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Pure, uncut filth. Who thinks up shit like this?

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Let's talk about what people are saying, shall we?

"Fly Away Sweet Scootaloo"

""Nope nope nope." - Rage Reviews

"Wow. It has been a while since I felt some real emotion from a story. Thank you for this great piece of literature." - Dunkle Dubs

"This is the biggest bag of mixed emotions I think I've ever felt. Kinky rape fetish coupled with an incredibly sad ending? You managed to take me on the biggest emotional roller coaster I've ever been on in my entire life--in just 9,756 words.
This is something noteworthy, although I wouldn't say it was altogether my cuppa tea (I don't even like clop). Upvoted because you have done something truly unique here." - Scootareader

"Laugh as much as you want, but you dissapointed the readers, including me. That's why there are so many negative votes. Won't ever read from you anymore" - Innocent shypony

Terror Trailer

" see, we seem to have a big miscommunication here. It's not about me looking at it or not.
I criticize the very existence of such a disgusting fetish in general and say it should go and, no matter how much it is in vain due to people's stubbornness in insisting on it, will continue to advocate against it where ever I see it sprout and do everything against it that I can.
Fictional story or not, it's not something of good taste or anything enjoyable at all to read about three little fillies getting raped, forced to sex, in a brutal way, suffering from it, and this stuff just shouldn't exist, period.
And if you find yourself liking rape as a fetish, then I suggest you to seek professional, clinical advice. Having fantasies like this is, no matter if you would act it out in reality or not, not normal and morbid and should be (literally) treated as such." - Fluttercheer

"It was pretty decently written. It deserves more likes."- Yamazaki

"I don't really mind rape fics all that much, but this one is bad. The motivation is terrible and unrealistic (I mean, can you really see anyone raping someone because of their bad luck at being at the wrong place at the wrong time), we don't really delve into the thoughts of our main character, and this is overall way too edgy than it needs to be." - the chicken 95

"This is so freaking hot holy shit.. " - Preston Garvey

Rarity's Mail

"This story is awesome. I wish I could write even half as well as you. Just... AWESOME!!"- Jubilee Glider

":rainbowwild: Have all of my yes. This was a fantastic read and the laughs made it all the better. Have a favorite, like and fuck it, take a follow as well. Keep up the good work."- Random Hero 80


" I did enjoy it at a primitive level, it wasn't that bad at all."- The Sexy Assistant

"Well, this got retarded fast." dinkyseviltwin

"Well.... this was an interesting pairing. I dislike Foalcon and almost thought this was going to be one of those stories.I appreciate how you drew it away from that by maturing Scootaloo beyond that of a child.
Then things got dark.... really freeken dark... Fuck yeah.."- Duchedes

Best Day Ever

"That was a really special story "- Agron989

"This is a beautiful little story with a very true theme -- when two people really care for one another, just being together can make a day be fun even if their plans run into all sorts of problems. I really like it"- Jordan179

Freaker's Ball

"Eh, it was okay."- Equestrium

"I am freaked out about how much this turn me on......Wow k9 just wow."-Fracturedheart

Rarity Gets it in the Dumpster

"I enjoyed this story, to a degree. Reaaaaaally could have done without the descriptions of garbage, though. That took away from the clop and put a damper on the whole thing. The bit with Rarity's horn in his ass was also pretty weird and didn't seem to fit with the rest of the story."-Nahmala

'...I can't call this story a good one because there simply aren't any redeeming qualities to it. "-Adde Le Blue

Scootaloo's Hole

"Bad rapefic! Bad, BAD rapefic! I mean, it's funny and all, but in order to do scootabuse correctly, it needs to be taken seriously. You might as well day the word "trollfuck" after ever word."- Lolgal555

"I must've read this hundreds of times~ just so good mmm~"- Griffin Productions

Letters From Babs

"But how did you write this and have it not contain rape? Also good story :)"-Cooldam

"This was good. Some minor errors here and there, but for the most part, well done!
If you don't write more to this, I will send you a very angrily worded letter!
Er, wait. Considering the subject of this story, a letter may be the wrong thing to send...
Meh, whatever. Just write more!"- Mystic Guitar

Hard Candy

"this goes way beyond simple foalcon. I agree with
>>6912853 , this type of thing shouldn't exist."- Raylankrios

Pumpkin Love

"Not bad at all, and its probs one of the best fics ive read with the cakes in so good job, looking forward to more"- Twyla in Wonderland

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Happy Holidays, hope you get to enjoy today to the fullest. And I wish you and those in your life a wonderful New Year's Eve.

Mine does too. And bad ones.

When I see your avatar my mind goes strange places. Not bad places though.

I'm doing ok, chickens started laying, so now we're no longer feeding them for nothing :rainbowlaugh:

Congrats on 16 months:yay::yay:

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