• Published 2nd Apr 2015
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Hunted - Harms Way

After an awkward moment in the cafeteria, you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation as the Dazzlings look to make you fall under their spell.

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Hunters Stalking Their Prey (Original)

"Of all the things I thought I'd be doing today, running for my life from girls who want to control me wasn't one of them!" You think to yourself as you run down the hallway towards the main doors. The afternoon glow of sunlight through the glass of the doors make you happier than it has ever done as you sprint towards it as though you were on fire and running towards a lake. The sound of the Dazzlings' footsteps become louder as you arrive at the doors. You try pushing it open to no avail. "You gotta be kidding me!" You think as you try door after door, only to realize that they're all locked. The sound of Adagio's laughter makes you jump as you find them standing roughly 15 feet away from you.

"Aww...." Adagio cried out in a pouting tone. "Poor Anon wants to leave us all alone here. Looks like you'll have to be punished for this." She says as a smirk appears on her face.

"Can we just get this over with already?!" Aria groaned as you stood by the door. "I'm starving!"

"Oh Ari." Sonata said as she started walking over towards you. "Don't try hogging him all to yourself when we catch him like you did with the last guy."

"What?" Aria said in a sarcastic tone. "I was hungry."

"Enough!" Adagio cried out as the other two immediately piped down. "So Anon, are you going to come quietly? Or are we going to have to take you by force?"

"Who said I was giving up?" You reply before breaking into another sprint down a hallway towards the gym.

"I figured you'd say that! Split up and take him down!" You hear Adagio cry out as the sound of footsteps pursuing you start echoing through the halls again. You run as fast as your legs can go. Racing up a flight of stairs, you instantly turn and hide behind a column as you hear footsteps getting close to you.

"Oh I swear if I catch him, I'm gonna break both his legs so he can't run away anymore!" You hear Aria grumbling to herself as she slowly walks past the column you're hiding behind. Feelings of panic and fear rush through your mind as you look down at your legs.

"Holy shit!" You think to yourself as you listen for her footsteps to fade into the other end of the hallway. "Better avoid her at all costs!" You say softly as you sneak back down the stairs. Deciding to conserve energy in case you need it to escape them again, you sneak around through the darkened hallways as the sunset's orange glow illuminates small sections. "Hopefully, I can find a safe place to call for help." You think to yourself before coming to a dead stop. Looking into the darkness just beyond the farthest light of the sunset, you see the light blue ponytail of Sonata. It doesn't appear that she noticed you were behind her.

"Come out, come out where ever you are!" Sonata cried out as she walked down the hall. "I got a bag of cookies and I'll share them with you if you come out now."

"Really? How old does she think I am?" You think as you put your palm against your face. The sound of your hand hitting your forehead must have been loud enough for Sonata to hear because she instantly turned around after that.

"There you are, silly willy!" She says before running towards you.

"Damnit!" You think as you start running away from the blue siren. Looking behind you, you realize that she is quickly gaining on you. "What the fuck? How is she that fast?" You scream internally as you rush down the stairs. Racing out into the hallway below, Sonata is hot on your tail.

"Dagi! Ari! Come quick! I found him!" She cries out as you try running faster with every ounce of adrenaline you have pumping through you. Sonata lunges at you as you both approach Principal Celestia's office. Tackling you to the ground, Sonata fails to keep her hold on you and rolls forward with her momentum. Slowly getting up, you look around as Aria and Adagio quickly appear. You're surrounded in a T-shaped intersection of the halls. Sonata slowly getting to her feet on your left, Aria cracking her knuckles on your right, and Adagio staring directly into your soul as she stands in front of you. You start backing away, slightly limping as a result of Sonata tackling you to the floor. Adagio notices your condition and soon flashes an evil grin.

"Whats wrong Anon? Was Sonata too rough on you?" She said before starting to laugh. Continuing to back up, you feel Celestia's doorknob hit your back. "Why don't you just surrender now so we can get the fun started?" Adagio continues to say as she and the other two slowly close their distance.

"I'm not finished yet!" You grunt as the pain in your leg makes you stumble backwards into Celestia's office. Quickly realizing what happened, you kick the door shut just as Aria places her foot in the doorway. The door stops for a moment as it strikes her boot before shutting all the way.

"Why you little!" You hear Aria scream out in pain as you watch her shadow hoping on one foot from under the door. "When I get my hands on you, you'll be lucky to be feeling anything!" Acting on instinct, you quickly get up and lock the door before Adagio or Sonata try getting in.

"Oh come now Anon. Do you really think you're safe in there?" Adagio says as she pounds on the door. "Open the door and I promise you will get some unforgettable pleasure." She says in her seductive voice. Catching yourself reaching for the lock, you slap yourself in the face as you put your arm down.

"Nice try Adagio!" You say. "But I think I'm just gonna chill in here if thats alright with you."

"You ain't getting off that easily." Adagio says while still pounding on the door.

"You know, I got an idea that can end all this." You hear Aria say as you press your ear against the door.

"Do tell." Adagio replies.

"Why don't we just use Sonata here as a battering ram to knock the door down. Who knows, it might actually make her smarter."

"You know what, thats not a bad idea." You hear Adagio say as both she and Aria walk away.

"Wait...what?!" You think before jumping back in terror as you hear Sonata's head hitting the door.

"Owww!" Sonata cries out. "That hurt!" Adagio and Aria do it again. This time, a little crack could be seen on your side of the door.

"Shit!" You think as Sonata's head keeps getting rammed into the door.

"No Mr. Taco.... I'm supposed to eat you... not the other way around...." Sonata said in a dazed voice as her head keeps smashing into the door. You couldn't help but start laughing at that. Looking around as the door continues to be struck, you feel a cool breeze brush against the back of your neck. Turning around, you notice Principal Celestia left her office window open.

"Huh, thats convenient." You think to yourself as you walk over to the window. Just as your hand touches the windowsill, the door to the room breaks open.

"If I ever get a puppy, I'm... gonna call it... Muffin!" Sonata yells out before being dropped onto the floor.

"And just where do you think you're going?" Adagio says as you try climbing out the window. She lunges at you, grabbing onto your leg as you're halfway out of the window. Aria grabs your pocket as both try hoisting you back into the room.

"God damn! These girls don't give up easily!" You think as you try struggling. Soon, the sound of your jeans ripping fills the air around you, followed by a sudden fall out of the window. "Fuck... and these were my favorite jeans too." You say as you look down to see your entire right pocket has been ripped off of your pants. "Oh well. Sayonara suckers!" You yell as you start running away towards the parking lot. Running as fast as you can, you reach your vehicle in the empty parking lot. "Crap! Where are my keys!" You think as you fumble around in your remaining pockets. "Shit!" You think at the exact same time as a hand grabs your shoulder. Spinning you around, you see your keys hanging from Adagio's finger.

"Looking for these?" She says as she twirls them around. "Word of advice. Make sure you have what you need before trying to run away." She then steps closer to you and puts the hand that doesn't have your keys in underneath your chin as she makes you look up into her eyes. "You put up a good fight Anon. More of a fight than I expected. But I'm afraid its game over."

"Oh yeah? How so?" You ask as you try grabbing your keys off her finger.

"Ah ah ah!" Adagio says as Aria grabs your arm and twists it behind your back, making you shout in pain. "I'm just gonna put these somewhere safe." She says as she stretches her pants out slightly. You watch in awe as she drops your keys into her panties. "There we go." She says as she adjusts her pants around the new object hidden within. "So, I think its safe to say you'll be coming with us then?"

"Fine." You say begrudgingly as Aria releases your arm. "You win." You slowly raise both your hands in surrender as Adagio wraps her arm around you.

"Hmm, seeing as how we're no longer trapped in the school, how about we go to our house for some overdue fun." Adagio says as she slowly runs her hands all over your body.

"Don't suppose I really have much of a choice now, do I?" You say as Aria goes to get Sonata out from Principal Celestia's office.

Adagio giggles slightly at what you said. "Nope." She replies before kissing your cheek.