by Harms Way

First published

After an awkward moment in the cafeteria, you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation as the Dazzlings look to make you fall under their spell.

After a rather weird, yet awkward moment in the cafeteria of Canterlot High, you find yourself having a series of strange encounters with the same group of three girls who've taken a somewhat obsessive interest in you.

Chapters marked "Original" will remain up, but are no longer considered canon to the series.

This story was inspired by "Going Somewhere...?", a very well-written and just plain awesome story written by trevordark. If you haven't read it yet, take a look.

Let The Chase Begin (Original)

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Lunch time at Canterlot High is in full swing as you rush towards the cafeteria. Your stomach is growling fiercely as you smelled what was being cooked. Looking through the glass doors that lead into the cafeteria, you see delicious looking hamburgers being served to the other students. Walking inside, you stand in line behind a girl with fiery colored hair as you wait to get your tray. Picking it up, you walk along the counter as the lunch lady gives you a nice looking hamburger. After getting a few more things from the salad bar, you walk over to the cashier.

"That'll be $5.00 kid." She said as she held out her hand for you to put the money in. You nod your head and pull out a five dollar bill. Giving it to the cashier, she waves you through and you go off in search of a table. As you passed table after table, you couldn't really find an empty seat. Eventually, you find an empty table in the corner of the room. Sitting down with your back against the wall, you pull out your iPod. Music always helped you get over the fact that you didn't really have many friends at Canterlot High. Putting on your earbuds, you flip through the list of songs you have on the little device before selecting your favorite.

"Nothing beats having a burger while listening to my favorite song!" You think to yourself while eating. As you turn the volume to 100%, disappearing into your own world, a trio of girls enter the cafeteria, singing upon entry. After eating for a few minutes, you realize that your tray is empty. "Damn! Thats what I get for skipping breakfast. Too bad I can't get a second helping here." You think as you get up. You then walk over to a small room and put your tray on a little conveyor belt that goes into the dish room. Turning around, you walk over to the glass doors as another song starts playing on your iPod. But once you put your hand on the door, a feeling of being watched crosses your mind. You stop, pause your music without taking out your earbuds, and turn your head to the right.

Standing just about 10 feet away is a trio of girls wearing matching necklaces comprising of a single black strap and a crimson jewel. As they stare at you, a look of surprise appears on each of their faces. Looking around, you see everyone in the cafeteria, except for one small group of people and a lone person wearing her headphones, arguing with each other about the upcoming band festival. Green vapors can be seen radiating off of them as they form a trail leading to each of the girls' necklaces. Looking back at the girls, you notice that the one with poofy orange hair is now staring at you from your head to your feet. "Okay. This is getting awkward." You think as you push the door to the cafeteria open. Looking back, you flash the trio a smile and wave at them as you walk away. Much to your surprise, the one with light blue hair returns the favor, stopping upon notice of the other two's scorn. A little laugh escapes you as you shut the door behind you. "Huh, wasn't expecting that." You say to yourself as you walk down the hall while turning your music back on.

A few hours later, you are standing at your locker getting a textbook for your final class of the day, your least favorite class. Even the name of the class makes you sad each time you see it on your book. Advanced Algebra. "Why did I choose this over shop class again?" You say to yourself as you remember the day you selected your class schedule. "Oh wait, now I remember." You say as an unwanted memory of a past accident comes back into your mind. The memory of the searing pain makes you shudder as you walk down the hallway. Turning a corner before going into the classroom, the sound of a trash can being knocked over startles you. "Who's there?!" You shout as you turn around. No one replies. The only thing you see is an empty trash bin lying on its side. Shrugging it off, you turn around and walk into the classroom just as the bell rings.

The sound of the final bell brings a smile to your face as you walk back to your locker. But when you put your books away, Vice Principal Luna walks up behind you. "Excuse me, Anon." She says as you jump at the sound of her voice, hitting your head on the metal coat hanger inside the locker.

"Fu-" You quickly stop yourself from completing that word as you recognize the voice. "Vice Principal Luna! What brings you around here?" You say as you quickly turn around. You smile while rubbing your head where it struck the hook.

"I need to speak with you in private for a moment please. Don't worry, it's nothing bad. I promise." She said in a stern voice while walking away, motioning for you to follow.

"Thats what they always say at first." You think as you follow Luna down the hallway. Walking along, you notice that she isn't leading you towards her office. Rather, she directs you to enter an empty classroom. Confused at the request, you walk in expecting her to follow. But instead of following you in, she locks the door behind you. "Oh haha Vice Principal. You got me good." You say as you try opening the door. "Umm... you can let me out now!" You shout while hitting your fist against the door. But Luna doesn't reply. Looking through the small window by the door, you see Luna's eyes flash green before handing a key over to someone who is standing behind the lockers nearby before walking away. "Okay. This is bad!" A few seconds later, you see who Luna gave the key to. You recognize their faces as one of them unlocks the door.

"Fuck..." You think as the door opens.

"Why hello Anon." Adagio says as she steps into the room. "Fancy meeting you here."

"Umm... whats going on?" You ask as Aria shuts the door behind her and Sonata.

"Well... it would seem that you are in a special situation, unlike your fellow students." She replies while stepping closer to you.

"What are you talking about?"

"Its... kind of hard to explain so bear with me for a moment." She says as she places a hand on your shoulder. "We aren't exactly what you would call... normal." A look of confusion appears on your face as she continues. "We may look like normal girls to you, but in actuality, we aren't even from this world."

"Wait.... wha-" You say before being cut off as Adagio puts a finger to your lips. She looks into your eyes as her hand moves slowly your down your arm, making you shiver a bit.

"I wasn't finished..." She says softly while keeping her finger on your lips. "You see Anon... we are sirens. Banished here from a land known as Equestria. And over time, we've realized that our singing can make your kind fall under our spell just as easily as the ponies we once had adoring us. Men especially would fall at our feet in admiration of us. Yet you've somehow managed to resist our song."

"Wait a second!" You say as you move Adagio's finger away from your lips. "Ya'll are sirens? Are you girls insane or something?"

"Hmm, hard telling sometimes." Adagio says before letting out a slight giggle as she moves her hand back up your arm. "I'm just curious as to how you managed to walk away from our singing."

"Well, I guess while ya'll were singing, I was listening to a song on my iPod." You say before pulling the small device out of your pocket.

"Oh really?" Adagio asks. "Well then, I suppose there isn't anything stopping you from hearing our song this time." She says while backing away towards the other two. As they start to sing, you notice that nothing strange is happening to you.

"Well, they sure do sing like sirens, I'll give em that." You think as they keep singing. Once they stop, Adagio grabs her jewel with a look of surprise on her face.

"Interesting..." She says while Sonata taps on her jewel. "Normal people would be on the floor by now. Yet here you are, still resisting us. This means one of two things. You're either not from this world. Or you're one of those rare humans that needs a more personal approach to fall to us then." You notice her winking at you after she finishes talking. She looks at Aria, then Sonata before they all look at you with seductive grins on their faces. "I'm not sensing anything different about you from your fellow students so I think we can rule out the first option. So I guess we'll have to use a different tactic just for you."

"Wait! What are you guys going to do?" You ask as you back away towards the door. Putting your hand on the door handle, you realize it is unlocked. Adagio walks over toward you, making you back up even further until your back hits the door frame. She wraps her arms around your neck.

"Why don't you stay here for a while and find out." She said in a sultry tone while staring into your eyes.

"Well, that is a tempting offer and all, but... I think I'll just get the hell out of here instead." You say before breaking free of her grip. You then open the door and run out into the hallway. Rushing down the hall, you hear Adagio's laugh echoing through the hall.

"How did you know I love it when my prey runs?" You hear her yelling as the sound of footsteps pursuing you begins. "Its pointless to try and escape! All you're doing is postponing the inevitable! Soon, you'll be ours!"

Hunters Stalking Their Prey (Original)

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"Of all the things I thought I'd be doing today, running for my life from girls who want to control me wasn't one of them!" You think to yourself as you run down the hallway towards the main doors. The afternoon glow of sunlight through the glass of the doors make you happier than it has ever done as you sprint towards it as though you were on fire and running towards a lake. The sound of the Dazzlings' footsteps become louder as you arrive at the doors. You try pushing it open to no avail. "You gotta be kidding me!" You think as you try door after door, only to realize that they're all locked. The sound of Adagio's laughter makes you jump as you find them standing roughly 15 feet away from you.

"Aww...." Adagio cried out in a pouting tone. "Poor Anon wants to leave us all alone here. Looks like you'll have to be punished for this." She says as a smirk appears on her face.

"Can we just get this over with already?!" Aria groaned as you stood by the door. "I'm starving!"

"Oh Ari." Sonata said as she started walking over towards you. "Don't try hogging him all to yourself when we catch him like you did with the last guy."

"What?" Aria said in a sarcastic tone. "I was hungry."

"Enough!" Adagio cried out as the other two immediately piped down. "So Anon, are you going to come quietly? Or are we going to have to take you by force?"

"Who said I was giving up?" You reply before breaking into another sprint down a hallway towards the gym.

"I figured you'd say that! Split up and take him down!" You hear Adagio cry out as the sound of footsteps pursuing you start echoing through the halls again. You run as fast as your legs can go. Racing up a flight of stairs, you instantly turn and hide behind a column as you hear footsteps getting close to you.

"Oh I swear if I catch him, I'm gonna break both his legs so he can't run away anymore!" You hear Aria grumbling to herself as she slowly walks past the column you're hiding behind. Feelings of panic and fear rush through your mind as you look down at your legs.

"Holy shit!" You think to yourself as you listen for her footsteps to fade into the other end of the hallway. "Better avoid her at all costs!" You say softly as you sneak back down the stairs. Deciding to conserve energy in case you need it to escape them again, you sneak around through the darkened hallways as the sunset's orange glow illuminates small sections. "Hopefully, I can find a safe place to call for help." You think to yourself before coming to a dead stop. Looking into the darkness just beyond the farthest light of the sunset, you see the light blue ponytail of Sonata. It doesn't appear that she noticed you were behind her.

"Come out, come out where ever you are!" Sonata cried out as she walked down the hall. "I got a bag of cookies and I'll share them with you if you come out now."

"Really? How old does she think I am?" You think as you put your palm against your face. The sound of your hand hitting your forehead must have been loud enough for Sonata to hear because she instantly turned around after that.

"There you are, silly willy!" She says before running towards you.

"Damnit!" You think as you start running away from the blue siren. Looking behind you, you realize that she is quickly gaining on you. "What the fuck? How is she that fast?" You scream internally as you rush down the stairs. Racing out into the hallway below, Sonata is hot on your tail.

"Dagi! Ari! Come quick! I found him!" She cries out as you try running faster with every ounce of adrenaline you have pumping through you. Sonata lunges at you as you both approach Principal Celestia's office. Tackling you to the ground, Sonata fails to keep her hold on you and rolls forward with her momentum. Slowly getting up, you look around as Aria and Adagio quickly appear. You're surrounded in a T-shaped intersection of the halls. Sonata slowly getting to her feet on your left, Aria cracking her knuckles on your right, and Adagio staring directly into your soul as she stands in front of you. You start backing away, slightly limping as a result of Sonata tackling you to the floor. Adagio notices your condition and soon flashes an evil grin.

"Whats wrong Anon? Was Sonata too rough on you?" She said before starting to laugh. Continuing to back up, you feel Celestia's doorknob hit your back. "Why don't you just surrender now so we can get the fun started?" Adagio continues to say as she and the other two slowly close their distance.

"I'm not finished yet!" You grunt as the pain in your leg makes you stumble backwards into Celestia's office. Quickly realizing what happened, you kick the door shut just as Aria places her foot in the doorway. The door stops for a moment as it strikes her boot before shutting all the way.

"Why you little!" You hear Aria scream out in pain as you watch her shadow hoping on one foot from under the door. "When I get my hands on you, you'll be lucky to be feeling anything!" Acting on instinct, you quickly get up and lock the door before Adagio or Sonata try getting in.

"Oh come now Anon. Do you really think you're safe in there?" Adagio says as she pounds on the door. "Open the door and I promise you will get some unforgettable pleasure." She says in her seductive voice. Catching yourself reaching for the lock, you slap yourself in the face as you put your arm down.

"Nice try Adagio!" You say. "But I think I'm just gonna chill in here if thats alright with you."

"You ain't getting off that easily." Adagio says while still pounding on the door.

"You know, I got an idea that can end all this." You hear Aria say as you press your ear against the door.

"Do tell." Adagio replies.

"Why don't we just use Sonata here as a battering ram to knock the door down. Who knows, it might actually make her smarter."

"You know what, thats not a bad idea." You hear Adagio say as both she and Aria walk away.

"Wait...what?!" You think before jumping back in terror as you hear Sonata's head hitting the door.

"Owww!" Sonata cries out. "That hurt!" Adagio and Aria do it again. This time, a little crack could be seen on your side of the door.

"Shit!" You think as Sonata's head keeps getting rammed into the door.

"No Mr. Taco.... I'm supposed to eat you... not the other way around...." Sonata said in a dazed voice as her head keeps smashing into the door. You couldn't help but start laughing at that. Looking around as the door continues to be struck, you feel a cool breeze brush against the back of your neck. Turning around, you notice Principal Celestia left her office window open.

"Huh, thats convenient." You think to yourself as you walk over to the window. Just as your hand touches the windowsill, the door to the room breaks open.

"If I ever get a puppy, I'm... gonna call it... Muffin!" Sonata yells out before being dropped onto the floor.

"And just where do you think you're going?" Adagio says as you try climbing out the window. She lunges at you, grabbing onto your leg as you're halfway out of the window. Aria grabs your pocket as both try hoisting you back into the room.

"God damn! These girls don't give up easily!" You think as you try struggling. Soon, the sound of your jeans ripping fills the air around you, followed by a sudden fall out of the window. "Fuck... and these were my favorite jeans too." You say as you look down to see your entire right pocket has been ripped off of your pants. "Oh well. Sayonara suckers!" You yell as you start running away towards the parking lot. Running as fast as you can, you reach your vehicle in the empty parking lot. "Crap! Where are my keys!" You think as you fumble around in your remaining pockets. "Shit!" You think at the exact same time as a hand grabs your shoulder. Spinning you around, you see your keys hanging from Adagio's finger.

"Looking for these?" She says as she twirls them around. "Word of advice. Make sure you have what you need before trying to run away." She then steps closer to you and puts the hand that doesn't have your keys in underneath your chin as she makes you look up into her eyes. "You put up a good fight Anon. More of a fight than I expected. But I'm afraid its game over."

"Oh yeah? How so?" You ask as you try grabbing your keys off her finger.

"Ah ah ah!" Adagio says as Aria grabs your arm and twists it behind your back, making you shout in pain. "I'm just gonna put these somewhere safe." She says as she stretches her pants out slightly. You watch in awe as she drops your keys into her panties. "There we go." She says as she adjusts her pants around the new object hidden within. "So, I think its safe to say you'll be coming with us then?"

"Fine." You say begrudgingly as Aria releases your arm. "You win." You slowly raise both your hands in surrender as Adagio wraps her arm around you.

"Hmm, seeing as how we're no longer trapped in the school, how about we go to our house for some overdue fun." Adagio says as she slowly runs her hands all over your body.

"Don't suppose I really have much of a choice now, do I?" You say as Aria goes to get Sonata out from Principal Celestia's office.

Adagio giggles slightly at what you said. "Nope." She replies before kissing your cheek.

Unexpected Formality (Original)

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"Can't even drive my own car now." You think to yourself as Adagio drives your vehicle down the highway. Adagio didn't want you to drive since she thought you'd just try going to the police. After that, you wanted to at least be able to sit up front. But after some intense "negotiations" with Aria, you were stuck sitting in the back seat with Sonata who looks like she still has her head messed up from being rammed into Principal Celestia's door. "Umm... is she gonna be alright?" You ask as you catch her staring at you with her tongue hanging out of her mouth. A small trail of saliva could be seen dripping off of it onto your seat.

"Oh she'll be fine." Adagio replies as she looks at you both through the rear view mirror. "All she needs is a taco and she'll be back to normal in no time." While trying to comprehend in your mind how a taco could make anyone stop acting like how the blue siren was acting now, you feel something warm and slimy moving its way up your arm. You look over and find Sonata licking your arm very slowly.

"Don't worry, giant popsicle. I won't let you melt!" Sonata says before continuing to lick your arm. Part of you wanted to quickly pull it away, yet another part was secretly enjoying the feeling. The soft, warm touch of her tongue going back and forth on your arm felt very relaxing after what you've went through this day. Pretending not to be enjoying it, you look out your window as your vehicle passes by a few apartment complexes.

"I wonder where these girls even live." You think to yourself as the feeling of Sonata's tongue on your arm keeps you relaxed. That all changes when it turned into an few seconds of agonizing pain. "Fuck!" You yell out loud as you yank your arm away from Sonata. Looking at it, you notice teeth marks across your wrist, along with a slight cut that started to ooze blood. "What should I do if she bites me?" You ask out of curiosity and fear because she is now looking at you with a look of hunger while licking her lips. You try to cover the blood with your other hand.

"Well, usually when that happens, you have two options." Adagio replies while not even looking back towards you. "You can either let her keep biting you or you can knock her out."

"Umm... one problem with that. I don't hit girls." You say as Sonata slowly creeps toward you.

"Didn't seem to stop you from smashing my foot with that door." Aria said while taking off her boot to rub her foot.

"Hey, that was your own fault for putting it there." You reply as you lean back while pressing your shoe against Sonata's forehead to keep her from getting any closer to you. Her arms started waving frantically at you as you hold her back. "Can you please do something about her?"

"Ugh.... fine." Aria grunted as she turned around in her seat. "Nighty night Sonata." She said before pinching the back of Sonata's neck. Sonata let out a little yelp before collapsing onto the seat, her head resting on your lap as Aria turns back towards the front.

"Woah!" You say in surprise. "Very impressive. How'd you do that?"

"Don't ask." Aria replied sternly. Not having really anything else to do, you start running your hand through Sonata's light blue hair as she buries her head into your lap.

"Wow, this girl's hair is really soft." You think as you play with her pony tail. Just as you finish that thought, your car comes to a stop as Adagio parks it in the driveway of a large house. "Wait, you guys live here?" You ask while a look of amazement appears on your face.

"Yep, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, hot tub on the patio out back, and an 85-inch plasma screen tv in the living room." Adagio replied as she got out of the car.

"How the hell can you guys afford this?"

"Its better not to ask questions." She said while helping Aria drag Sonata out of the backseat. As you step out of your car, a loud grumbling noise could be heard coming from your stomach. "Hungry I take it?" She asked after giggling slightly at the noise your stomach was making. Aria quickly went inside while Adagio dragged Sonata onto the lawn.

"Well, I haven't had anything to eat since lunch and all that running took alot out of me." You reply while still trying to figure out how these three could afford to have a house this nice. Aria soon came back out with a bottle of water and dumped it all over Sonata's head to wake her up. With her hair now dripping with water, Sonata slowly got to her feet. Much to your surprise, she started acting somewhat like herself before being used as a battering ram.

"Ohhh.... my head is killing me." She cried out as she rubbed the top of her head. "Did we catch silly willy?"

"Unfortunately.... yes." You reply while leaning against your car. The Dazzlings then started walking up to the front door of their home. Upon noticing you not making an attempt to go inside, Aria walks over to you, grabs you by your arm, and yanks it behind your back. "Ow! What the hell?! Take it easy on that before you break it!" You say while fighting not to show any other signs of weakness in front of her.

"Oh believe me..." Aria said as she held your arm tight behind your back while also leaning close to your ear. "When I'm done with you, you'll be lucky not to have any of your bones broken." She whispers into your ear, making your eyes widen in horror. "Now get moving!" She yells as she pushes you forward. Not having much choice, you do what she says and start walking towards the house. Adagio walks up beside you and wraps her arm around your waist.

"Well, seeing as how this will be the first time we'll be doing something like this at our home, how about a meal first? I'm getting rather hungry myself." Adagio said as she pulled herself closer to you.

"So you guys still have to eat normal food like we do?" You ask as you all walk inside the house.

"Well yes, we do have to eat food like your kind does. But our primary source of sustenance is the negative energy of others. A second source would be their lust if the one in question is immune to our songs, such as in your case."

"And I'm a tad curious to know." You say as Aria keeps yanking your arm behind your back, making you look back at her. "How am I immune to your songs while so many others aren't? I'm not really that special."

"From previous experiences, most of the people like you, who are able to resist our songs, usually have had some kind of traumatic experience in their lives in which most of their negative energy has been replaced by positive energy. So I must ask, what happened to you that caused so much pain and misery in your life that you are so happy to have survived it?"

"I'd rather not talk about it." You reply as the unwanted memory of a past shop class accident comes back into your mind. "It's kinda personal."

"That bad?"


"Okay, I'll stop asking about it then. Wouldn't want to spoil the fun we're about to have anyways. But first, could you please sit in that chair over there?" Adagio asked as she pointed towards one of the chairs in the dining room. "I'll have Aria order some pizza for us and fetch some tacos for Sonata."

"What?!" Aria said after suddenly releasing your arm. "Why do I have to go get the food?"

"Well someone has to stay here and watch these two." Adagio replied. "Plus, the guy at the taco place keeps trying to flirt with me and I'm not interested." Aria rolled her eyes as you sit down in the chair Adagio pointed to. Without warning, you hear the sound of metal gears clicking together below you. Looking down, you see Sonata putting a light blue fuzzy handcuff around your ankle with the other end clamped to the chair.

"Is this really necessary?" You ask as you try moving your leg. "You already have my car keys, not like I'm going anywhere."

"Better to be safe than sorry." Adagio replied before turning back towards Aria. "Now hurry up and get our food!"

"Alright!" She said as she put her hand on the doorknob. "But I get first crack at the weakling after we eat."

"Who you calling a wea-" You start to say before Adagio puts her hand over your mouth.

"Fair enough. Just leave some of him for me and Sonata after you're done." She replied as Aria stepped outside. You then heard the sound of your car's engine being gunned into reverse before Aria floored it down the road.

"Take it easy on my car!" You think as you look toward the direction the sound was coming from. "Just fixed the damn thing!" Adagio noticed your expression from Aria's driving and walked over towards you.

"Hmm... I will admit Aria has had her share of car accidents, but I can assure you, 99% of the time, it wasn't her fault." She said as she sat down on your arm rest.

"Oh I'm sure of that." You reply as you look down towards the floor.

"Tell you what, why don't I slip into something a bit more comfortable and give you a little sneak peek at what is in store for you." Adagio said as she slowly got back up. Looking back up in time to see her giving a little seductive swing in her hips toward you as she walked away, a feeling down below was beginning to take place.

"Well, this is going to be an interesting night, to say the least." You think to yourself before noticing Sonata sitting across the table from you with her feet up, twirling a set of light red fuzzy handcuffs on her finger. "So uh.... what you got those for?" You ask as she stops twirling the handcuffs around.

"You'll find out soon enough, silly willy." She replied before giving you a wink.

"I have a name ya know."

"I know, its just that silly willy rolls off the tongue better than Anon." She said before getting up and walking out of the dining room.

"Hmm.... she may have a point there." You think as you hear a door open from down the hallway. You then see Adagio walking slowly towards you wearing nothing but a very revealing purple bikini. The tiny purple top was just barely managing to contain the siren's breasts.

"Well, what do you think?" Adagio asks as she turns around to show off her stunning body. You're left speechless with your mouth wide open for a moment as she walks over and sits down on your lap. The feeling you had down there before instantly grew out of control as her body sat down on you. "Hmm... judging from this poking that I'm feeling between my legs, I'm just gonna say that you adore it." Snapping yourself out of being mesmerized by her attractiveness, you nod your head in response, which in turn made her smile. She then leans down and gives you a soft kiss on your lips. Slowly, that kiss turned into multiple kisses, followed by her tongue slowly making its way into your mouth. Adagio seductively pulled away while teasing you by licking her lips. "Mmmm.... I can tell you and I are going to have lots of fun later on. But until then, enjoy seeing this while you can." She said while sliding her hands down her body. "I'm gonna go change before Aria gets back home." Before you knew it, she was back in her room, changing into her regular clothes just as Aria came back to the house with pizzas and tacos.

"Here you go, pipsqueak." She said as she tossed a paper bag over to Sonata.

"Yay! Tacos!" She said before starting to devour them all. Just like Adagio mentioned earlier, the moment Sonata ate that first taco, you notice she immediately started acting like her old self again. Adagio soon came back into the dining room, taking a seat next to you while Aria and Sonata sat on the other side of the table.

"Well... lets dig in, shall we? Adagio said before grabbing a slice of pizza.

Let The Chase Begin (Revised)

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The bell of Canterlot High rings as you look down at your watch. Lunch time is now and today, the menu is saying hamburgers will be served. You eagerly place your textbooks from the previous class in your locker and start walking down the hall towards the cafeteria. Your stomach growls as the thought of those delicious hamburgers enters your mind. "Damnit." You think to yourself. "Why did I decide to sleep in rather than get breakfast?" You decide to quicken your pace a little, adding a bit of speed to your walk. "I just hope the line isn't too long." You think as you begin jogging down the hallway, passing by students as they carry their textbooks.

Jogging around a blind corner, you run head first into a massive fluff of orange hair. Not even a second later, your momentum carries you into a collision with the body of the person that the hair belongs to. You unexpectedly fall backwards, landing on your back. "Oww...." You say while rubbing your head. The sound of someone clearing their throat brings your attention back as the girl you collided with is now facing you with a glare that seems to be looking directly into your soul. The two other girls, one on each side of the poofy-haired one, look down at you with their arms crossed.

"Why don't you watch where you're going!" The girl in the center yells as you get back up on your feet.

"I'm sorry." You say. "I couldn't see you around the corner an-"

"Anon?" A familiar voice behind the group of three calls out as the girl in the center looks back. "Is that you?" The sound of one of your few friends at Canterlot High makes your trembling body calm down as she walks around the trio. As you see her standing a few feet away, the memory of when you two first met floods into your mind.

It was your first day at Canterlot High after transferring from a school located several hundreds of miles away. Your parents thought it was best for you to get a fresh start in a new location, free from the distraction of a freak accident in shop class that would hamper your studies. You were by yourself as your parents had jobs that they needed to keep in order to pay bills, but they managed to get you a small apartment under the condition that you get a job within the first few months. The moment you set foot onto the school grounds, you felt a wave of positive energy wash over you as you now had a clean slate, a new opportunity to make friends. "Okay." You thought as you walked up the stairs of the main entrance. "Time to move on from the past." With that said, you pushed the doors open and walked into the school.

As you walked inside, you were instantly greeted by students smiling and waving at you. But seconds later, those same people gave rude looks towards a girl with fire-colored hair wearing a leather jacket. They whispered to eachother as she passed by, making her eyes fill with tears before she ran off. Upon seeing that, you instantly thought that this girl must had done something to warrant this behavior from her fellow students, so you decided to approach one of them to ask. The closest person you could see was a girl with spiked blue hair who wore tinted goggles and had earbuds in both of her ears. "Umm... hello. My name is Anon." You said as the girl passed by, her music too loud for her to have even heard what you said. You were about to go find someone else until a calming voice from behind got your attention.

"You must be Anon." The voice said as you turned around to see two people standing in front of you. "I am Principal Celestia and this is my sister, Vice Principal Luna." She extended her hand out to you. "It's nice to meet you. I've heard from your previous Principal that you were one of the nicest kids in his school. I truly am sorry for what happened back there. Rest assured that here at Canterlot High, we take pride in the safety and well-being of our students."

"It's nice to meet you as well." You said as you shook both her's and Luna's hands.

"Here is a schedule of the classes you'll be taking." Luna said as she handed you a paper. "This schedule reflects the one that you used to have at your old school, minus shop class. We figured you wouldn't want to be in a similar environment as the one that your... accident took place in. So you have a choice to make for that time slot. You can either take Advanced Algebra or Parenting."

"Parenting? You mean the class that makes you take a plastic baby home with you to give you a preview of what it'll be like if you have kids in the future?"


"Well... I'm not exactly great with kids... so I guess I'll sign up for Advanced Alegbra."

"Splendid." Luna replied. "I'll let Mr. Whooves know that you will be joining him for class."

"Now, do you have any questions for us?" Celestia asked.

"Well, actually, I do have a question."


"Why are the students being mean to that girl?" You asked as you pointed towards the girl as she continued to run down the hall.

"Oh." Celestia said with an embarrassed look on her face. "Well umm... how do I say this. Her name is Sunset Shimmer. The reason as to why the other students pick on her is a bit hard to explain to a person who wasn't there. Lets just say she did some really bad things and now the students have made it their personal mission to make her pay for all of her bullying and humiliation of others."

"I see..." You replied. "Well, thank you for answering."

"You're welcome. Now if there is anything else you need, our doors are always open." Celestia said as she and Luna walked away.

"Yoohoo... anybody home?" Sunset asks, waving her hand in front of your face as her voice brings you back to reality.

"Oh! Right! Sorry about that. I kinda spaced out for a moment." You say as your cheeks turn red from embarrassment.

"Does he do that alot?" The orange-haired girl asks as you remember the situation you were in before the flashback occurred.

"No. This is the first time I've seen him do that. Must've hit his head on the floor or something." Sunset replies as she stands by your side.

"Heh heh." You chuckle. "Again... I'm terribly sorry for bumping into you. My name is Anon." You say while extending your hand out.

"The name's Adagio." She replies as she shakes your hand. "These are my friends, Sonata and Aria."

"Sup?" Aria grunts in a low voice.

"Hi!" Sonata blurts out as she grabs your hand after Adagio was done shaking it, moving it up and down repeatedly within the span of a few seconds. Once she gets done, your hand aches for a few seconds.

"Damn!" You think. "She's got some grip there."

"Anyways..." Adagio says as you look up from your hand. "I suppose I can forgive you, seeing as how we just met. Just, make sure you watch where you're going, because next time, I might not be so forgiving." She turns her attention over to Sunset. "Thank you for the lovely tour. Now if you'll excuse us, we'd better go find our lockers." She says before the trio walk away.

Sunset turns her gaze to you after the trio turn a corner. "What happened back there?" She asks as you both start walking down the hall towards the lunch room. "You don't normally zone out like that."

"Yeah, sorry about that." You say while rubbing the back of your head. "I kinda had a flashback to the day you and I met."

"Ohhh." She replies. "That day was one of the best I've had here in years. You came out of the blue and treated me like a normal person, rather than an enemy. I was so happy to find someone other than my other friends who treated me normally."

"Well, I figured you deserved a second chance, even though technically in my case, it would have been a first chance." You say as you and Sunset enter the cafeteria. A smile appears on her face once she hears what you said. You open your mouth to speak again, but the smell of freshly cooked hamburgers makes your stomach growl as if it was trying to communicate with you.

"Hungry?" Sunset asks as she stands in front of you in the line.

"Yeah... kinda skipped breakfast in favor of an extra half hour of sleep." You reply. Sunset giggles at your response.

"Late night at work I take it?" She asks as she receives a tray with a hamburger on it.

"Nah. Only got about 4 hours of sleep. I really need to stop with the late night gaming sessions." You reply while taking a tray as well. You both then walk over to the salad bar to pick up a few sides to your meals. "So you were giving those girls a tour of the school?"

"Yeah. They were acting kinda strange around me though, especially when I tried reaching out to Adagio's little necklace to try and get a closer look at it. She grabbed my wrist and held it with some vice-like grip."

"You alright?" You ask as you approach the cashier to pay for your meal.

"Yeah, I'm okay now." Sunset replied.

"That'll be $5.00 from each of you." The cashier says before you and Sunset give her the money for your trays. After paying, you both look for a place to sit.

"Oh look." Sunset says as she points over to a table. "There's my other friends." You look over and watch as the one with messy pink hair waves at you both. "Darn, only one seat left open though." She says as she looks at the table again.

"It's alright." You say. "I don't really know your friends as well as you do. I'll just go find somewhere else to sit."

"You sure?" She asks. "I wouldn't want to make you feel left out. I could always just sit on your lap and eat." The thought of Sunset Shimmer sitting on your lap triggers a feeling down below. For the sole purpose of not embarrassing yourself, you suppress the urge to think about it any longer.

"I'm sure." You reply. "Lets just meet up at your locker after lunch. Sound good?"

"Sure. See you then." She says as she walks away to join her friends.

"Now where would I be able to sit..." You think as you scan the lunch room. Due to you not really having other people you could call a friend other than Sunset, you settle for a empty table in the corner of the area. Reaching into your pocket with one hand while holding the tray with the other, you pull out your iPod with some earbuds connected to it. You then decide to sit down with your back to the wall so you'd be able to see if Sunset was walking over. "Nothing beats having a burger while listening to my favorite song!" You think as you select one of the many songs you have on the small device. As you start to eat, you notice the doors to the cafeteria open and see the trio of girls you met earlier enter. They appear to be singing something, but you can't tell over the sound of your song. You turn your attention back to eating your hamburger while turning the volume up to 100%.

The meal didn't last long though. You devoured the delicious food within minutes of sitting down. "Damn! Thats what I get for skipping breakfast." You think as you stare at the empty tray. You look over towards the serving line. The staff are already wiping down the surfaces with their rags. "Too bad I can't get a second helping." With music still blaring into your ears, you stand up and take your tray over to a small room. Once you set the tray down on a conveyor belt that leads into the dish room, you turn around and walk across the cafeteria towards the doors.

"Okay, now off to wait by Sunset's locker." You think as you place your hand on one of the many doors leading into the main hallway. But as you start applying force to push the door open, a feeling as though you're being watched crosses your mind. You turn around to look at the lunch room before your eyes catch something odd. You turn your music off but instead of hearing normal lunchroom chatter, the room is filled with the sound of arguments about the upcoming band competition that you've chosen not to participate in. Looking down at the floor, you notice a green fog around the ankles of the students. "That's.... odd." You think as your eyes wonder around, noticing that Sunset and her friends aren't arguing with the others, just looking at the crowd with the same amount of confusion as you have.

You then hear a familiar cough that makes you turn to your right. Your eyes widen as you spot the same trio of girls you bumped into earlier as each of their necklaces' crimson jewels glow. Looking closer, you see the green fog is being absorbed into the jewels. Your eyes glance up as you catch Adagio staring at you from your head to your feet. Her hand is placed against her chin as if she is in deep thought as she looks at you. "Well... this is getting a tad too awkward and creepy for me." You think as you press against the door, opening it slightly. You look back, noticing Adagio hasn't broken her stare towards you. "Maybe this will get her to stop staring." You think as you flash a smile in their direction. The trick works as Adagio's eyes blink before she looks away slightly. You chuckle and wave towards them, not expecting one in return. But to your surprise, Sonata returns the favor, smiling and waving until stopping immediately once she notices the other two's scorn.

A small laugh escapes you as you walk out of the lunch room. "Okay.... that was probably the weirdest thing I've ever seen." You say to yourself as you walk down the hall toward Sunset's locker. Upon arrival at her locker, you put your earbuds back into your ears, lean against the wall across from her locker and close your eyes to try and rest up for the remainder of the school day. After roughly 5 songs, you feel a tap on your shoulder. "Good... Sunset's here." You think before opening your eyes. What you see though isn't your friend. You find yourself surrounded by the same trio of girls that seem to be wherever you are. The sudden surprise of them makes you jump as they step back in surprise. "Whoa. Uh... sorry about that." You say. "You kinda startled me."

"Oh it's alright. We just umm... thought you were sleeping. Anyways, we'll see you around." Adagio says before she and the others walk away. As you watch them walk away, you feel another tap on your shoulder.

"You saw what happened in the cafeteria, right Anon?" Sunset asks as you turn around. "Those girls are definitely in possession of dark magic."

"How can you tell its magic?"

"Trust me. I know this kind of stuff." She replies. "My other friends and I are gonna go talk to Principal Celestia about them. Wanna tag along?"

"I can't." You reply. "I gotta get going to class. If I'm late one more time, Ms. Cheerilee will give me detention."

"Oh yeah." Sunset says. "I forgot you had class right after lunch instead of a little free time like I do. Well, I'll see ya later then." With that said, she turns around and walks away to join the rest of her friends. As you turn to walk down the hallway, you catch a glimpse of Sunset and the others going off towards Principal Celestia's office.

"Hopefully, something good will come from all this." You think as you walk towards Ms. Cheerilee's classroom. "Now if only I could figure out what the hell was up with the way that girl was staring at me." Once you arrive at the classroom, you enter the room just as the bell rings.

"Cutting it close, are we?" Ms. Cheerilee asks as she sits at her desk.

"Sorry." You reply as you take your seat in the back of the room.

"Don't make a habit of it." She says as she turns her attention to the rest of the class. "Now then... originally I was going to give you a test on the history of Canterlot... but instead, I'm just going to give you all a chance to study your notes and papers about it."

"Oh boy..." You think. "Just what I needed to stay awake... a study session." Once you open your textbook and start reading a few paragraphs, it doesn't take long for you to find yourself on the express train to dream land. The sound of the bell awakens you from your nap as the rest of the class leaves the room. You look down at your watch. "Holy shit!" You think. "I slept through the whole class!" Ms. Cheerilee could be seen sitting at her desk grading some papers as you try to quietly sneak out of the room.

"Anon..." She says without looking up from her papers.

"Y-Yes?" You say as you slowly turn around.

"You really do need to stop with these late night gaming sessions."

"Yeah... I know. I just lose track of time and.... wait a second. How did you know about that?" You ask as she looks up from her papers.

"Tell me... does the username "Cheery Pie" ring a bell?"

"Yeah. That player is always beating me whenever I play....." You say before you slowly realize what you've heard. She raises an eyebrow as a smirk appears on her face. "Wait... this has to be a joke. You expect me to believe that you're the player who kicks my.... you know what....?"

"Perhaps I should remind you of an incident involving a helicopter and a heat-seeking missile locked onto you?" Your eyes widen as the memory of that comes into your mind.

"It is you." You say as you step back. "I can't believe it. The mighty Cheery Pie is my history teacher!"

"Yes." She replies. "To be honest, I'm surprised you didn't recognize it until now. But... I can't keep pretending that I don't see you sleeping in my classes. So please, do knock off the late night gaming. Otherwise, I'll have to start dropping your grade for failing to participate in class."

"Okay okay. I get it. No more late nights." You say as you turn around and walk towards the door. "But you know..." You say as you put your hand on the doorknob. "I will have my revenge on you for all those times you've blown me up."

"Yeah... we'll see about that." She replies as she stands up. "Now... you better get going if you want to be on time for your math class."

"Alright, see you on the battlefield." You say as you leave her classroom. Once you close the door, you see Sunset waiting just a few feet away. "Hey Sunset. How did the talk with Principal Celestia go?"

"Terrible." She replies. "They've gotten to both Celestia and Luna. I don't know what we can do about this." She then starts getting a look of depression on her face, causing you to put your arm around her in a comforting way.

"Hey... cheer up. You'll figure something out." You say as she looks up at you. "After all, you're incredibly smart and talented."

"Aww...thank you Anon." She says as she gives you a friendly hug. "That means alot coming from you. I gotta get going to class now. So I'll talk to you later."

"See ya later!" You call out as she runs down the hall to her class. You get to your locker a few minutes later to grab your textbook for Advanced Algebra. "Ugh... why did I choose to take this class again?" You say to yourself as the memory of your shop class accident floods back into your mind. The memory of the searing pain makes you shudder as you close the locker door. "Oh right.... that. I'll never forget that day." You look down at the scars on your fingers as you walk along, the intense agony of what happened that fateful day is playing through your mind until the sound of a trash bin falling to the ground snaps you out of it. "Hello?" You call out while turning towards the tipped bin. "Who's there?"

You walk cautiously over to the bin before the sound of a person sneezing makes you look at where the bin was standing. You see one of the girls who has been constantly bumping into you all day. "Excuse me umm.... Sonata? Is that right?" You ask. She simply nods her head in response. "Okay, two questions. First, what are you doing back there? And second, what is going on here? Why are you three now appearing to follow me wherever I go?" Sonata stands up, flashing a nervous smile towards you while her eyes look left and right repeatedly. "Well... you gonna say anything?" You ask, getting slightly annoyed. Upon hearing that, Sonata starts humming a tune that you've never heard before. "Okay...." You say as you step back. "Well, I'm gonna go to class now. So umm... see ya later." You say as you turn to walk away towards Mr. Whooves' classroom, stepping inside just as the bell rings.

As the final bell rings, signalling the end of the school day, you walk out of Mr. Whooves' classroom with a packet of questions that'll be on tomorrow's finals. "Great." You think. "If I fail this, I fail the class. Maybe I shoulda chose Parenting instead." Once you get back to your locker, you put the books inside as you get ready to leave.

"Excuse me Anon." A voice from behind says, making you jump in surprise. You hit your head on the metal coat hanger on the inside of the locker.

"What the fu-" You quickly stop yourself from completing that statement as you recognize the person who's voice you heard. You turn around to find your suspicions correct. "Vice Principal Luna!" You say as you stand up straight while rubbing the back of your head. "What brings you around here?"

"I wish to speak with you in private for a moment." Luna replies as she starts walking away, motioning for you to follow.

"May I ask as to why you need to talk to me in private? Did I do something wrong?" You ask as you walk alongside her.

"No. You've done nothing wrong." She replies. "Just wait until we arrive at our destination to find out."

"Okay...." You think as she and you walk down the hall. Soon, she directs you to enter an empty classroom instead of taking you to her office. Confused at her request, yet not willing to take a chance to ask why, you enter the classroom. As you step inside, the sound of the door leading into the room closing behind you makes you spin around instantly. The sound of the lock on the door turning freaks you out slightly as you try opening the door. "Oh haha Vice Principal. You got me good." You say as you continue to try opening the door. "Umm... you can let me out now!" You yell while pounding your fist on the door. Once it seems clear that the door isn't opening, you try knocking on the windows to see if you can get any student's attention. After a few minutes of seeing no one, you see Sunset walking across the parking lot.

"Sunset!" You yell as you pound on the window. "Help!" But she doesn't seem to hear you as she keeps walking away. "Damnit!" You think. You take your phone out to try texting her. "What!" You cry out. "No signal!" The indicator in the corner of the screen doesn't lie. The walls of Canterlot High have a special layer of insulation installed that blocks all cellphone signals. "Fuck!" You say out loud as you walk back towards the door. "This had better be some kind of cruel joke." You think as you look back to see Vice Principal Luna giving a key, presumably the one to the door that you're trapped behind, to a person who is obscured by the lockers next to the doorway. You then watch as Luna walks away before the person she gave the key to comes into view. "You gotta be kidding me." You say as Adagio unlocks the door and enters the room, followed by Sonata and Aria.

"Well hello there Anon." Adagio says as Aria closes the door behind her. "Fancy meeting you here."

"Bullshit!" You shout. "You trapped me in here!"

"Moi?" She says in an innocent tone. "I've done nothing of the sort. It was Vice Principal Luna who trapped you in here, not I."

"Oh really? Well then, I'll just be on my way then since you unlocked the door for me." You say before proceeding to walk towards the door, only to be stopped by Aria.

"Really now?" Adagio says as she strolls up next to you, placing a hand on your shoulder. "Because I thought we could use this opportunity to... get to know eachother better." Her fingers running down the length of your arm, sending chills down your spine. "You see... you appear to be rather different than your fellow classmates. You are a special kind of person."

"What are you talking about? I'm not special." You say as you move your arm away from her touch.

"Well... it's kind of hard to explain." She says as she steps in front of you. "So bear with me for a moment, if you would be so kind. If you want, go ahead and sit down because I think we're gonna be in here for a while." You roll your eyes as you turn around and sit on one of the desks in the room. "So Anon, what do we look like to you?" Adagio asks.

"This some kind of trick question?" You ask. "You look like normal women."

"Exactly." She replies. "We may look like normal human females to you, but we are in fact anything but normal." You raise an eyebrow as Sonata brushes up against you. "In fact, we aren't even from this world." Adagio adds as she walks up to you, putting her hand back onto your shoulder.

"Wait.... what do yo-" You begin to say before being cut off by Adagio as she puts a finger to your lips. She then looks into your eyes as her other hand moves across your shoulder.

"I wasn't done talking..." She says softly as she keeps her finger on your lips. "You see Anon... we are sirens. Banished here from a land known as Equestria. Over time, we've realized that our singing can make your kind fall just as easily as the ponies we once had adoring us." Her hand brushes across the back of your neck, sending a shiver across your body. "Men would especially fall to our feet in admiration. Yet, you're the first man we've seen not adoring us in years."

"Now wait a freakin' second." You say as you move Adagio's finger away from your lips. "You seriously expect me to believe that you three are sirens? Umm... are you girls insane or something?"

"Hmm... hard telling sometimes." Adagio replies before giggling. "I'm just curious to know how you've managed to not fall to our singing."

"To be honest... I haven't heard you guys sing. I've been listening to my music for most of the day." You say as you pull out your iPod. Upon doing this, Sonata immediately snatches it out of your hand. "Hey!" You yell. "Give that back!"

"You'll get it back once you've heard us sing." Adagio says as Sonata gives her your iPod. You roll your eyes again as she and the others start to sing. As they sing, you notice that nothing unusual is happening. No green fog, their jewels aren't lighting up, nothing.

"Well, they sure do sing like sirens, I'll give em that." You think as they stop singing. Adagio grabs her jewel as a look of surprise appears on her face. She glances at you, then down at her jewel, then back at you before a smirk appears on her face.

"Interesting..." She says. "Normal people would have been on the floor, bowing at our feet by now. Yet here you are, not even phased by our song. This means only one of two things." She walks back towards you, placing a hand under your chin. "You're either not from this world... or you're one of those rare humans who needs a more... personal method to make them fall." She proceeds to walk around you while still making sure that her hand is touching you. "I'm not sensing anything different about you from your fellow classmates, so I think we can rule out the first option. So that leaves us with using a more hands-on approach just for you." You notice Aria and Sonata starting to walk towards you with seductive looks on their faces, causing you to get up from the desk and start backing away.

"What are you going to do?" You ask as Adagio stops them from coming closer.

"Oh you'll find out." She says with a wink. "However.... lets make a game out of this, shall we?" She says as she walks over to the door leading into the classroom. She opens the door and walks away from it. "I don't really like just ganging up on people like you when we first discover that they need special tactics used on them. I prefer making a little game of hide and seek of situations like this. So I'll tell you what, we'll give you a five minute head start before we start chasing after you."

"What?" You ask. "You can't be serious."

"Oh I am serious. And by the way, that five minutes starts... now." She says as she looks at the clock on the wall. You look at Sonata and Aria who walk over to stand beside Adagio. You slowly walk over to the door as they continue to stand still. "Oh and also... here you go." She says as she tosses your iPod back to you. "Now you better hurry and run, your head start is being wasted." You look around again before stepping outside the room.

"Well then... I guess I'll just start running now. So... see ya!" You say before instantly breaking into a sprint down the hallway.

Hunters Stalking Their Prey (Revised)

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"Not exactly the smartest decision to let me get a head start." You think as you run down a hallway. "I can easily be driving away from here by the time they start chasing me." As you think about your escape, the sudden sound of Adagio's laughter echoing through the halls sends a shiver down your spine.

"Time's up Anon!" Adagio says as her voice echoes through the halls, followed by the sound of footsteps. "Ready or not, here we come!"

"I'm still gonna be out of here by the time you realize your mistake." You think to yourself as the main doors of Canterlot High come into view. The afternoon sunlight's glow makes you happier than it ever had before as you extend an arm out to push one of the doors open. "Victory is mine!" You cry out loud as you press the door latch, expecting it to open. But instead, the door doesn't budge, causing you to smash against it as your momentum pushes you into the door. "What the fuck?" You think as you get up. You then try opening the one next to it, only to have the same result. After trying each door, you slowly realize they're all locked. "Well played Adagio.... well played."

"Aww..." Adagio's voice rings out from behind you. Turning around, you press your back against the door as you see the Dazzlings standing in the middle of the lobby. "Poor little Anon wants to leave us here all by ourselves." A fake pout appears on her face after she says that, but soon, that face changes back to an evil smirk. "Did you really think that I'd let you have a head start knowing that you could just easily leave through those doors? Everyone besides you and the source of Equestrian magic we came here for is under our control. So keeping you in that room long enough for everyone to leave and all the doors to be locked was pretty easy."

"Guess I should have known that you guys had this planned out." You say as they slowly start approaching you. "What the hell do you guys want from me?"

"What do we want from you?" Adagio asks as she and the others stop, chuckling slightly before opening her mouth to speak again. "All we want is your adoration. But there seems to be only one way that we'll get it from you." She then winks as she gives her hips a little seductive swing in your direction. After seeing her actions, your mind instantly comes to a conclusion of what they plan on doing to you.

"Seriously?" You ask. "That's your plan? Catch me and force yourselves upon me? Geesh, I haven't even taken ya'll out for dinner yet." A slight chuckle from Sonata immediately follows your response as Adagio grins.

"Oh we'll have plenty of time for that once you're under our spell." She says as she starts walking towards you again with a hand extended out towards you. "Now, just come quietly and I promise that our little quality time together will be... unforgettable."

"You know... that does sound like fun and all..." You say. "But if ya'll think I'm just gonna give up that easily, then you guys don't know me at all." You proceed to hop up onto one of the doors' latch bar and then jump over the Dazzlings as they try reaching out to grab you. Upon landing on your feet, you immediately take off in a sprint past the trophy case and down a corridor.

"That's alright with me! Your capture will just be all the more satisfying knowing that you're going to put up a fight!" Her voice says as you hear them start to pursue you. "You think you can keep this up all night? You should have just surrendered when you had the chance! No one has ever escaped from us before and we don't plan on letting that change anytime soon!"

"We'll see about that." You think as you run through the halls. After turning a corner, you choose to hide behind a set of lockers in the darkened hallway, trying to blend in with the shadows as the Dazzlings approach. The sound of the their footsteps running past your location makes you grin as you run in the opposite direction a few minutes later. "I gotta find a place to ride this out." You think as you race through the hall. "But where..." Turning a corner, Ms. Cheerilee's room comes into view. "Not the best spot to hide, but it'll do for now." You think as you quietly open the door and close it behind you, being extra careful not to make a sound. "Never thought I'd be hiding from girls who want to be with me." You think as you turn around and calmly walk over to Ms. Cheerilee's desk. "But I'm pretty sure any other guy in this situation would be doing the exact same thing."

Taking a seat in Ms. Cheerilee's chair, you prop your feet up on her desk. "I still can't believe Ms. Cheerilee is the one who's been making my games miserable lately. How did I not recognize that name? Yet... an even bigger question would be how the hell did she know that the person she was destroying was me?" You ponder as you lean back in the chair. "Maybe she recognized my voice or something. After all, I do tend to start being more... vocally aggressive... once someone destroys me like she did." As you start to remember some of the battles you've had with Cheerilee, a familiar voice makes you fall out of her chair in surprise.

"Come out, come out, wherever you are." Sonata says as her voice seems to be on the other side of the door leading into the classroom. Suddenly, you hear the door's latch begin to move.

"Shit!" You think as you duck underneath the desk.

"Are you in here?" Sonata asks as she walks into the room, closing the door behind her. "If you are, I'm gonna find you." She walks around the room slowly as you begin to shake underneath Cheerilee's desk. "Once our fun time is over, I promise we'll go out and have tacos."

"Tacos? Okay.... that's kinda random to say." You think as you hold your breath to avoid making a sound. Sonata's footsteps come closer to the large desk. "Fuck. Fuck. Fuck." You think as each step draws near. "She's definitely gonna see where I am if I don't do something." Just as her legs appear right by the desk, the door to the room opens up.

"Sonata, quit wasting your time in here! Help us look in the library!" Aria shouts as Sonata stands by the desk.

"Coming!" Sonata replies as she quickly rushes back to the door. Once the door closes, silence fills the room. You wait a minute or so before poking your head up from under the desk. After confirming that they've left, you stand up completely.

"That..... was close." You think as you walk over to the door. "But I think I now know of a better hiding spot than in here." Your memory flashes back to gym class. "If I can get there, that'll be a better place to ride out the night." There's just one problem though. The only way to get to the gym from Ms. Cheerilee's classroom takes you directly past the library. As you open the door to the hall, you check around to make sure none of the Dazzlings are near. "Coast looks clear." You think as you step out into the hallway. "Now to just get to the gym." As you start walking slowly down the hall, you make sure that your shoes don't make a sound with each step. You look over your shoulder every few seconds to make sure no one is behind you. As you get closer to the library, the sound of Adagio's voice becomes louder.

"Where the hell is he?" Adagio yells out in frustration as she and Aria search.

"He's not in here, that's for sure." Aria replies. "Otherwise he probably would have been trying to run out of here by now." As you peek into the library, you can see Adagio with her back facing you.

"He's good.... I'll give him that. Definitely a smart one. Most people we've chased in the past were caught by now."

"Wow.... never thought I'd hear that coming from her lips." You think as you scan the room. "Now lets see.... there's Aria up on the second floor. Too busy throwing books around to notice me." You look in further. "And there's Sonata who's staring right at me." A few seconds pass after you say that in your mind. "Wait.... fuck!"

"Umm... Dagi?" Sonata says.

"Not now, Sonata!" Adagio yells back. "Can't you see I'm trying to think of where Anon might be?"

"But he's right there." Sonata says as she points toward you. Adagio immediately turns around and looks in the direction Sonata's finger is pointing. Her gaze soon comes to rest upon you.

"Well..." You say. "Looks like that's my cue to start running for my life. Good seeing ya'll again. Uh... bye bye." Immediately after saying that, you take off in a dead sprint down the hall.

"Get back here!" You hear Adagio cry out as she and the others start their pursuit. "All we're gonna do is love the fuck out of you! Is that so wrong?"

"Okay, that just scared the hell out of me." You think as you sprint down the hall towards the gym, keeping a very good distance between yourself and your pursuers.

"He's so fast!" Sonata calls out as you burst through the gym doors. After quickly closing the doors behind you, Adagio's body comes into view through the small windows of the doors. You press your body against the doors to stop the Dazzlings from opening them.

"Big mistake!" She says as they start pounding on the door. "You can't hold these doors shut all night!"

"She's right!" You think as you look around frantically. You then see a folded chair propped up against the wall next to you. Slowly, you reach out with the leg closest to it while keeping your body pressed against the doors. Hooking the chair with your shoe, you pull it back towards you. "I can't hold these doors shut, but this should." You say as you wedge the chair under the door handles.

"Very clever." Adagio says. "But that won't help much either." Soon, they all start rushing at the door, slamming into it. The resulting force makes the chair start to move.

"God damnit!" You think as you try moving the chair back. Your efforts become in vain as the chair keeps getting knocked loose by the Dazzlings as they run into the doors. You turn your attention to the rest of the gym after realizing the chair won't stay. "Where is it.... where is it?" You think as you quickly scan the room. Your gaze lands upon a rope hanging from the ceiling. "Bingo!" You say while running towards the rope. As soon as you take hold of it, you immediately start climbing. Struggling at first, you slowly start lifting your body off of the floor. "Wow! I need to exercise more." You think as you pull yourself up the rope, towards a small platform suspended above the gym. The sound of the gym doors bursting open makes you look away from your destination as Adagio and the others walk in.

"Well... well... well." Adagio says as she and the others walk towards you. "Would you look at that, girls. Anon thinks he's safe on that rope." She walks next to the rope and tries jumping up to grab your shoe, only to fail because you've climbed above her reach. "Clever... but not clever enough!" She says as she grabs the rope and starts swinging it back and forth.

The rope's sudden movements make it hard for you to keep your grip. Your scarred hand aches as you fight to continue climbing. "Hey! Cut it out!" You call down to Adagio.

"Why don't you come down here and make me." She replies.

"Oh yeah, you'd like that. Wouldn't you?"

"Yes I would. Very much so."


As the rope continues to sway back and forth, you have moments where your grip loosens, leading to you sliding down the rope a bit. Looking down, you see Aria and Sonata with their arms extended upwards as high as they'll reach in anticipation of being able to grab your shoes. The distance between their fingertips and your shoelaces is slowly closing. "Fuck!" You think as you try climbing up again.

"It's only a matter of time now." Adagio says as she continues making it difficult for you to climb.

"I'm... not gonna let it... end like this!" You shout as your adrenaline gives you a second wind. Ignoring the pain in your arms, you climb farther up the rope, out of the reach of Aria and Sonata as Adagio's arms seem to be getting tired. The rope's movements start slowing down, eventually stopping completely as Adagio's arms tire out. Within minutes, you reach the small platform above the floor. "Try and get me now!" You call down as Adagio glares at you.

"Get down here now!" She yells as you lay down on your back in triumph.

"Nah I'm good up here." You reply.

"Either you come down yourself, or I'll make you come down."

"Yeah... good luck with that. I'm up here and clearly you're too tired to climb up and get me."

"Sonata.... would you be a dear and climb up there?"

"Sure thing Dagi." She replies as she grabs the rope. You look down over the edge to watch as she struggles to pull herself up. "This is harder than I thought!" She says. "I don't think I can get up there."

"Grr!" Adagio growls as she looks up towards you. You watch as she puts her hand to her chin as she thinks. After a moment, her eyes widen and her smirk returns to her face. "Hey Sonata, don't you have something you've been keeping since lunch?"

"Yeah, why?" Sonata asks as she drops herself down to the floor.

"Give it to me."

"Umm... okay Dagi." She replies as she reaches into her bra, pulling out a wrapped object. "Here you go."

"Thank you." Adagio replies as she unwraps the item. You look down in curiosity as the item in question is revealed to be a taco.

"That's it? You're gonna use a taco to get me down? Just so ya'll know, I'm still satisfied from lunch so starving me off of this platform ain't gonna work." You say as you pull back from the edge.

"Oh you're good..." You hear Adagio say. "But alas, I'm better."

Laying on the platform, you close your eyes for a bit, relishing in what seems to be victory in your mind as it would seem that you're unreachable. "Best spot ever." You think before feeling something soft land on your chest. You open your eyes to see a large purple bra laying on your shirt. "Umm... what the fuck is this doing up here?" You think as you lean over the edge of the platform.

"Like my little present?" Adagio asks as she sees her bra in your hand. You look at the garment in your hand and then down at Adagio, repeating the process a few times before realization strikes you in the form of something moist hitting you square in the face, making you drop the bra as your eyes immediately start to sting. "Nice aim, Aria." She says as you wipe your face off with your hand. The smell of taco meat fills your nostrils.

"My eyes! They fucking burn!" You cry out as you frantically rub them. "Who throws a taco? Honestly." You call down as Adagio and Aria laugh.

"If I were you... I'd stop complaining and start wishing I had wings right about now." Adagio says as she walks over and picks her bra up off of the gym floor.

"Why... is that?" You ask while spitting pieces of taco meat out of your mouth. She simply points at the rope as a response. You try looking through your stinging eyes as you barely make out something that in any other circumstance would be cute to watch. But in this particular situation, what you see is mortally terrifying.

"I'm coming to get you, taco face!" Sonata yells as she climbs up the rope. The sudden threat of the blue one makes you start to panic.

"Shit!" You think as you try looking around with your impaired vision, desperately trying to find an escape from your imminent capture. The sound of Sonata's grunts getting louder as she climbs further up adds further pressure to you finding a way out until your eyes land on the little platform that the basketball managers who record games for the team use. You quickly judge the distance from the platform you're on to there to be roughly 10 feet away with a 12 foot drop. From there, you remember a door being there that is disguised to look like part of the wall that is used to get onto the platform. "Desperate times call for desperate measures." You back yourself close to the edge that is close to the rope to get a running start. But the moment you try running, Sonata grabs your shoe, making you fall forward, landing with a thud on the platform as she holds on.

"I got him Dagi!" She cries out as she tries pulling herself up more.

"Excellent." Adagio yells from below.

"Damn! This one is determined." You think as you try getting up. Sonata's hand is still firmly clamped around your shoe, making it difficult to move. After a quick moment of thought, you undo your shoe laces. Your foot slides out of the shoe, making Sonata reach back for the rope as the shoe falls to the floor. "Ya'll can keep that!" You call out as you start running towards the other end of the small platform. From the floor, Adagio looks on as you leap off the other end. In a moment of slow motion, you watch as her mouth opens in awe as you land on the other platform below. However, you land on the foot that doesn't have a shoe on to help cushion the fall. An audible cracking sound comes from your ankle as your full weight comes down upon it, making you stumble and fall.

"I've never seen anyone so determined to escape from us that he'd be willing to hurt himself in the process." Adagio calls out as Sonata slides down the rope. "You've definitely earned my respect, Anon. But that isn't going to stop me from making you mine!" You slowly try getting up after she says that. "Aww... a fighter til the end I see. No matter. All you're doing is postponing the inevitable!" Her facial expression changes however once she sees that you're not writhing in agony.

"You think a hurt ankle is gonna stop me?" You say. "I've been through pain far worse than this." You say while holding up your scarred hand. You reach out for the hidden latch on the door leading onto the platform with it. "And so with that said, I bid you adieu." After pulling on the latch, you push the door open and close it behind you, leading out onto a small staircase that goes down to the hall. "Now... if only I could find a way out of here without making it known to them." As you limp back into the area of the school with the classrooms, you ponder which is the best way of escape. "I could always just use the fire door. But that'll trigger the alarm... and bring half of Canterlot's fire department here. So that won't work." Walking past the main doors, you press on them again, only to see they're still locked. "Maybe I could break a window and escape." But then the thought of Vice Principal Luna's anger immediately throws that plan out the window.

"This guy sure is a crafty one..." You can hear Adagio say, making you enter panic mode.

"Shit! Gotta make myself scarce... NOW!" You run as fast as your ankle will let you until reaching a suspiciously open locker. But with the Dazzlings on your tail, you don't give a second thought before cramming yourself in and quietly shutting the door behind you.

"I swear, if I find him... I'm gonna break both of his ankles so he can't run anymore." Aria says as their footsteps grow closer.

"Well... if I see him, I wanna lick all of that taco stuff off of his face." Sonata says as their shadows become visible in front of you.

"Really, that's all you're gonna do? Lick his face?"

"What? I'm starving! That taco was my emergency stash..."

"Girls!" Adagio yells, cutting both of them off. "All this bickering isn't helping!" Their footsteps begin to slow as they get closer to your hiding spot. "Now, lets see...." She says as she stops to think.... directly in front of the locker you're hiding in. "If I were Anon.... where would I go?" She then breathes in some air through her nose. "He's definitely been through here. I can smell the taco seasoning."

"Fuck!" You think as you remain as quiet as possible.

"Split up. Search every room in this area. He has to be around here somewhere." She says as they all split off into different directions. You remain as quiet as possible until you think its safe to get out of the locker. Once you step out, you feel something soft on top of your head.

"What is this?" You think as you take it off. The thing reveals itself to a purple wizard's hat, decorated with many different sized stars. You turn around and look back into the locker you were hiding in. A matching cape hung from the hook inside the locker and a small box labeled "Trixie's Smoke Bombs" sat on the shelf. "Of all the lockers that I had to hide in, it had to be her's. Didn't think Trixie would keep a stash of smoke bombs here though. Hopefully she won't mind if a few are missing. After all, this is an emergency." After putting a few in your pocket, you shut the locker door. Suddenly, you feel something tapping on your shoulder, making you cringe. You turn around slowly, mental alarms going off in your head.

"Looks like it's game over for you." Aria says as she stands directly in front of you. "Come quietly and maybe, just maybe, you'll still be able to walk after this is all over with."

"Well... I know when I'm beat." You say as you raise your hands in the air, both of them balled up in fists. "Clearly you are the smartest of the three, seeing as how you're the one who caught me."

"You're damn right I am." She says as she places a hand on your shoulder.

"You just missed one tiny detail though."

"Oh yeah? And what would that be?"

"Shi shi shaw!" You yell while throwing two of Trixie's smoke bombs to the floor, making them explode upon contact. In the confusion, you quickly lose her grip on your shoulder and run away as fast as you can, leaving Aria trapped in a cloud of smoke.

"You're gonna pay dearly for that!" You hear her cry out in between coughs. After several minutes of running, it would seem you've lost her.

"Phew... that was close." You say to yourself as you start to slow down. "Now to jus-" Your moment of thought is interrupted as you get tackled to the ground from behind. "What the fuck?" You say as you turn over to face your attacker.

"Hi there taco face." Sonata says as she presses your shoulders to the floor. Before you give a response, she quickly runs her tongue up your cheek. "Mmmmmm. Still tastes like taco seasoning."

"Well... this certainly isn't awkward." You think as you struggle under her body. "Hey umm... Sonata. Would you like to see a magic trick?"

"Oooooh. I love magic!" She says. "Whatcha gonna do?"

"Well... let me up and I'll show you."

"Okay." She says as she gets off of you. As you stand up, you casually reach into your pocket for another smoke bomb. "So whats the trick?"

"Its quite simple really." You say. "Here. Take this." You then hold out the little object. She slowly takes it from your hand.

"What do I do with this?"

"Throw it as hard as you can at the ground."

"Ohhhhhh okay." She says.

"Anon: 1 Sonata: 0" You think as she is about to provide the means of your escape. "Now you see me." You say before the smoke bomb hits the floor. The smoke fills the hall as you begin to run. "Now you don't!" You call out. Chuckling while running, you look behind you just as Sonata bursts from the smoke cloud in pursuit.

"Nice trick!" Sonata calls out. "It's just too bad I've seen that one so many times before!"

"Fucking seriously?" You think as you try picking up speed, even though your ankle is begging you at this point to stop.

"Aria! Dagi! Come quick! I found him!" She calls out, her voice echoing through the halls. Soon after that, Adagio's laughter could be heard echoing back.

"Shit!" You think as you look back towards Sonata, who is surprisingly gaining on you, despite you running as fast as you can while ignoring the pain in your ankle. "How the hell is she that fast? I'm not that hurt!" You scream internally as you run down the hallway. Before you know it, Sonata once again tackles you from behind, knocking you to the ground. As soon as your body hits the floor, your back pocket bursts as the remaining smoke bombs explode from the resulting force. The area soon becomes filled with smoke. But since both you and Sonata were running at full speed at the time she tackled you, your combined momentum carries you forward. Sonata fails to keep her grip on you as you slow to a stop in front of Principal Celestia's office. She continues to roll forward down the hall, stopping several feet away. As you slowly get up, the smoke from your pocket fills the area around you. You groan in pain as your ankle's condition seems to have gotten worse from the impact. A sudden low chuckling sound to your right being followed by an evil laugh in front of you makes your body freeze in place as the smoke starts to dissipate. Soon, the worst thing that you thought could happen is now a reality.

In a T-shaped intersection of the hall right outside Celestia's office, Aria stands to your right, cracking her knuckles as a smug grin appears on her face. Sonata is on your left, slowly getting up from having tackled you moments earlier. And staring directly into your soul in front of you with an evil grin on her face, none other than Adagio herself. You slowly start to back away, trying to create as much separation as possible, until your back hits Celestia's door. Once you run out of room, a look of defeat makes itself known on your face as your ankle's condition makes your limp more noticeable. Upon noticing it, Adagio's grin only seems to get bigger.

"Whats the matter Anon?" Adagio asks. "Was Sonata too rough on you? Or have you finally come to grips with the fact that you've been beaten?" You place your arm behind your back, trying to reach for the doorknob. "Why don't you be a good boy and just surrender now so we can get the fun started?" As she says that, your hand comes to rest on the doorknob. You turn it open while not opening the door itself.

"Yeah.... I suppose I could do that." You reply. "Or I could just hide in here!" You quickly open the door leading into the office and try shutting it behind you as fast as you can. But instead of the sound of a door closing, you hear the sound of a boot being crushed between the door and it's frame before you're able to close the door completely.

"Why you little!" Aria shouts as you see her shadow hop on one foot. "Just wait'll I get my hands on you!" You quickly lock the door before Adagio or Sonata try to attempt to get in.

"Oh come now Anon." Adagio says as she tries opening the door. "Do you really think you're safe in there? Open the door now and I promise you'll get some unforgettable pleasure." Her voice suddenly turned seductive with those last two words. Catching yourself reaching for the doorknob, you slap yourself in the face before putting your arm down.

"Yeah... no. I think I'm just gonna chill in here if that's alright with you." You reply as you turn to walk towards Celestia's desk.

"You ain't getting out of this that easily!" Adagio yells as she pounds on the door.

"You know.... I have an idea that can end all of this." Aria says as you turn around.

"Do tell." Adagio replies.

"Yes. Do tell." You say as well.

"Why don't we just use Sonata here as a battering ram to knock the door down. Who knows, it might actually make her smarter."

"Not a bad idea to be honest." Adagio replies.

"Wait.... what?!" You and Sonata both say in unison. You then hear Sonata cry out as they grab her. A moment of silence makes you come close to the door, only to jump back in terror as her head gets rammed into Celestia's door.

"Owwww!" Sonata cries out. "That hurts!" What she says doesn't seem to affect Adagio or Aria because they keep ramming her head into the door.

"Damn! These girls are gonna do everything they can to get me!" You think as you desperately start searching for a way out.


"No Mr. Taco.... I'm supposed to eat you.... not the other way around...." Sonata says in a dazed tone. A slight laugh escapes your mouth after she said that.


"The square root of 22 is 4.69041575982."


"You know, this is actually quite painful."


"Why isn't this door broken yet!"


"Oh hello again Mr. Taco."


"That door isn't going to hold much longer." You think as you look at it. Tiny cracks begin to appear at the point where Sonata's head keeps getting rammed. Soon, the back of your neck suddenly becomes cold as a breeze catches it. You turn around and see that Principal Celestia left her window open. "Huh... that's convenient." You think as you start walking towards the window. But as soon as you place your hand on the windowsill, the sound of wood breaking makes you look back towards the door.

"Here's... Sonny!" Sonata cries out as her head sticks through the hole in the door. It then gets pulled back through the hole as Adagio and Aria drop her to the floor.

"They sure are determined. I'll give em that." You think as you start climbing out the window.

"And just where do you think you're going?" Adagio asks as she reaches through the hole to unlock Celestia's door. Once it opens, a look of anger is seen on her face. "I'm not letting you get away from me!" She lunges at you, grabbing onto your leg as you're halfway out. "Aria! Give me a hand here, would ya?"

"I'm coming!" Aria replies as she takes hold of your pants pocket. Together, they try hoisting you back into the room.

"These girls ain't giving up without a fight!" You think as you struggle against their combined strength. After a minute or so of struggling, the sound of your jeans tearing apart fills the air as you suddenly fall out of the window, landing in a bush below. Once you get up, you look down at your jeans. "God damnit. These jeans were my favorite pair!" You say as you see that the entire front right pocket has been ripped cleanly off. "Oh well. Sayonara suckers!" You yell as you start running away from the window.

"Get back here!" Adagio yells as you run as fast as you can towards the parking lot. The sight of your car sitting in the empty lot makes you grin as you get closer to it.

"Ha! Now to just get my keys and get the hell out of here." You say to yourself as you start searching your remaining pockets. "Wallet.... cellphone.... pocket change.... where the hell are my keys?!" Your hand then comes to the gaping hole where your front right pocket was. "You gotta be fucking kidding me!" You yell as you reach your car. But the moment you stop, something hits you in the back of the head. "Ow!" You think as you look down at your missing shoe laying on the pavement next to you. Seconds later, you get tackled to the ground again as Aria pins your arms to the pavement. You struggle against her leverage until you see Adagio's boots straddle your body.

"Looking for these?" She asks as you look up to see her body towering over you. You watch as she twirls your car keys around on her finger. "Here's some advice for you. Next time, make sure you have everything you need for an escape before you start running." She then crouches down and runs a hand along your cheek. The softness of her skin against yours sends a chill down your spine. "You put up a good fight, Anon. More than from those we've had to deal with in the past. But I'm afraid this little game we've been playing is now over." She stands up again as Aria keeps your arms pinned. "And just so you don't get any ideas..." She says as she stretches her pants out slightly. "I'm just gonna put these somewhere safe." You watch in awe as your keys fall into her panties. Once they disappear from your view, she adjusts her pants around them.

Her grin emerges once again as she and Aria bring you up on your feet. "So... I think it's safe to say that you're not gonna put up a fight anymore?" You lower your head til you're staring at the ground. You mumble something as Adagio leans in closer. "What did you say? I didn't quite catch that."

"I said you win." You say as Aria lets your arms go. Adagio starts to laugh as Aria leaves to go get Sonata. As she walks away, Adagio wraps her arm around your shoulders while running her other hand down your chest.

"You know what... since we're no longer trapped in the school, why don't we all go back to our house for some much needed fun." She says in her seductive tone.

"Don't suppose I have much of a choice now, do I?" You say as she presses herself against you. She giggles slightly after hearing you say that.

"Nope." She replies before kissing you on the cheek.

Unexpected Formality (Revised)

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Adagio slowly runs her hands across your body, sometimes slipping them beneath your shirt to feel your chest. The touch of her warm palm on your skin sends a shiver down your spine as she looks up at you and grins. "You're gonna remember tonight for the rest of your life." She says before kissing you on the cheek again. This time, she moves back slightly, kissing your ear softly as your eyes slowly drift upwards. You mentally slap yourself to stay focused on the fact that soon, you're going to be spending a mixture of wanted, yet unwanted quality time with the three of them before you fall under their power.

As she presses her body against yours again, you can feel your keys inside her pants as she pins her crotch against your thigh. "It would be so easy to reach in, grab the keys, shove her away for long enough to get in the car and get out of here." You think as you play the scenario out in your mind. She is practically asking for you to try and take your keys back with the way she keeps pressing the area between her legs against your leg. Looking over to your right, you notice her eyes are closed. Slowly, you try moving your arm as she lays her head on your shoulder.

"Don't even think about it, big boy." She says softly into your ear. You roll your eyes in response before letting your arm go motionless once again. A few minutes of her hands exploring your upper body pass before Aria comes back with Sonata in tow. You look over at the blue siren as she appears to have a dazed look on her face.

"Umm... is she alright?" You ask, making Adagio take a look at Sonata.

"Oh, she'll be fine." Adagio replies. "It wasn't the first time we've had to use her as a battering ram, probably won't be the last either." After saying that, she releases you from her grip while reaching inside her pants to pull out your keys. "Nice car by the way."

"Uh... thanks." You say as she pushes a button on the small remote, making the doors of your car unlock.

"Get in." Aria commands. Slowly, you reach for the door of the front passenger seat, placing a hand on the handle before Aria quickly twists your other arm and presses you against the side of your car. "Uh... what do you think you're doing?"

"Getting in my car?"

"Back seat." She commands as she jerks your arm even further behind your back.

"Fu-" You grunt as your arm gets bent back more than it has ever been. "My car, I get front seat."

"Unless you want your arm broken, you'll get.. in.. the.. back." She threatens while jerking your arm slightly back more after each word. Sensing that your arm can't take much more of this without snapping like a twig, you move your hand away from the handle. She sees this and lets go of your arm before opening the door herself.

"I wonder how far I can get with this hurt ankle." You think as you look towards the main road. "Nah. They'd probably catch me before I even get to the sidewalk in this condition." Reluctantly, you reach for the back seat door as the other three get in, opening it slowly. "The one time I get three beautiful women in my car and I don't want to get in." Taking one last look around, you slowly get inside and shut the door behind you. Adagio then starts up the engine and starts to drive out of the parking lot. Once out onto the highway, you let your head hang downwards. "Maybe it won't be so bad being under their control." You think while looking down at the floor of your car.

"Aww..." Adagio says as she looks at you through the rearview mirror. "You look so adorable when you know you've lost." She pauses slightly as you lift your head up to look at her. "Don't worry, Anon. Soon, you'll be getting three waves of pleasure that I'm sure you'll be wanting more of."

"Why are you guys doing this?" You ask. "I'm just one guy. It's not like I could mess any plans of your's up."

"That is where you are wrong." Adagio replies. "You and the source of magic we were originally looking for are the only ones that are immune. So by making you fall, it's one less thing for us to worry about."

"I guess that makes sense." You say before turning your attention to the blue haired siren that is sitting next to you in the backseat. You raise an eyebrow in her direction as she just stares at you with her tongue hanging from her mouth. Watching as a thin strand of saliva drops from her tongue to your seat, you roll your eyes before turning your head to look out the window. "Where the heck do these three live anyways?" You think before feeling something warm and slimy moving slowly up your arm. Confused at the feeling, you turn your head back to see Sonata licking your arm in a slow, sensual way.

"Don't worry, giant popsicle. I won't let you melt!" The blue haired one says before going back to licking your arm.

"Umm.... okay. I have now officially entered uncharted waters." You think as you watch her actions. One part of your mind is telling you to yank your arm away from the delusional girl before something else happens. Yet, another part of your mind is secretly enjoying the feeling. This was the first time you've had a cute girl using her tongue to contact any portion of your body and, to be honest, the feeling of her soft, warm tongue running ever so slowly and gently up and down your arm was making you relax after what you've been subjected to. You try putting on your best poker face as you turn your head back towards the window, pretending not to be enjoying the feeling. Letting your eyes close for a few seconds, they suddenly shoot open as an intense feeling of pain arises from your wrist. "Fuck!" You yell, jerking your arm away from Sonata. Looking close at it, you see deep bite marks on your wrist that slowly start to ooze blood. "What the fuck was that for?"

"Get back here, you delicious popsicle!" Sonata yells, taking hold of your arm once again before biting it.

"Ow!" You yell, pushing her away from you while you inspect your arm. Two bite marks, both of them oozing blood. Taking a look at the culprit behind the attacks, you notice she is now looking at you while licking her lips. "Oh fuck! She's gotten the taste for blood!" Before she gets the chance to lunge at you again, you plant the foot with the good ankle directly against her forehead, stopping her as her arms try desperately to grab your arm again. "Umm.... you know what would be great right about now?" You say in a sarcastic tone. "If one of you two could help me with this crazy psycho!"

"Did she bite you?" Adagio asks while keeping her eyes on the road.

"No... we're just having a nice little tea party back here. Of course she freakin' bit me!"

"Sorry, but it seems like you're doing just fine on your own with her." Aria says as she takes off her boot to rub the foot that you smashed with Principal Celestia's door. Neither one of them make an attempt to help you as the blue siren is now trying to shake your foot off of her forehead. Turning your head slightly, you notice that you could easily grab the door handle with your free arm.

"Wonder how bad it'll hurt to fall out of a moving car..." You think as you look back towards the blue threat.

"I want more of your cherry flavored goodness!" Sonata cries out as she continues trying to remove the obstruction that is your shoe from her face.

"Okay...." Adagio says. "I think she's gone a bit too far."

"No.... really?" You ask.

"Aria, could you help him?"

"Make him take care of his own problem." Aria responds while rubbing her foot.

"And how am I supposed to do that?" You ask.

"Simple. By knocking her out."

"Sounds great, except for one itty bitty little detail." You reply. "I don't hit women."

"That didn't seem to stop you from smashing my foot with that door."

"Hey! That was your own fault for putting it there. Not mine." You say before Sonata successfully manages to push your foot off of her face.

"Come to momma, you delicious treat!" She says before lunging at you again, this time going for your face. Catching her as she lands on top of you, you stare in horror as her teeth are mere inches away from the tip of your nose. Struggling with all the strength you have left, you manage to keep her away from your face by pressing against her shoulders. But, from this angle, it would seem as though you're trying to hold back a blue version of Ms. Pacman from devouring your face.

"Aria!" Adagio shouts. "Help him, now!"

"Why?" Aria asks. "His pain and anguish amuses me."

"Just do it!"

"Fine!" Aria replies while turning around. Out of the corner of your eye, you see Aria's hand come behind Sonata's neck. "Night night time, Sonata." She says before pinching the back of it, causing Sonata to yelp slightly before her actions against you cease. Soon, she falls directly on top of you, her head face down in the seat directly beside your right ear. "You owe me for that." Aria says before turning back towards the front. Not really wanting to take the chance of waking up the now sleeping blue siren, you let her continue her slumber as she lays directly on top of you.

"Well, could be worse." You think as you are now forced to look up at the roof of your car until you feel it jerk to the right before coming to a stop.

"Here we are." Adagio says as she shuts off the engine. "Home sweet home." After saying that, both she and Aria get out of your car. Adagio then turns around and opens Sonata's door. Leaning inside, you see a grin appear on her face as she sees the position that Sonata's body is laying. "Aww... how adorable. Anon and Sonata are already cuddling. I just hate breaking up precious moments like this." She says softly as she drags Sonata's sleeping body off of you before placing her face up on the front lawn. With Sonata off of your body, you slowly sit up before getting out on your side of the car.

"Worst car ride ever!" You think before turning your attention to your arm, wiping the blood from your bite marks. You then slowly turn your head to look at the house that you all are at. It was a two-story building with white painted wooden panels lining the sides. A brick chimney that was built into the side of the house was seen as you continued observing the structure. "You guys live here?" You ask in amazement when comparing it to your little apartment.

"Yep." Adagio replies as Aria walks inside. "Three bedrooms, three bathrooms, nice big hot tub on the patio out back, and an 85-inch plasma screen tv in the living room."

"How the fuck can you guys afford all this?"

"It's better not to ask questions." She responds as Aria comes back out with a plastic bottle of water in her hand. Once she has the bottle aimed over Sonata's head, she empties the clear contents all over the blue one's face, causing her to spit out water and fidget around before rising to a sitting position.

"Ohhh....." Sonata groans while putting a hand against her head. "My head is killing me." Slowly, she gets to her feet before looking around. "Did we catch taco face?" She asks.

"Unfortunately.... yes." You reply as you lean against your car.

"Yay!" Sonata cries out, rushing over towards you before squeezing the air out of your lungs in a massive bear hug. The sound of your back cracking against the pressure of her hug makes you gasp in pain.

"Too.... hard!" You grunt, making her release her hold as you fall to the ground, landing on your hands and knees.

"Oopsie." Sonata says softly as she turns around and starts walking with the others towards the door to their home. "Come on, Anon! Lets get the fun started!" You don't reply as you try catching your breath while remaining by your car. Slowly, she and Aria come back over beside you and lift you up to a standing position. They release their hold on you, only for you to fall back down onto the ground. "Umm... Anon?" Sonata asks as they both pick you back up again, this time keeping a hold on your body. "You alright?"

"I think you broke him, Sonata." Aria replies as they begin dragging your motionless body towards the house. As they drag you towards the door, you slowly raise your head up, just in time to see Adagio opening the door for the three of you before going unconscious from all of the pain that you've been experiencing.

"Wake up, Anon." Adagio's voice echos through your head. "Wakey wakey."

"Ugh!" Aria's voice chimes in. "Just do this." After she says that, you feel a hand slap you across the face, making your eyes shoot open.

"Fuck!" You yell while instinctively trying to put a hand to the spot that she struck you. However, some metallic object stops your wrist before it even gets close to your face. Looking down, you see that both of your wrists have been cuffed to a wooden chair. "What the hell are these for?" You ask in anger as you glare at the Dazzlings, who were surprised at the sudden burst of rage. "You already have my keys and my ankle is messed up! Not like I'd get far before ya'll could catch me."

"Oh we know that." Adagio says as she slowly circles behind you before coming to a stop beside you, placing a hand on your shoulder. "We just didn't want to take any chances once we woke you up from your little nap." You sigh as you realize that there is no escape from this situation. A small moment of awkward silence between the two of you gets broken by the sound of your stomach as it growls. "Hungry I take it?" Adagio asks as she smirks.

"Well, if you're offering something to eat, I wouldn't say no."

"In that case, I'll send Aria out to get us some pizzas and a few tacos for Sonata. I am feeling a tad hungry myself after all of that... excitement."

"What?!" Aria yells from the other side of the table. "Why do I have to go get the food?" Adagio slowly turns her head towards the purple siren with a glare.

"Because someone has to stay and watch these two." She replies, pointing to both you and Sonata. "Plus, each time I set foot inside that taco serving place, the guy at the counter keeps trying to flirt with me and I'm not interested." She reaches inside of her pocket, pulling out your keys before tossing them to Aria. "Now get going."

"Grr...." Aria growls as she catches the keys in her hand. "Fine. But I get first dibs on the wimp when we get done eating."

"Who you calling a wi-" You say before Adagio puts her hand over your mouth.

"Fair enough. Just make sure that he has some strength left for me and Sonata." She replies as you watch Aria walk out the front door. Moments later, you hear the sound of your car's engine starting up before the sound of it being gunned into reverse makes you cringe. Sounds of your engine being floored and tires squealing against the pavement don't really help as you slam your head face down onto the table in front of you.

"Easy on the damn car!" You think as you close your eyes. "I just fixed it!" Adagio walks up beside you after seeing how Aria's actions have made you react.

"I know this probably won't help much." Adagio says as she pulls up a chair beside you and sits down. "But even though Aria has been in more accidents than me and Sonata combined, most of them weren't her fault."

"Forgive me for not believing that." You reply as you slowly raise your head off of the table. "So... you guys still have to eat food like the rest of us?" You ask in an effort to avoid another moment of awkward silence.

"Well, yes." Adagio replies as she scoots her chair closer to you. "We still have to eat regular food like your kind does. But our primary source of sustenance is the negative energy of others. And should we encounter someone like you, one who is immune to our songs, we would then feed off of their lust."

"Interesting." You say. "Also, I'm a tad curious. How exactly am I, of all people, immune to your hypnosis when so many aren't? Like I said before, I'm not all that special."

"From previous times that we've had to do this, most of the ones that have been immune had some kind of traumatic experience in their lives that had taken all of their negative energy and replaced it with positive energy. So that begs the question. What happened to you that has caused so much pain, anguish, and misery in your life that you are happy to have survived it?" A few seconds of silence follows before she breaks it herself. "I recall you saying you've had worse pain than a fractured ankle. Something to do with this hand." She says while laying her hand on top of your right one. "Care to tell me what happened?"

"Well...." You reply as the memory starts coming back into your mind. "I've been told that talking about it would help me get over it. Not exactly the ideal situation to be discussing my most personal memories, but seeing as how I'm not going anywhere.... I'll tell you."

The sounds of shop class filled the air around you as you were busy cutting some wood with a table saw. The task given to you was to build a bench that would be placed outside of your school at the time, Baltimare Central Academy. You had just turned on the table saw and began cutting pieces of wood when one of your friends came up behind you. "Hey Anon." He said. "Need any help?" You turn off the saw and turn around to face your friend.

"Nah, I'm good. Thanks anyways, Goldy." Golden Glow was one of the few people you had as far as friends went. Sure you had other friends, but Golden seemed to always be the one you hung out with the most. "Whats with the pipe?" You asked, pointing to the pipe that Golden was carrying.

"This?" He asked. "I'm helping fix that car's exhaust system over there." He pointed over to a car up on a hoist. Due to the surprisingly small size of the school, both the automotive class and the shop class had to share one giant room that contained both class' equipment.

"I see." You replied as you look. "Uh, shouldn't you be over there though? I don't want you getting in trouble because of me."

"Wouldn't be the first. Probably won't be the last." Golden replied. "Besides, the others are outside pushing a big truck in here for our next assignment."

"Sounds like fun." You replied before turning around. "Well, I'd love to chat some more, Goldy, but I got to get back to work on making this bench. I'll see ya after school." With that said, you bent down and turned the table saw back on before going back to cutting pieces of wood.

"Hey Golden!" You could vaguely hear someone yelling over the sound of the saw. "Get over here and help us with this truck!"

"Coming!" Golden yelled back. In his haste to go over and help his classmates, he turned right behind you, seeming to forget that he had a long exhaust pipe on his shoulder. Without any warning at all, the pipe cracked you on the left side of your skull, causing you to instantly go unconscious. However, your right hand was still on the piece of wood that was being cut by the still rotating steel blade of the table saw. Golden felt the pipe hit something before he turned his head around, just in time to see what was about to happen, but too late to stop it from happening.

"My fucking head..." You groaned, regaining your consciousness as you open your eyes to see the tip of your nose just inches away from the table saw as the blade slowed down to a stop. You noticed blood is now covering it. Raising an eyebrow, you lifted your head up as Golden got back up from turning the blade off. His entire body was visibly shaking. "Golden?" You asked. "What happened?"

"Holy shit, Anon!" He yelled. "I'm so sorry about this."

"About you hitting me with that pipe?" You asked. "It's fine. No harm done, I guess, except for a splitting headache."

"Uh... not just that." He replied, pointing down to your hand. "That... too." You looked down at your hand, now covered in blood. The middle three fingers were chopped in half completely as a deep gash in the middle of your palm was making blood gush out. The moment you saw the amount of blood on your hand, everything went black as you fell back into a state of unconsciousness.

"I ended up staying in a hospital for about a couple of months after that since I had to have surgeries done to reattach my fingers." You say as Adagio stares at you. "I told Goldy that it wasn't his fault. It was an honest mistake."

"Do.... they still hurt?" Adagio asks as she gingerly touches the three fingers you talked about.

"Sometimes. But I've gotten some feeling back in them, just not completely. As for the gash on my palm, they said it was my reflex to having my fingers cut off that made my palm get into the blade. I was just lucky that it didn't get to the bone, otherwise, I probably wouldn't even be needing to worry about fingers." Adagio's eyes shrink in horror at what you said.

"Oh... my... gosh." She says. "That would definitely make you happy to survive." Slowly, she gets up and wraps her arms around your neck as she gives you a hug. "You're a good guy for having endured that type of pain, yet finding it in yourself to forgive your friend."

You just sit there in shock as she continues with her hug. You look left and right with your eyes before starting to relax. "Huh... Guess talking about it does make me feel a little bit better." You think as she pulls away from the hug.

"You know... Aria is still gonna be gone for a little while." Adagio says as she stands beside you. "How about I give you a little taste of what you have in store for later?"

"Uhh.... okay?" You reply. Upon hearing that, Adagio instantly spins around and walks out of the room, giving her hips a little added swing before disappearing behind a door. Looking down at your arm again, you notice two bandages with kittens on them cover the two bite marks you had. "Kittens?" You think as you stare at the two objects. "Oh well. At least it's something." Looking around, you hear the sound of Sonata's laughter as she watches tv in the other room. As you try figuring out the show that she is watching, one phrase immediately makes you realize what show she is watching.

"Bite my shiny metal ass."

"Hmm... never would've taken her for a "Futurama" fan." You think before you hear footsteps coming towards the doorway to the room that you're in.

"Are you ready, big boy?" Adagio asks in her seductive tone as she appears in the doorway wearing a gray bathrobe. Not knowing how to respond, you just nod your head, resulting in her hands going down to the strap that held the robe closed. Once she slowly undoes it, the robe falls off, revealing a very small light purple bikini. "Surprise." She says as she starts walking over towards you.

You sit in the chair, speechless at the sight before you as you try making words form in your head. She chuckles as she stops in front of your chair, slowly sitting down on your lap as she stares into your eyes. The small purple top is barely managing to contain her massive breasts as you notice two hard bumps protruding from the pieces of fabric covering her nipples. "Like what you see?" Adagio purrs into your ear as she leans in closer. You slowly nod in response, making her giggle slightly. "Well then... how about this?" She asks before gently placing her lips on yours in a soft, passionate kiss. She pulls back slightly, grinning before leaning in again. Your lips touch once more, only this time, her tongue forces it's way into your mouth, battling your tongue for dominance. As you both kiss, you both let out moans of pleasure as your crotch is now burning hot with your member becoming hard as stone. The moment it starts pressing against Adagio's body, she ends the kiss and leans back.

"My my, what do we have here?" She asks as she looks down at your crotch. "Someone really likes this. Well, make that both of us." She says as you notice her bikini bottom becoming damp. "Don't worry, Anon." She says as she places a hand under your chin. "This is only a taste of what is in store for you. But seeing as how Aria is still gone...." She leans back in, going back to making out with you for at least five more minutes with her breasts pinned against your chest.

"She is so lucky that my hands are cuffed to the chair." You think as she pulls away again.

"Well... I think you've had enough of a taste." She says playfully. "Don't want to ruin your appetite now."

"Tease." You think as she slowly walks away and bends over to pick up her robe, giving a very nice view of her ass before slowly walking out of the room. Not even a minute after she leaves, you hear the sound of your car pulling up to the driveway. Moments later, Aria comes through the door, carrying four boxes of pizza and a bag of tacos.

"Here you go, pipsqueak." She says, tossing the bag of tacos over to Sonata.

"Yay!" Sonata yells out before immediately beginning to devour them all. Aria then places the boxes of pizza on the table before taking a seat across from you. Soon, Adagio walks back into the room, wearing her normal clothes again before taking a seat next to you.

"Well. Lets dig in, shall we?" She says before starting to eat. You look over towards her as you gesture with your eyes down towards the cuffs that are keeping you from getting the food. "Oops, my bad." She says, taking a key out of her bra and unlatching both cuffs. "Don't go running off now." She says before giggling.

"Thank you." You reply as you roll your eyes, reaching for a few slices of pizza. "Well... this night is certainly going to be one that I won't be forgetting anytime soon." You think as you take your first bite.