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I want apparently impossible things, don't make sense sometimes, have a lot of desires that are good, evil, and between, and I wouldn't want any of those things to change.


Hey everybody, Happy New Year! · 7:47pm Jan 1st, 2020

Phwew...it has been a while since I left a blog. Sorry, I've been a weird combination of lazy and preoccupied, since I moved into a new apartment and have been trying off and on to get back on track with things. I also haven't actually even touched my story about Discord and Tirek in a while, and unfortunately do not see myself picking it back up for the foreseeable future due to me overestimating my own writing ability and taking on way too many stories on another site at once. I am working

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I decided it was far past time to do it...

Thanks for the follow! :yay:

Haha, thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Feel free to read my other stories if you'd like.

The Stare is an interesting topic, and that story is about what I would think of for an explanation, and the story goes with a simple but effective idea, and the part with Discord was a surprise, so how could I resist it?:ajsmug:

Thanks for adding Stare Dare to your library :twilightsmile:

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