• Published 2nd Apr 2015
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Hunted - Harms Way

After an awkward moment in the cafeteria, you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation as the Dazzlings look to make you fall under their spell.

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Hunters Stalking Their Prey (Revised)

"Not exactly the smartest decision to let me get a head start." You think as you run down a hallway. "I can easily be driving away from here by the time they start chasing me." As you think about your escape, the sudden sound of Adagio's laughter echoing through the halls sends a shiver down your spine.

"Time's up Anon!" Adagio says as her voice echoes through the halls, followed by the sound of footsteps. "Ready or not, here we come!"

"I'm still gonna be out of here by the time you realize your mistake." You think to yourself as the main doors of Canterlot High come into view. The afternoon sunlight's glow makes you happier than it ever had before as you extend an arm out to push one of the doors open. "Victory is mine!" You cry out loud as you press the door latch, expecting it to open. But instead, the door doesn't budge, causing you to smash against it as your momentum pushes you into the door. "What the fuck?" You think as you get up. You then try opening the one next to it, only to have the same result. After trying each door, you slowly realize they're all locked. "Well played Adagio.... well played."

"Aww..." Adagio's voice rings out from behind you. Turning around, you press your back against the door as you see the Dazzlings standing in the middle of the lobby. "Poor little Anon wants to leave us here all by ourselves." A fake pout appears on her face after she says that, but soon, that face changes back to an evil smirk. "Did you really think that I'd let you have a head start knowing that you could just easily leave through those doors? Everyone besides you and the source of Equestrian magic we came here for is under our control. So keeping you in that room long enough for everyone to leave and all the doors to be locked was pretty easy."

"Guess I should have known that you guys had this planned out." You say as they slowly start approaching you. "What the hell do you guys want from me?"

"What do we want from you?" Adagio asks as she and the others stop, chuckling slightly before opening her mouth to speak again. "All we want is your adoration. But there seems to be only one way that we'll get it from you." She then winks as she gives her hips a little seductive swing in your direction. After seeing her actions, your mind instantly comes to a conclusion of what they plan on doing to you.

"Seriously?" You ask. "That's your plan? Catch me and force yourselves upon me? Geesh, I haven't even taken ya'll out for dinner yet." A slight chuckle from Sonata immediately follows your response as Adagio grins.

"Oh we'll have plenty of time for that once you're under our spell." She says as she starts walking towards you again with a hand extended out towards you. "Now, just come quietly and I promise that our little quality time together will be... unforgettable."

"You know... that does sound like fun and all..." You say. "But if ya'll think I'm just gonna give up that easily, then you guys don't know me at all." You proceed to hop up onto one of the doors' latch bar and then jump over the Dazzlings as they try reaching out to grab you. Upon landing on your feet, you immediately take off in a sprint past the trophy case and down a corridor.

"That's alright with me! Your capture will just be all the more satisfying knowing that you're going to put up a fight!" Her voice says as you hear them start to pursue you. "You think you can keep this up all night? You should have just surrendered when you had the chance! No one has ever escaped from us before and we don't plan on letting that change anytime soon!"

"We'll see about that." You think as you run through the halls. After turning a corner, you choose to hide behind a set of lockers in the darkened hallway, trying to blend in with the shadows as the Dazzlings approach. The sound of the their footsteps running past your location makes you grin as you run in the opposite direction a few minutes later. "I gotta find a place to ride this out." You think as you race through the hall. "But where..." Turning a corner, Ms. Cheerilee's room comes into view. "Not the best spot to hide, but it'll do for now." You think as you quietly open the door and close it behind you, being extra careful not to make a sound. "Never thought I'd be hiding from girls who want to be with me." You think as you turn around and calmly walk over to Ms. Cheerilee's desk. "But I'm pretty sure any other guy in this situation would be doing the exact same thing."

Taking a seat in Ms. Cheerilee's chair, you prop your feet up on her desk. "I still can't believe Ms. Cheerilee is the one who's been making my games miserable lately. How did I not recognize that name? Yet... an even bigger question would be how the hell did she know that the person she was destroying was me?" You ponder as you lean back in the chair. "Maybe she recognized my voice or something. After all, I do tend to start being more... vocally aggressive... once someone destroys me like she did." As you start to remember some of the battles you've had with Cheerilee, a familiar voice makes you fall out of her chair in surprise.

"Come out, come out, wherever you are." Sonata says as her voice seems to be on the other side of the door leading into the classroom. Suddenly, you hear the door's latch begin to move.

"Shit!" You think as you duck underneath the desk.

"Are you in here?" Sonata asks as she walks into the room, closing the door behind her. "If you are, I'm gonna find you." She walks around the room slowly as you begin to shake underneath Cheerilee's desk. "Once our fun time is over, I promise we'll go out and have tacos."

"Tacos? Okay.... that's kinda random to say." You think as you hold your breath to avoid making a sound. Sonata's footsteps come closer to the large desk. "Fuck. Fuck. Fuck." You think as each step draws near. "She's definitely gonna see where I am if I don't do something." Just as her legs appear right by the desk, the door to the room opens up.

"Sonata, quit wasting your time in here! Help us look in the library!" Aria shouts as Sonata stands by the desk.

"Coming!" Sonata replies as she quickly rushes back to the door. Once the door closes, silence fills the room. You wait a minute or so before poking your head up from under the desk. After confirming that they've left, you stand up completely.

"That..... was close." You think as you walk over to the door. "But I think I now know of a better hiding spot than in here." Your memory flashes back to gym class. "If I can get there, that'll be a better place to ride out the night." There's just one problem though. The only way to get to the gym from Ms. Cheerilee's classroom takes you directly past the library. As you open the door to the hall, you check around to make sure none of the Dazzlings are near. "Coast looks clear." You think as you step out into the hallway. "Now to just get to the gym." As you start walking slowly down the hall, you make sure that your shoes don't make a sound with each step. You look over your shoulder every few seconds to make sure no one is behind you. As you get closer to the library, the sound of Adagio's voice becomes louder.

"Where the hell is he?" Adagio yells out in frustration as she and Aria search.

"He's not in here, that's for sure." Aria replies. "Otherwise he probably would have been trying to run out of here by now." As you peek into the library, you can see Adagio with her back facing you.

"He's good.... I'll give him that. Definitely a smart one. Most people we've chased in the past were caught by now."

"Wow.... never thought I'd hear that coming from her lips." You think as you scan the room. "Now lets see.... there's Aria up on the second floor. Too busy throwing books around to notice me." You look in further. "And there's Sonata who's staring right at me." A few seconds pass after you say that in your mind. "Wait.... fuck!"

"Umm... Dagi?" Sonata says.

"Not now, Sonata!" Adagio yells back. "Can't you see I'm trying to think of where Anon might be?"

"But he's right there." Sonata says as she points toward you. Adagio immediately turns around and looks in the direction Sonata's finger is pointing. Her gaze soon comes to rest upon you.

"Well..." You say. "Looks like that's my cue to start running for my life. Good seeing ya'll again. Uh... bye bye." Immediately after saying that, you take off in a dead sprint down the hall.

"Get back here!" You hear Adagio cry out as she and the others start their pursuit. "All we're gonna do is love the fuck out of you! Is that so wrong?"

"Okay, that just scared the hell out of me." You think as you sprint down the hall towards the gym, keeping a very good distance between yourself and your pursuers.

"He's so fast!" Sonata calls out as you burst through the gym doors. After quickly closing the doors behind you, Adagio's body comes into view through the small windows of the doors. You press your body against the doors to stop the Dazzlings from opening them.

"Big mistake!" She says as they start pounding on the door. "You can't hold these doors shut all night!"

"She's right!" You think as you look around frantically. You then see a folded chair propped up against the wall next to you. Slowly, you reach out with the leg closest to it while keeping your body pressed against the doors. Hooking the chair with your shoe, you pull it back towards you. "I can't hold these doors shut, but this should." You say as you wedge the chair under the door handles.

"Very clever." Adagio says. "But that won't help much either." Soon, they all start rushing at the door, slamming into it. The resulting force makes the chair start to move.

"God damnit!" You think as you try moving the chair back. Your efforts become in vain as the chair keeps getting knocked loose by the Dazzlings as they run into the doors. You turn your attention to the rest of the gym after realizing the chair won't stay. "Where is it.... where is it?" You think as you quickly scan the room. Your gaze lands upon a rope hanging from the ceiling. "Bingo!" You say while running towards the rope. As soon as you take hold of it, you immediately start climbing. Struggling at first, you slowly start lifting your body off of the floor. "Wow! I need to exercise more." You think as you pull yourself up the rope, towards a small platform suspended above the gym. The sound of the gym doors bursting open makes you look away from your destination as Adagio and the others walk in.

"Well... well... well." Adagio says as she and the others walk towards you. "Would you look at that, girls. Anon thinks he's safe on that rope." She walks next to the rope and tries jumping up to grab your shoe, only to fail because you've climbed above her reach. "Clever... but not clever enough!" She says as she grabs the rope and starts swinging it back and forth.

The rope's sudden movements make it hard for you to keep your grip. Your scarred hand aches as you fight to continue climbing. "Hey! Cut it out!" You call down to Adagio.

"Why don't you come down here and make me." She replies.

"Oh yeah, you'd like that. Wouldn't you?"

"Yes I would. Very much so."


As the rope continues to sway back and forth, you have moments where your grip loosens, leading to you sliding down the rope a bit. Looking down, you see Aria and Sonata with their arms extended upwards as high as they'll reach in anticipation of being able to grab your shoes. The distance between their fingertips and your shoelaces is slowly closing. "Fuck!" You think as you try climbing up again.

"It's only a matter of time now." Adagio says as she continues making it difficult for you to climb.

"I'm... not gonna let it... end like this!" You shout as your adrenaline gives you a second wind. Ignoring the pain in your arms, you climb farther up the rope, out of the reach of Aria and Sonata as Adagio's arms seem to be getting tired. The rope's movements start slowing down, eventually stopping completely as Adagio's arms tire out. Within minutes, you reach the small platform above the floor. "Try and get me now!" You call down as Adagio glares at you.

"Get down here now!" She yells as you lay down on your back in triumph.

"Nah I'm good up here." You reply.

"Either you come down yourself, or I'll make you come down."

"Yeah... good luck with that. I'm up here and clearly you're too tired to climb up and get me."

"Sonata.... would you be a dear and climb up there?"

"Sure thing Dagi." She replies as she grabs the rope. You look down over the edge to watch as she struggles to pull herself up. "This is harder than I thought!" She says. "I don't think I can get up there."

"Grr!" Adagio growls as she looks up towards you. You watch as she puts her hand to her chin as she thinks. After a moment, her eyes widen and her smirk returns to her face. "Hey Sonata, don't you have something you've been keeping since lunch?"

"Yeah, why?" Sonata asks as she drops herself down to the floor.

"Give it to me."

"Umm... okay Dagi." She replies as she reaches into her bra, pulling out a wrapped object. "Here you go."

"Thank you." Adagio replies as she unwraps the item. You look down in curiosity as the item in question is revealed to be a taco.

"That's it? You're gonna use a taco to get me down? Just so ya'll know, I'm still satisfied from lunch so starving me off of this platform ain't gonna work." You say as you pull back from the edge.

"Oh you're good..." You hear Adagio say. "But alas, I'm better."

Laying on the platform, you close your eyes for a bit, relishing in what seems to be victory in your mind as it would seem that you're unreachable. "Best spot ever." You think before feeling something soft land on your chest. You open your eyes to see a large purple bra laying on your shirt. "Umm... what the fuck is this doing up here?" You think as you lean over the edge of the platform.

"Like my little present?" Adagio asks as she sees her bra in your hand. You look at the garment in your hand and then down at Adagio, repeating the process a few times before realization strikes you in the form of something moist hitting you square in the face, making you drop the bra as your eyes immediately start to sting. "Nice aim, Aria." She says as you wipe your face off with your hand. The smell of taco meat fills your nostrils.

"My eyes! They fucking burn!" You cry out as you frantically rub them. "Who throws a taco? Honestly." You call down as Adagio and Aria laugh.

"If I were you... I'd stop complaining and start wishing I had wings right about now." Adagio says as she walks over and picks her bra up off of the gym floor.

"Why... is that?" You ask while spitting pieces of taco meat out of your mouth. She simply points at the rope as a response. You try looking through your stinging eyes as you barely make out something that in any other circumstance would be cute to watch. But in this particular situation, what you see is mortally terrifying.

"I'm coming to get you, taco face!" Sonata yells as she climbs up the rope. The sudden threat of the blue one makes you start to panic.

"Shit!" You think as you try looking around with your impaired vision, desperately trying to find an escape from your imminent capture. The sound of Sonata's grunts getting louder as she climbs further up adds further pressure to you finding a way out until your eyes land on the little platform that the basketball managers who record games for the team use. You quickly judge the distance from the platform you're on to there to be roughly 10 feet away with a 12 foot drop. From there, you remember a door being there that is disguised to look like part of the wall that is used to get onto the platform. "Desperate times call for desperate measures." You back yourself close to the edge that is close to the rope to get a running start. But the moment you try running, Sonata grabs your shoe, making you fall forward, landing with a thud on the platform as she holds on.

"I got him Dagi!" She cries out as she tries pulling herself up more.

"Excellent." Adagio yells from below.

"Damn! This one is determined." You think as you try getting up. Sonata's hand is still firmly clamped around your shoe, making it difficult to move. After a quick moment of thought, you undo your shoe laces. Your foot slides out of the shoe, making Sonata reach back for the rope as the shoe falls to the floor. "Ya'll can keep that!" You call out as you start running towards the other end of the small platform. From the floor, Adagio looks on as you leap off the other end. In a moment of slow motion, you watch as her mouth opens in awe as you land on the other platform below. However, you land on the foot that doesn't have a shoe on to help cushion the fall. An audible cracking sound comes from your ankle as your full weight comes down upon it, making you stumble and fall.

"I've never seen anyone so determined to escape from us that he'd be willing to hurt himself in the process." Adagio calls out as Sonata slides down the rope. "You've definitely earned my respect, Anon. But that isn't going to stop me from making you mine!" You slowly try getting up after she says that. "Aww... a fighter til the end I see. No matter. All you're doing is postponing the inevitable!" Her facial expression changes however once she sees that you're not writhing in agony.

"You think a hurt ankle is gonna stop me?" You say. "I've been through pain far worse than this." You say while holding up your scarred hand. You reach out for the hidden latch on the door leading onto the platform with it. "And so with that said, I bid you adieu." After pulling on the latch, you push the door open and close it behind you, leading out onto a small staircase that goes down to the hall. "Now... if only I could find a way out of here without making it known to them." As you limp back into the area of the school with the classrooms, you ponder which is the best way of escape. "I could always just use the fire door. But that'll trigger the alarm... and bring half of Canterlot's fire department here. So that won't work." Walking past the main doors, you press on them again, only to see they're still locked. "Maybe I could break a window and escape." But then the thought of Vice Principal Luna's anger immediately throws that plan out the window.

"This guy sure is a crafty one..." You can hear Adagio say, making you enter panic mode.

"Shit! Gotta make myself scarce... NOW!" You run as fast as your ankle will let you until reaching a suspiciously open locker. But with the Dazzlings on your tail, you don't give a second thought before cramming yourself in and quietly shutting the door behind you.

"I swear, if I find him... I'm gonna break both of his ankles so he can't run anymore." Aria says as their footsteps grow closer.

"Well... if I see him, I wanna lick all of that taco stuff off of his face." Sonata says as their shadows become visible in front of you.

"Really, that's all you're gonna do? Lick his face?"

"What? I'm starving! That taco was my emergency stash..."

"Girls!" Adagio yells, cutting both of them off. "All this bickering isn't helping!" Their footsteps begin to slow as they get closer to your hiding spot. "Now, lets see...." She says as she stops to think.... directly in front of the locker you're hiding in. "If I were Anon.... where would I go?" She then breathes in some air through her nose. "He's definitely been through here. I can smell the taco seasoning."

"Fuck!" You think as you remain as quiet as possible.

"Split up. Search every room in this area. He has to be around here somewhere." She says as they all split off into different directions. You remain as quiet as possible until you think its safe to get out of the locker. Once you step out, you feel something soft on top of your head.

"What is this?" You think as you take it off. The thing reveals itself to a purple wizard's hat, decorated with many different sized stars. You turn around and look back into the locker you were hiding in. A matching cape hung from the hook inside the locker and a small box labeled "Trixie's Smoke Bombs" sat on the shelf. "Of all the lockers that I had to hide in, it had to be her's. Didn't think Trixie would keep a stash of smoke bombs here though. Hopefully she won't mind if a few are missing. After all, this is an emergency." After putting a few in your pocket, you shut the locker door. Suddenly, you feel something tapping on your shoulder, making you cringe. You turn around slowly, mental alarms going off in your head.

"Looks like it's game over for you." Aria says as she stands directly in front of you. "Come quietly and maybe, just maybe, you'll still be able to walk after this is all over with."

"Well... I know when I'm beat." You say as you raise your hands in the air, both of them balled up in fists. "Clearly you are the smartest of the three, seeing as how you're the one who caught me."

"You're damn right I am." She says as she places a hand on your shoulder.

"You just missed one tiny detail though."

"Oh yeah? And what would that be?"

"Shi shi shaw!" You yell while throwing two of Trixie's smoke bombs to the floor, making them explode upon contact. In the confusion, you quickly lose her grip on your shoulder and run away as fast as you can, leaving Aria trapped in a cloud of smoke.

"You're gonna pay dearly for that!" You hear her cry out in between coughs. After several minutes of running, it would seem you've lost her.

"Phew... that was close." You say to yourself as you start to slow down. "Now to jus-" Your moment of thought is interrupted as you get tackled to the ground from behind. "What the fuck?" You say as you turn over to face your attacker.

"Hi there taco face." Sonata says as she presses your shoulders to the floor. Before you give a response, she quickly runs her tongue up your cheek. "Mmmmmm. Still tastes like taco seasoning."

"Well... this certainly isn't awkward." You think as you struggle under her body. "Hey umm... Sonata. Would you like to see a magic trick?"

"Oooooh. I love magic!" She says. "Whatcha gonna do?"

"Well... let me up and I'll show you."

"Okay." She says as she gets off of you. As you stand up, you casually reach into your pocket for another smoke bomb. "So whats the trick?"

"Its quite simple really." You say. "Here. Take this." You then hold out the little object. She slowly takes it from your hand.

"What do I do with this?"

"Throw it as hard as you can at the ground."

"Ohhhhhh okay." She says.

"Anon: 1 Sonata: 0" You think as she is about to provide the means of your escape. "Now you see me." You say before the smoke bomb hits the floor. The smoke fills the hall as you begin to run. "Now you don't!" You call out. Chuckling while running, you look behind you just as Sonata bursts from the smoke cloud in pursuit.

"Nice trick!" Sonata calls out. "It's just too bad I've seen that one so many times before!"

"Fucking seriously?" You think as you try picking up speed, even though your ankle is begging you at this point to stop.

"Aria! Dagi! Come quick! I found him!" She calls out, her voice echoing through the halls. Soon after that, Adagio's laughter could be heard echoing back.

"Shit!" You think as you look back towards Sonata, who is surprisingly gaining on you, despite you running as fast as you can while ignoring the pain in your ankle. "How the hell is she that fast? I'm not that hurt!" You scream internally as you run down the hallway. Before you know it, Sonata once again tackles you from behind, knocking you to the ground. As soon as your body hits the floor, your back pocket bursts as the remaining smoke bombs explode from the resulting force. The area soon becomes filled with smoke. But since both you and Sonata were running at full speed at the time she tackled you, your combined momentum carries you forward. Sonata fails to keep her grip on you as you slow to a stop in front of Principal Celestia's office. She continues to roll forward down the hall, stopping several feet away. As you slowly get up, the smoke from your pocket fills the area around you. You groan in pain as your ankle's condition seems to have gotten worse from the impact. A sudden low chuckling sound to your right being followed by an evil laugh in front of you makes your body freeze in place as the smoke starts to dissipate. Soon, the worst thing that you thought could happen is now a reality.

In a T-shaped intersection of the hall right outside Celestia's office, Aria stands to your right, cracking her knuckles as a smug grin appears on her face. Sonata is on your left, slowly getting up from having tackled you moments earlier. And staring directly into your soul in front of you with an evil grin on her face, none other than Adagio herself. You slowly start to back away, trying to create as much separation as possible, until your back hits Celestia's door. Once you run out of room, a look of defeat makes itself known on your face as your ankle's condition makes your limp more noticeable. Upon noticing it, Adagio's grin only seems to get bigger.

"Whats the matter Anon?" Adagio asks. "Was Sonata too rough on you? Or have you finally come to grips with the fact that you've been beaten?" You place your arm behind your back, trying to reach for the doorknob. "Why don't you be a good boy and just surrender now so we can get the fun started?" As she says that, your hand comes to rest on the doorknob. You turn it open while not opening the door itself.

"Yeah.... I suppose I could do that." You reply. "Or I could just hide in here!" You quickly open the door leading into the office and try shutting it behind you as fast as you can. But instead of the sound of a door closing, you hear the sound of a boot being crushed between the door and it's frame before you're able to close the door completely.

"Why you little!" Aria shouts as you see her shadow hop on one foot. "Just wait'll I get my hands on you!" You quickly lock the door before Adagio or Sonata try to attempt to get in.

"Oh come now Anon." Adagio says as she tries opening the door. "Do you really think you're safe in there? Open the door now and I promise you'll get some unforgettable pleasure." Her voice suddenly turned seductive with those last two words. Catching yourself reaching for the doorknob, you slap yourself in the face before putting your arm down.

"Yeah... no. I think I'm just gonna chill in here if that's alright with you." You reply as you turn to walk towards Celestia's desk.

"You ain't getting out of this that easily!" Adagio yells as she pounds on the door.

"You know.... I have an idea that can end all of this." Aria says as you turn around.

"Do tell." Adagio replies.

"Yes. Do tell." You say as well.

"Why don't we just use Sonata here as a battering ram to knock the door down. Who knows, it might actually make her smarter."

"Not a bad idea to be honest." Adagio replies.

"Wait.... what?!" You and Sonata both say in unison. You then hear Sonata cry out as they grab her. A moment of silence makes you come close to the door, only to jump back in terror as her head gets rammed into Celestia's door.

"Owwww!" Sonata cries out. "That hurts!" What she says doesn't seem to affect Adagio or Aria because they keep ramming her head into the door.

"Damn! These girls are gonna do everything they can to get me!" You think as you desperately start searching for a way out.


"No Mr. Taco.... I'm supposed to eat you.... not the other way around...." Sonata says in a dazed tone. A slight laugh escapes your mouth after she said that.


"The square root of 22 is 4.69041575982."


"You know, this is actually quite painful."


"Why isn't this door broken yet!"


"Oh hello again Mr. Taco."


"That door isn't going to hold much longer." You think as you look at it. Tiny cracks begin to appear at the point where Sonata's head keeps getting rammed. Soon, the back of your neck suddenly becomes cold as a breeze catches it. You turn around and see that Principal Celestia left her window open. "Huh... that's convenient." You think as you start walking towards the window. But as soon as you place your hand on the windowsill, the sound of wood breaking makes you look back towards the door.

"Here's... Sonny!" Sonata cries out as her head sticks through the hole in the door. It then gets pulled back through the hole as Adagio and Aria drop her to the floor.

"They sure are determined. I'll give em that." You think as you start climbing out the window.

"And just where do you think you're going?" Adagio asks as she reaches through the hole to unlock Celestia's door. Once it opens, a look of anger is seen on her face. "I'm not letting you get away from me!" She lunges at you, grabbing onto your leg as you're halfway out. "Aria! Give me a hand here, would ya?"

"I'm coming!" Aria replies as she takes hold of your pants pocket. Together, they try hoisting you back into the room.

"These girls ain't giving up without a fight!" You think as you struggle against their combined strength. After a minute or so of struggling, the sound of your jeans tearing apart fills the air as you suddenly fall out of the window, landing in a bush below. Once you get up, you look down at your jeans. "God damnit. These jeans were my favorite pair!" You say as you see that the entire front right pocket has been ripped cleanly off. "Oh well. Sayonara suckers!" You yell as you start running away from the window.

"Get back here!" Adagio yells as you run as fast as you can towards the parking lot. The sight of your car sitting in the empty lot makes you grin as you get closer to it.

"Ha! Now to just get my keys and get the hell out of here." You say to yourself as you start searching your remaining pockets. "Wallet.... cellphone.... pocket change.... where the hell are my keys?!" Your hand then comes to the gaping hole where your front right pocket was. "You gotta be fucking kidding me!" You yell as you reach your car. But the moment you stop, something hits you in the back of the head. "Ow!" You think as you look down at your missing shoe laying on the pavement next to you. Seconds later, you get tackled to the ground again as Aria pins your arms to the pavement. You struggle against her leverage until you see Adagio's boots straddle your body.

"Looking for these?" She asks as you look up to see her body towering over you. You watch as she twirls your car keys around on her finger. "Here's some advice for you. Next time, make sure you have everything you need for an escape before you start running." She then crouches down and runs a hand along your cheek. The softness of her skin against yours sends a chill down your spine. "You put up a good fight, Anon. More than from those we've had to deal with in the past. But I'm afraid this little game we've been playing is now over." She stands up again as Aria keeps your arms pinned. "And just so you don't get any ideas..." She says as she stretches her pants out slightly. "I'm just gonna put these somewhere safe." You watch in awe as your keys fall into her panties. Once they disappear from your view, she adjusts her pants around them.

Her grin emerges once again as she and Aria bring you up on your feet. "So... I think it's safe to say that you're not gonna put up a fight anymore?" You lower your head til you're staring at the ground. You mumble something as Adagio leans in closer. "What did you say? I didn't quite catch that."

"I said you win." You say as Aria lets your arms go. Adagio starts to laugh as Aria leaves to go get Sonata. As she walks away, Adagio wraps her arm around your shoulders while running her other hand down your chest.

"You know what... since we're no longer trapped in the school, why don't we all go back to our house for some much needed fun." She says in her seductive tone.

"Don't suppose I have much of a choice now, do I?" You say as she presses herself against you. She giggles slightly after hearing you say that.

"Nope." She replies before kissing you on the cheek.

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