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This story is a sequel to Like Shattered Glass

When you take the blame, you'll take the pain. Scootaloo took the blame.

Rated for scenes of abuse and mild language.


UPDATED 12/22/2014.

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Goddamn me and my desire to read what'll certainly be a feels-loaded Scootabuse story.

I haven't read shattered glass because, judging by the comments I've seen, it's not really a story I think I'd be able to enjoy (a bit too much on the uncomfortable side), so if there's any plot-tying between them, I won't catch it, but I'll definitely give this one a chance.

3207171 Your avatar pic is certainly appropriate for this story.


Rainbow Dash Scootalove is best.

Jesus, man. Did you even read this story?


Of course I did. It seems like a promising beginning, and I really liked "Like Shattered Glass".

I also happen to read pretty fast...

It's a solid start, though I hate Scootabuse. There's too much of that kind of stuff going on in RL that it wouldn't be a sore subject. :pinkiesad2: I kinda thought the whole trope would be getting old but seems people still want to hurt the little filly. Also gore? What the hell? Rating it teen or mature will make sure that people know what to expect. Making it gore is going into Rainbow Factory territory.

Heartwrenching chapter at the end. :fluttershysad: Poor Scootaloo, hiding the real cause of her pain behind her scooter.:fluttercry: Also, I like how Twiilght is being kind of like a coach, but also concerned caretaker of Spike making sure he doesn't overdo his exercising.:rainbowdetermined2: I am hooked into this story, and I am looking forward to more.:pinkiehappy:

:( poor scoots.
I can't wait to see what happens.


I respect your decision not to read it, and I most definitely appreciate you giving this story a chance anyway.

Thanks, KK. :twilightsmile:


Thanks a lot for the ribbon! And I must say, you do read rather quickly. :pinkiegasp:


Also gore? What the hell? Rating it teen or mature will make sure that people know what to expect. Making it gore is going into Rainbow Factory territory.

While I assure you that it is not my intention to make this into something like Rainbow Factory, I do think you were right about the tag. The word "gore" does have that sort of grimdark feel to it that I definitely do NOT want this story to have.

Thanks for your honest input, good sir. The tag has been removed. :pinkiesmile:


No prob! Good luck with the rest of this, looking forward to it.

Hey, I found you on FimFiction! :pinkiehappy:

Didn't know you had an accout on here! (I'm a big fan of your story, Like Shattered Glass. Read it over on FanFiction.net).


Hey! What's up, man?

Yeah, I got myself an account on here a little under two months ago, and I gotta say that I like it a lot better than fanfiction.net. The whole atmosphere is so much more personable here.

Glad to hear you've enjoyed one of my stories!


Yeah, I agree. Way better. You can actually get to know other authors on here and stuff. And the whole format is just much more nice.

Can't wait till next chapter is out!

I hope you show a little bit of spoillerific fall-out from the previous fic.

I am rather exited for this one

I am now officially wondering if I should have seen The Social Network before reading this.



No, not at all, bro. I was originally going to entitle it something else when I started listening to the Social Network soundtrack, and... yeah. That's how this title came to be.

And yeah, Scoot's a little banged up these days, so it makes literal sense. (Maybe I'm too quick to home in on what look like References.)


Nah, don't worry about it. You're fine. :twilightsmile:

Man the lynch mob everyone we have a scootabuse story to get through.

i'm not quite sure i get this story, the scootaloo scene wassssss, odd. you get a fav because i'm interested in who hurt scootaloo, but no down or up vote

3213999 i can agree with u ther tho i thank it might be her father doing it

if that's the case then this has already been done once before, and i've lost interest

3215289 who knows it might be someone else but thers only one way to find out lol


I tried to make the fact that Scootaloo was being abused something that could be inferred as opposed to stating "SCOOTALOO IS BEING ABUSED" flat out. I've seen too many stories about abuse, not limited to Scootabuse stories, where the tone of the narration is along the lines of, "Woe is me, my parents beat me, my life is meaningless, what did I do to deserve this" to the point where it becomes a melodramatic, tired cliché. Implying the abuse and showing that it is happening through imagery(at least, to an extent) forces the reader to make an interpretation, which is more powerful, in my opinion. It also comes with the added bonus of preventing the story from turning campy and melodramatic.

In other words, I want you to feel bad for Scootaloo, but I don't want Scootaloo herself to give off the impression that she wants others to feel bad for her, if that makes any sense. Many victims of abuse don't.

So if the chapter seems odd to you, that's probably the reason why (at least, I hope so).

well i guess i'm expecting too much

I actually really liked how you wrote this. It's more realistic, and more powerful to read, I think. Scootaloo has become one of my favorite characters due to the fact that I feel it's implied that she has a rough home life(at least, I feel it is.) Great job so far and I'm looking forward to new chapters.

3215855 that is the tactic of show not tell

I want to feel the feels... but i'm not really able to feel the feels yet.

I mean... I don't even know what happened yet. How'd you get those bruises scoots? How long have you been getting them? Why are you getting them?

Hell, scootaloo isn't even wallowing in self pity or anything. Nope, she's just seems agitated more than anything.

I hope ze next chapter contains some things I can use to milk ze feels. This is just the first chapter, so I recognize the feels could be on their way, but so far, there hasn't been enough said.

edit: sorry about the bad comment on "Like Shattered Glass", I had clicked on that story while I was still pondering my response to this one, and I ended up accidentally leaving my comment in the wrong place. I'm going to read "Like Shattered Glass" soon... I just didn't want to have to wait 30,000 words before reading this one.

Why Ms Cheerilee such a terrible teacher? Doesn't do anything about bullies. Doesn't do anything about the clear signs of abuse.

Oh wait...I actually forgot about "Like Shattered Glass" and it didn't process in my head that Sweetie couldn't go to school :twilightoops::unsuresweetie:
Well that just tugged my heartstrings a bit.
But wow, Scoots. :fluttershysad:

Need next chapter. Poor scoots.:applecry:

i feel sorry for scootaloo :fluttercry:

She could still the terror in that filly's eyes.

Still see, I think you meant

WoW! I can feel Scootaloo's pain through her unleashing her anger out on her scooter. :fluttershysad: I hope some pony or some dragon finds out what is happening to her at home, before it's too late.:fluttercry:

I need the next chapter:derpytongue2:

3242377 maybe because of the fact that in ponyville abuse is just about as rare as murder, and she possibly has seen the signs and just doesn't know where she's seen them before? y'know, that odd felling in the back of your mind where something isn't right but you just cant remember why? :scootangel:

This was so much better than the last chapter. Starting to feel the feels. Like that reference about scootaloo getting angry and beating the shit out of her scooter. Really sets the whole mood behind the 'cycle continues' theme.

I saw that this was a sequel to Shattered Glass, and that was enough to catch my attention. Once I saw the word 'Rattlesnake' in chapter two, it was enough to make me tear up all over again. ;_;

That said, at least Sweetie Belle has a loving family to support her, doesn't look like Scoot even has that luxury. D: I'm looking forward to seeing where this one goes!


Oh lawd, feels. That rage scene. It made so much sense. Now I'm envisioning her totally losing it in front of Rainbow Dash, who just grabs her in a tight embrace while she's trying to rage and storm and just holds her tight :fluttercry:

I don't know what this has to do with Catharsis? Since she doesn't have the release of emotions rather than a transference of her pain and anger onto the object that is the thing she uses to hide the truth to others.

I have questions.

1) Why didn't Spike tell Twilight what he heard? It obviously rattled him, so why keep it silent?

2) If you can't say without giving to many Spoilers does Twi or Dashie save Scoots? Or does she finally tell everypony the truth of what's been happening later on?

3) Please tell me you aren't going to kill Scootaloo, or perma-cripple her more than she already is!

It was pretty funny with Spike's so-called "weight problem," not to mention the battle with his stomach. :rainbowlaugh:
Poor Scoot... I hope she's okay. :fluttershysad:

Nice stunt, Dashie! :rainbowdetermined2:
I can understand why Scoot is hiding all this from everypony. It's likely that her father has gone Darth Vader, if you know what I mean.
That's right, Scoot. Give in to your anger...

I enjoy the story. It brings familiar lives to my head. Lives of others crossing through my memories. Can't wait for next Chapter.

Looks like Sweetie Belle's quick with adapting. Good for her. :twilightsmile:
It literally just triggers my feels when Rainbow Dash doesn't know the real source of Scoot's bruises :fluttershysad:
But I guess she'll find out eventually... :unsuresweetie::fluttershyouch:

Poor little Sweetie Belle... I can't bear to look. :fluttershysad: At least she's got the whole square root thing done. What a cute little genius! :scootangel:
Dashie, stop messing up Twilight's scrolls! :rainbowlaugh:
Hopefully, the talk will be somewhat pleasant.
I can see that Scoot's very excited for Friday! :pinkiehappy:

good chapter :pinkiehappy:

I'm wondering if its her parents, just one of them who abuses the other parent as well, a stepparent, adopted parents, or older siblings

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