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Displaced story idea: The Devil Went Down To Equestria. · 1:56pm Jul 6th, 2017

Now here's a fic that has a way higher probability of me writing, but it might just be more of a writing practice fic.

This displaced is Jin Kazama from the Tekken series, the Tekken 4 variant of him with Devil Jin from Tekken 5 but Devil Jin would be used rarely. Figured to use someone that isn't DBZ-like this time to make a more interesting story.

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Alright fine, just trying to help. No need to go all emo on something just trying to be there for you.

2520895 Heard that a million times before, those words are empty to me now. No duh no one really meant it when they said it.

You sure? I'm here if you need to talk bro.

2520856 I never am, but who cares. It's nothing important.

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