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An autistic teen who goes to a mental school.

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2356921 To be honest, you're not wrong, I love laughing my head off.

Ill be sure to let you know when my new story comes out.
Cause I KNOW you'll want to read it:raritywink:

2060789 Like I said, Canterlot Wedding still turned out OK. The plot holes, as well as Cadence's extremely flawed introduction as well as her forced princesshood, just bogged it down. Still good, though it was showing some bad signs of what was to come.

2060746 I agree, although A Canterlot Weddings dark and creepy atmosphere was perfect, it was the plot holes which made it not so great.

I'm starting to notice a trend here that started back in season 2. Saving the bulk of the animation budget for the finale to dazzle and distract the viewers while the story becomes more and more maligned with it only worsening with every passing season. Season 1's finale was superb and is probably the episode I've rewatched the most out of the entire series, Season 2's was tainted by the slowly encompassing shift in interests and tone by the writers, but still managed to break even, and Season 3 is where everything wrong with the show to date has been built off of and only keeps digging its grave deeper with each finale. By this point, it's even hard to get vehemently pissed off over Magical Mystery Cure anymore with all the ways the show's writers have routinely screwed the show and its dignity over time and again. It makes one wonder what new depths will be dug with the following season and just how awful it will be by the series finale.

  • Viewing 14 - 18 of 18
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