• Published 2nd Apr 2015
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Hunted - Harms Way

After an awkward moment in the cafeteria, you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation as the Dazzlings look to make you fall under their spell.

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Let The Chase Begin (Original)

Lunch time at Canterlot High is in full swing as you rush towards the cafeteria. Your stomach is growling fiercely as you smelled what was being cooked. Looking through the glass doors that lead into the cafeteria, you see delicious looking hamburgers being served to the other students. Walking inside, you stand in line behind a girl with fiery colored hair as you wait to get your tray. Picking it up, you walk along the counter as the lunch lady gives you a nice looking hamburger. After getting a few more things from the salad bar, you walk over to the cashier.

"That'll be $5.00 kid." She said as she held out her hand for you to put the money in. You nod your head and pull out a five dollar bill. Giving it to the cashier, she waves you through and you go off in search of a table. As you passed table after table, you couldn't really find an empty seat. Eventually, you find an empty table in the corner of the room. Sitting down with your back against the wall, you pull out your iPod. Music always helped you get over the fact that you didn't really have many friends at Canterlot High. Putting on your earbuds, you flip through the list of songs you have on the little device before selecting your favorite.

"Nothing beats having a burger while listening to my favorite song!" You think to yourself while eating. As you turn the volume to 100%, disappearing into your own world, a trio of girls enter the cafeteria, singing upon entry. After eating for a few minutes, you realize that your tray is empty. "Damn! Thats what I get for skipping breakfast. Too bad I can't get a second helping here." You think as you get up. You then walk over to a small room and put your tray on a little conveyor belt that goes into the dish room. Turning around, you walk over to the glass doors as another song starts playing on your iPod. But once you put your hand on the door, a feeling of being watched crosses your mind. You stop, pause your music without taking out your earbuds, and turn your head to the right.

Standing just about 10 feet away is a trio of girls wearing matching necklaces comprising of a single black strap and a crimson jewel. As they stare at you, a look of surprise appears on each of their faces. Looking around, you see everyone in the cafeteria, except for one small group of people and a lone person wearing her headphones, arguing with each other about the upcoming band festival. Green vapors can be seen radiating off of them as they form a trail leading to each of the girls' necklaces. Looking back at the girls, you notice that the one with poofy orange hair is now staring at you from your head to your feet. "Okay. This is getting awkward." You think as you push the door to the cafeteria open. Looking back, you flash the trio a smile and wave at them as you walk away. Much to your surprise, the one with light blue hair returns the favor, stopping upon notice of the other two's scorn. A little laugh escapes you as you shut the door behind you. "Huh, wasn't expecting that." You say to yourself as you walk down the hall while turning your music back on.

A few hours later, you are standing at your locker getting a textbook for your final class of the day, your least favorite class. Even the name of the class makes you sad each time you see it on your book. Advanced Algebra. "Why did I choose this over shop class again?" You say to yourself as you remember the day you selected your class schedule. "Oh wait, now I remember." You say as an unwanted memory of a past accident comes back into your mind. The memory of the searing pain makes you shudder as you walk down the hallway. Turning a corner before going into the classroom, the sound of a trash can being knocked over startles you. "Who's there?!" You shout as you turn around. No one replies. The only thing you see is an empty trash bin lying on its side. Shrugging it off, you turn around and walk into the classroom just as the bell rings.

The sound of the final bell brings a smile to your face as you walk back to your locker. But when you put your books away, Vice Principal Luna walks up behind you. "Excuse me, Anon." She says as you jump at the sound of her voice, hitting your head on the metal coat hanger inside the locker.

"Fu-" You quickly stop yourself from completing that word as you recognize the voice. "Vice Principal Luna! What brings you around here?" You say as you quickly turn around. You smile while rubbing your head where it struck the hook.

"I need to speak with you in private for a moment please. Don't worry, it's nothing bad. I promise." She said in a stern voice while walking away, motioning for you to follow.

"Thats what they always say at first." You think as you follow Luna down the hallway. Walking along, you notice that she isn't leading you towards her office. Rather, she directs you to enter an empty classroom. Confused at the request, you walk in expecting her to follow. But instead of following you in, she locks the door behind you. "Oh haha Vice Principal. You got me good." You say as you try opening the door. "Umm... you can let me out now!" You shout while hitting your fist against the door. But Luna doesn't reply. Looking through the small window by the door, you see Luna's eyes flash green before handing a key over to someone who is standing behind the lockers nearby before walking away. "Okay. This is bad!" A few seconds later, you see who Luna gave the key to. You recognize their faces as one of them unlocks the door.

"Fuck..." You think as the door opens.

"Why hello Anon." Adagio says as she steps into the room. "Fancy meeting you here."

"Umm... whats going on?" You ask as Aria shuts the door behind her and Sonata.

"Well... it would seem that you are in a special situation, unlike your fellow students." She replies while stepping closer to you.

"What are you talking about?"

"Its... kind of hard to explain so bear with me for a moment." She says as she places a hand on your shoulder. "We aren't exactly what you would call... normal." A look of confusion appears on your face as she continues. "We may look like normal girls to you, but in actuality, we aren't even from this world."

"Wait.... wha-" You say before being cut off as Adagio puts a finger to your lips. She looks into your eyes as her hand moves slowly your down your arm, making you shiver a bit.

"I wasn't finished..." She says softly while keeping her finger on your lips. "You see Anon... we are sirens. Banished here from a land known as Equestria. And over time, we've realized that our singing can make your kind fall under our spell just as easily as the ponies we once had adoring us. Men especially would fall at our feet in admiration of us. Yet you've somehow managed to resist our song."

"Wait a second!" You say as you move Adagio's finger away from your lips. "Ya'll are sirens? Are you girls insane or something?"

"Hmm, hard telling sometimes." Adagio says before letting out a slight giggle as she moves her hand back up your arm. "I'm just curious as to how you managed to walk away from our singing."

"Well, I guess while ya'll were singing, I was listening to a song on my iPod." You say before pulling the small device out of your pocket.

"Oh really?" Adagio asks. "Well then, I suppose there isn't anything stopping you from hearing our song this time." She says while backing away towards the other two. As they start to sing, you notice that nothing strange is happening to you.

"Well, they sure do sing like sirens, I'll give em that." You think as they keep singing. Once they stop, Adagio grabs her jewel with a look of surprise on her face.

"Interesting..." She says while Sonata taps on her jewel. "Normal people would be on the floor by now. Yet here you are, still resisting us. This means one of two things. You're either not from this world. Or you're one of those rare humans that needs a more personal approach to fall to us then." You notice her winking at you after she finishes talking. She looks at Aria, then Sonata before they all look at you with seductive grins on their faces. "I'm not sensing anything different about you from your fellow students so I think we can rule out the first option. So I guess we'll have to use a different tactic just for you."

"Wait! What are you guys going to do?" You ask as you back away towards the door. Putting your hand on the door handle, you realize it is unlocked. Adagio walks over toward you, making you back up even further until your back hits the door frame. She wraps her arms around your neck.

"Why don't you stay here for a while and find out." She said in a sultry tone while staring into your eyes.

"Well, that is a tempting offer and all, but... I think I'll just get the hell out of here instead." You say before breaking free of her grip. You then open the door and run out into the hallway. Rushing down the hall, you hear Adagio's laugh echoing through the hall.

"How did you know I love it when my prey runs?" You hear her yelling as the sound of footsteps pursuing you begins. "Its pointless to try and escape! All you're doing is postponing the inevitable! Soon, you'll be ours!"