more of this without snapping like a twig, you move your hand away from the handle. She sees this and lets go of your arm before opening the door herself.

"I wonder how far I can get with this hurt ankle." You think as you look towards the main road. "Nah. They'd probably catch me before I even get to the sidewalk in this condition." Reluctantly, you reach for the back seat door as the other three get in, opening it slowly. "The one time I get three beautiful women in my car and I don't want to get in." Taking one last look around, you slowly get inside and shut the door behind you. Adagio then starts up the engine and starts to drive out of the parking lot. Once out onto the highway, you let your head hang downwards. "Maybe it won't be so bad being under their control." You think while looking down at the floor of your car.

"Aww..." Adagio says as she looks at you through the rearview mirror. "You look so adorable when you know you've lost." She pauses slightly as you lift your head up to look at her. "Don't worry, Anon. Soon, you'll be getting three waves of pleasure that I'm sure you'll be wanting more of."

"Why are you guys doing this?" You ask. "I'm just one guy. It's not like I could mess any plans of your's up."

"That is where you are wrong." Adagio replies. "You and the source of magic we were originally looking for are the only ones that are immune. So by making you fall, it's one less thing for us to worry about."

"I guess that makes sense." You say before turning your attention to the blue haired siren that is sitting next to you in the backseat. You raise an eyebrow in her direction as she just stares at you with her tongue hanging from her mouth. Watching as a thin strand of saliva drops from her tongue to your seat, you roll your eyes before turning your head to look out the window. "Where the heck do these three live anyways?" You think before feeling something warm and slimy moving slowly up your arm. Confused at the feeling, you turn your head back to see Sonata licking your arm in a slow, sensual way.

"Don't worry, giant popsicle. I won't let you melt!" The blue haired one says before going back to licking your arm.

"Umm.... okay. I have now officially entered uncharted waters." You think as you watch her actions. One part of your mind is telling you to yank your arm away from the delusional girl before something else happens. Yet, another part of your mind is secretly enjoying the feeling. This was the first time you've had a cute girl using her tongue to contact any portion of your body and, to be honest, the feeling of her soft, warm tongue running ever so slowly and gently up and down your arm was making you relax after what you've been subjected to. You try putting on your best poker face as you turn your head back towards the window, pretending not to be enjoying the feeling. Letting your eyes close for a few seconds, they suddenly shoot open as an intense feeling of pain arises from your wrist. "Fuck!" You yell, jerking your arm away from Sonata. Looking close at it, you see deep bite marks on your wrist that slowly start to ooze blood. "What the fuck was that for?"

"Get back here, you delicious popsicle!" Sonata yells, taking hold of your arm once again before biting it.

"Ow!" You yell, pushing her away from you while you inspect your arm. Two bite marks, both of them oozing blood. Taking a look at the culprit behind the attacks, you notice she is now looking at you while licking her lips. "Oh fuck! She's gotten the taste for blood!" Before she gets the chance to lunge at you again, you plant the foot with the good ankle directly against her forehead, stopping her as her arms try desperately to grab your arm again. "Umm.... you know what would be great right about now?" You say in a sarcastic tone. "If one of you two could help me with this crazy psycho!"

"Did she bite you?" Adagio asks while keeping her eyes on the road.

"No... we're just having a nice little tea party back here. Of course she freakin' bit me!"

"Sorry, but it seems like you're doing just fine on your own with her." Aria says as she takes off her boot to rub the foot that you smashed with Principal Celestia's door. Neither one of them make an attempt to help you as the blue siren is now trying to shake your foot off of her forehead. Turning your head slightly, you notice that you could easily grab the door handle with your free arm.

"Wonder how bad it'll hurt to fall out of a moving car..." You think as you look back towards the blue threat.

"I want more of your cherry flavored goodness!" Sonata cries out as she continues trying to remove the obstruction that is your shoe from her face.

"Okay...." Adagio says. "I think she's gone a bit too far."

"No.... really?" You ask.

"Aria, could you help him?"

"Make him take care of his own problem." Aria responds while rubbing her foot.

"And how am I supposed to do that?" You ask.

"Simple. By knocking her out."

"Sounds great, except for one itty bitty little detail." You reply. "I don't hit women."

"That didn't seem to stop you from smashing my foot with that door."

"Hey! That was your own fault for putting it there. Not mine." You say before Sonata successfully manages to push your foot off of her face.

"Come to momma, you delicious treat!" She says before lunging at you again, this time going for your face. Catching her as she lands on top of you, you stare in horror as her teeth are mere inches away from the tip of your nose. Struggling with all the strength you have left, you manage to keep her away from your face by pressing against her shoulders. But, from this angle, it would seem as though you're trying to hold back a blue version of Ms. Pacman from devouring your face.

"Aria!" Adagio shouts. "Help him, now!"

"Why?" Aria asks. "His pain and anguish amuses me."

"Just do it!"

"Fine!" Aria replies while turning around. Out of the corner of your eye, you see Aria's hand come behind Sonata's neck. "Night night time, Sonata." She says before pinching the back of it, causing Sonata to yelp slightly before her actions against you cease. Soon, she falls directly on top of you, her head face down in the seat directly beside your right ear. "You owe me for that." Aria says before turning back towards the front. Not really wanting to take the chance of waking up the now sleeping blue siren, you let her continue her slumber as she lays directly on top of you.

"Well, could be worse." You think as you are now forced to look up at the roof of your car until you feel it jerk to the right before coming to a stop.

"Here we are." Adagio says as she shuts off the engine. "Home sweet home." After saying that, both she and Aria get out of your car. Adagio then turns around and opens Sonata's door. Leaning inside, you see a grin appear on her face as she sees the position that Sonata's body is laying. "Aww... how adorable. Anon and Sonata are already cuddling. I just hate breaking up precious moments like this." She says softly as she drags Sonata's sleeping body off of you before placing her face up on the front lawn. With Sonata off of your body, you slowly sit up before getting out on your side of the car.

"Worst car ride ever!" You think before turning your attention to your arm, wiping the blood from your bite marks. You then slowly turn your head to look at the house that you all are at. It was a two-story building with white painted wooden panels lining the sides. A brick chimney that was built into the side of the house was seen as you continued observing the structure. "You guys live here?" You ask in amazement when comparing it to your little apartment.

"Yep." Adagio replies as Aria walks inside. "Three bedrooms, three bathrooms, nice big hot tub on the patio out back, and an 85-inch plasma screen tv in the living room."

"How the fuck can you guys afford all this?"

"It's better not to ask questions." She responds as Aria comes back out with a plastic bottle of water in her hand. Once she has the bottle aimed over Sonata's head, she empties the clear contents all over the blue one's face, causing her to spit out water and fidget around before rising to a sitting position.

"Ohhh....." Sonata groans while putting a hand against her head. "My head is killing me." Slowly, she gets to her feet before looking around. "Did we catch taco face?" She asks.

"Unfortunately.... yes." You reply as you lean against your car.

"Yay!" Sonata cries out, rushing over towards you before squeezing the air out of your lungs in a massive bear hug. The sound of your back cracking against the pressure of her hug makes you gasp in pain.

"Too.... hard!" You grunt, making her release her hold as you fall to the ground, landing on your hands and knees.

"Oopsie." Sonata says softly as she turns around and starts walking with the others towards the door to their home. "Come on, Anon! Lets get the fun started!" You don't reply as you try catching your breath while remaining by your car. Slowly, she and Aria come back over beside you and lift you up to a standing position. They release their hold on you, only for you to fall back down onto the ground. "Umm... Anon?" Sonata asks as they both pick you back up again, this time keeping a hold on your body. "You alright?"

"I think you broke him, Sonata." Aria replies as they begin dragging your motionless body towards the house. As they drag you towards the door, you slowly raise your head up, just in time to see Adagio opening the door for the three of you before going unconscious from all of the pain that you've been experiencing.

"Wake up, Anon." Adagio's voice echos through your head. "Wakey wakey."

"Ugh!" Aria's voice chimes in. "Just do this." After she says that, you feel a hand slap you across the face, making your eyes shoot open.

"Fuck!" You yell while instinctively trying to put a hand to the spot that she struck you. However, some metallic object stops your wrist before it even gets close to your face. Looking down, you see that both of your wrists have been cuffed to a wooden chair. "What the hell are these for?" You ask in anger as you glare at the Dazzlings, who were surprised at the sudden burst of rage. "You already have my keys and my ankle is messed up! Not like I'd get far before ya'll could catch me."

"Oh we know that." Adagio says as she slowly circles behind you before coming to a stop beside you, placing a hand on your shoulder. "We just didn't want to take any chances once we woke you up from your little nap." You sigh as you realize that there is no escape from this situation. A small moment of awkward silence between the two of you gets broken by the sound of your stomach as it growls. "Hungry I take it?" Adagio asks as she smirks.

"Well, if you're offering something to eat, I wouldn't say no."

"In that case, I'll send Aria out to get us some pizzas and a few tacos for Sonata. I am feeling a tad hungry myself after all of that... excitement."

"What?!" Aria yells from the other side of the table. "Why do I have to go get the food?" Adagio slowly turns her head towards the purple siren with a glare.

"Because someone has to stay and watch these two." She replies, pointing to both you and Sonata. "Plus, each time I set foot inside that taco serving place, the guy at the counter keeps trying to flirt with me and I'm not interested." She reaches inside of her pocket, pulling out your keys before tossing them to Aria. "Now get going."

"Grr...." Aria growls as she catches the keys in her hand. "Fine. But I get first dibs on the wimp when we get done eating."

"Who you calling a wi-" You say before Adagio puts her hand over your mouth.

"Fair enough. Just make sure that he has some strength left for me and Sonata." She replies as you watch Aria walk out the front door. Moments later, you hear the sound of your car's engine starting up before the sound of it being gunned into reverse makes you cringe. Sounds of your engine being floored and tires squealing against the pavement don't really help as you slam your head face down onto the table in front of you.

"Easy on the damn car!" You think as you close your eyes. "I just fixed it!" Adagio walks up beside you after seeing how Aria's actions have made you react.

"I know this probably won't help much." Adagio says as she pulls up a chair beside you and sits down. "But even though Aria has been in more accidents than me and Sonata combined, most of them weren't her fault."

"Forgive me for not believing that." You reply as you slowly raise your head off of the table. "So... you guys still have to eat food like the rest of us?" You ask in an effort to avoid another moment of awkward silence.

"Well, yes." Adagio replies as she scoots her chair closer to you. "We still have to eat regular food like your kind does. But our primary source of sustenance is the negative energy of others. And should we encounter someone like you, one who is immune to our songs, we would then feed off of their lust."

"Interesting." You say. "Also, I'm a tad curious. How exactly am I, of all people, immune to your hypnosis when so many aren't? Like I said before, I'm not all that special."

"From previous times that we've had to do this, most of the ones that have been immune had some kind of traumatic experience in their lives that had taken all of their negative energy and replaced it with positive energy. So that begs the question. What happened to you that has caused so much pain, anguish, and misery in your life that you are happy to have survived it?" A few seconds of silence follows before she breaks it herself. "I recall you saying you've had worse pain than a fractured ankle. Something to do with this hand." She says while laying her hand on top of your right one. "Care to tell me what happened?"

"Well...." You reply as the memory starts coming back into your mind. "I've been told that talking about it would help me get over it. Not exactly the ideal situation to be discussing my most personal memories, but seeing as how I'm not going anywhere.... I'll tell you."

The sounds of shop class filled the air around you as you were busy cutting some wood with a table saw. The task given to you was to build a bench that would be placed outside of your school at the time, Baltimare Central Academy. You had just turned on the table saw and began cutting pieces of wood when one of your friends came up behind you. "Hey Anon." He said. "Need any help?" You turn off the saw and turn around to face your friend.

"Nah, I'm good. Thanks anyways, Goldy." Golden Glow was one of the few people you had as far as friends went. Sure you had other friends, but Golden seemed to always be the one you hung out with the most. "Whats with the pipe?" You asked, pointing to the pipe that Golden was carrying.

"This?" He asked. "I'm helping fix that car's exhaust system over there." He pointed over to a car up on a hoist. Due to the surprisingly small size of the school, both the automotive class and the shop class had to share one giant room that contained both class' equipment.

"I see." You replied as you look. "Uh, shouldn't you be over there though? I don't want you getting in trouble because of me."

"Wouldn't be the first. Probably won't be the last." Golden replied. "Besides, the others are outside pushing a big truck in here for our next assignment."

"Sounds like fun." You replied before turning around. "Well, I'd love to chat some more, Goldy, but I got to get back to work on making this bench. I'll see ya after school." With that said, you bent down and turned the table saw back on before going back to cutting pieces of wood.

"Hey Golden!" You could vaguely hear someone yelling over the sound of the saw. "Get over here and help us with this truck!"

"Coming!" Golden yelled back. In his haste to go over and help his classmates, he turned right behind you, seeming to forget that he had a long exhaust pipe on his shoulder. Without any warning at all, the pipe cracked you on the left side of your skull, causing you to instantly go unconscious. However, your right hand was still on the piece of wood that was being cut by the still rotating steel blade of the table saw. Golden felt the pipe hit something before he turned his head around, just in time to see what was about to happen, but too late to stop it from happening.

"My fucking head..." You groaned, regaining your consciousness as you open your eyes to see the tip of your nose just inches away from the table saw as the blade slowed down to a stop. You noticed blood is now covering it. Raising an eyebrow, you lifted your head up as Golden got back up from turning the blade off. His entire body was visibly shaking. "Golden?" You asked. "What happened?"

"Holy shit, Anon!" He yelled. "I'm so sorry about this."

"About you hitting me with that pipe?" You asked. "It's fine. No harm done, I guess, except for a splitting headache."

"Uh... not just that." He replied, pointing down to your hand. "That... too." You looked down at your hand, now covered in blood. The middle three fingers were chopped in half completely as a deep gash in the middle of your palm was making blood gush out. The moment you saw the amount of blood on your hand, everything went black as you fell back into a state of unconsciousness.

"I ended up staying in a hospital for about a couple of months after that since I had to have surgeries done to reattach my fingers." You say as Adagio stares at you. "I told Goldy that it wasn't his fault. It was an honest mistake."

"Do.... they still hurt?" Adagio asks as she gingerly touches the three fingers you talked about.

"Sometimes. But I've gotten some feeling back in them, just not completely. As for the gash on my palm, they said it was my reflex to having my fingers cut off that made my palm get into the blade. I was just lucky that it didn't get to the bone, otherwise, I probably wouldn't even be needing to worry about fingers." Adagio's eyes shrink in horror at what you said.

"Oh... my... gosh." She says. "That would definitely make you happy to survive." Slowly, she gets up and wraps her arms around your neck as she gives you a hug. "You're a good guy for having endured that type of pain, yet finding it in yourself to forgive your friend."

You just sit there in shock as she continues with her hug. You look left and right with your eyes before starting to relax. "Huh... Guess talking about it does make me feel a little bit better." You think as she pulls away from the hug.

"You know... Aria is still gonna be gone for a little while." Adagio says as she stands beside you. "How about I give you a little taste of what you have in store for later?"

"Uhh.... okay?" You reply. Upon hearing that, Adagio instantly spins around and walks out of the room, giving her hips a little added swing before disappearing behind a door. Looking down at your arm again, you notice two bandages with kittens on them cover the two bite marks you had. "Kittens?" You think as you stare at the two objects. "Oh well. At least it's something." Looking around, you hear the sound of Sonata's laughter as she watches tv in the other room. As you try figuring out the show that she is watching, one phrase immediately makes you realize what show she is watching.

"Bite my shiny metal ass."

"Hmm... never would've taken her for a "Futurama" fan." You think before you hear footsteps coming towards the doorway to the room that you're in.

"Are you ready, big boy?" Adagio asks in her seductive tone as she appears in the doorway wearing a gray bathrobe. Not knowing how to respond, you just nod your head, resulting in her hands going down to the strap that held the robe closed. Once she slowly undoes it, the robe falls off, revealing a very small light purple bikini. "Surprise." She says as she starts walking over towards you.

You sit in the chair, speechless at the sight before you as you try making words form in your head. She chuckles as she stops in front of your chair, slowly sitting down on your lap as she stares into your eyes. The small purple top is barely managing to contain her massive breasts as you notice two hard bumps protruding from the pieces of fabric covering her nipples. "Like what you see?" Adagio purrs into your ear as she leans in closer. You slowly nod in response, making her giggle slightly. "Well then... how about this?" She asks before gently placing her lips on yours in a soft, passionate kiss. She pulls back slightly, grinning before leaning in again. Your lips touch once more, only this time, her tongue forces it's way into your mouth, battling your tongue for dominance. As you both kiss, you both let out moans of pleasure as your crotch is now burning hot with your member becoming hard as stone. The moment it starts pressing against Adagio's body, she ends the kiss and leans back.

"My my, what do we have here?" She asks as she looks down at your crotch. "Someone really likes this. Well, make that both of us." She says as you notice her bikini bottom becoming damp. "Don't worry, Anon." She says as she places a hand under your chin. "This is only a taste of what is in store for you. But seeing as how Aria is still gone...." She leans back in, going back to making out with you for at least five more minutes with her breasts pinned against your chest.

"She is so lucky that my hands are cuffed to the chair." You think as she pulls away again.

"Well... I think you've had enough of a taste." She says playfully. "Don't want to ruin your appetite now."

"Tease." You think as she slowly walks away and bends over to pick up her robe, giving a very nice view of her ass before slowly walking out of the room. Not even a minute after she leaves, you hear the sound of your car pulling up to the driveway. Moments later, Aria comes through the door, carrying four boxes of pizza and a bag of tacos.

"Here you go, pipsqueak." She says, tossing the bag of tacos over to Sonata.

"Yay!" Sonata yells out before immediately beginning to devour them all. Aria then places the boxes of pizza on the table before taking a seat across from you. Soon, Adagio walks back into the room, wearing her normal clothes again before taking a seat next to you.

"Well. Lets dig in, shall we?" She says before starting to eat. You look over towards her as you gesture with your eyes down towards the cuffs that are keeping you from getting the food. "Oops, my bad." She says, taking a key out of her bra and unlatching both cuffs. "Don't go running off now." She says before giggling.

"Thank you." You reply as you roll your eyes, reaching for a few slices of pizza. "Well... this night is certainly going to be one that I won't be forgetting anytime soon." You think as you take your first bite.

Author's Note:

I hope you guys have enjoyed this revision of Hunted. Looking back now, I'm glad that I chose to do this. It allowed me to put in more details, fill in some cracks, and add a few extra things, and characters, here and there. Also, here is a link to the already made sequel, At Their Mercy

Thank you for reading. As always, leave a like and a fave if you haven't done so already. It is very much appreciated.

- Harms Way

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Comments ( 34 )

Cut off before they even do the deed? Weak.

:facehoof: Here is what you are searching for. At Their Mercy


A box? Why not a trashcan?

"Aria!" Adagio shouts. "Help him, now!"
"Why?" Aria asks. "His pain and anguish amuses me."
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6114922 had a piece of wood come off a sander in shop hit me right in the corner of my eye was about a inch long if my head had been turned just a little more I'd of probable lost the eye as it stands it just gave me a scare (and hurt like a bitch)

Can't wait to check out the sequel. This was kick-ass cool. The chase and banter were hilarious and excellent.

Wow wee, that was entertaining. Looking forward to reading the sequel... In a few minutes:derpytongue2:

Also, why a sequel as opposed to a new chapter here? (sorry if there is a blog I was too lazy to look for explaining this)

Well at first, I was gonna make a new chapter. But then I decided to leave it as it is and just start a new mature rated story.

6477465 ah,I didn't notice the ratings change. Gotcha.

Any plans for a third? He seemed to hit it off with sunny, and now that the dazzlings are out of power, he could be her friend. Or maybe, actual love for the dazzlings and he loves them even without mind control. Though now he could be dominant :raritywink:

Keep on reading my friend. You'll find the answer to your question.

I've read the previous version and then read the remake. I will say, the remake is a lot better. Great characterization, really funny moments, and clever writing. But I'm not saying that the earlier one is bad. It's fine. It's just that I prefer the new one. Harms Way, you did a great job at remaking this story. I also really love the series. Great job sir.

I don't know why, but this scenario keeps coming to my mind whenever I read this chapter.

Me: (pulls out a small device and pushes a button on it)
Adagio: (notices the device) What is that?
Me: I always thought that someone might try to steal my car, so I rigged it with explosives and I just activated the timer. You have roughly 30 seconds to get the hell out of my car before we all die.
Adagio: What?!! Y-you're bluffing!
Me:(grins like a psycho) Do you really wanna stay and find out?

6605468 your my hero for that scenario dude. Lol

6662042 I didn't think anyone would actually respond. Thank you enjoying that little scenario. I just couldn't get it out of my head so I figured that I might as well. I'm pretty much always thinking of scenarios like that.:twilightblush:

You sir are a genius! lol :pinkiecrazy:

6664106 Thanks for the compliment. I don't know why I come up with the stuff like that, I just do. It's great to know that I'm not the only one who finds that little scenario funny.:pinkiehappy: If you'd like, I can make second part to it.

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Adagio: You're insane. Why the hell would you rig you're own car to explode?
Me: Like I said, I was paranoid that someone would steal it. So, are you gonna try to save yourself and you're friends or are we all gonna die?
Adagio: (slams on the breaks) Aria, grab Sonata and run.
Aria: You seriously believe what this psycho is saying? It's so obvious that he's bluffing.
Adagio: Just do it!! I'm not taking any chances with him!
Aria: Fine! (opens her car door, quickly opens Sonata's door, grabs her, and starts running)
Adagio: (Opens her car door and starts running, completely forgetting to grab the keys)
Me: (gets into the driver's seat after closing all the doors and starts driving away)
Me: (starts laughing like a maniac) I can't believe that actually worked! I am definitely going celebrate with pizza tonight!

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