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To Write List

-Bass.exe in Equestria, still undecided on the hero, villiain or anti-hero approach for him.

-Neku Sakuraba in Equestria Girls, without any romance at all for anyone.

-Badass Spike story, vengeful villiain.

-Evil/Possesed Cutie Mark Crusaders story, only be choosing my favorite crusader, feel free to take a guess who it is.

-Equestria Girls Sweetie Bot story.


Displaced story idea: The Devil Went Down To Equestria. · 1:56pm July 6th

Now here's a fic that has a way higher probability of me writing, but it might just be more of a writing practice fic.

This displaced is Jin Kazama from the Tekken series, the Tekken 4 variant of him with Devil Jin from Tekken 5 but Devil Jin would be used rarely. Figured to use someone that isn't DBZ-like this time to make a more interesting story.

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Most preferred

  • The Villain Become one with your inner demons. Embrace the darkness in your heart. by Dashie McCourty 8,267 words · 1,568 views · 16 likes · 5 dislikes
  • Sunset Twilight Sparkle discovers a secret in her past that will forever change her future by Ciroton 37,836 words · 13,278 views · 1,212 likes · 40 dislikes
  • Faith and Doubt After everyone fails to heed to her warnings about Cadence, Twilight gives in to her darker thoughts by defender2222 62,997 words · 34,227 views · 1,826 likes · 84 dislikes


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