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OC — Vital Sparkle

Name: Vital Sparkle (R63 Vital Spark)
Gender: female
Species: earth pony or human
Cutie mark: three red hearts, arranged like Applejack's apples
Occupation: sex pest
Special talent: ditto

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Hide behind whatever fallacies you wish. You're nothing but a pathetic, vile, disgusting creature.
You're your own witness to everything you've done, and you can't reverse it.
You're going to rot in a prison of your own creation.
No skin off my back, you 37yo pedo manchild.

For NOYGDB reasons mostly. Any legal reasons would equally apply to you, I believe.


"Well, as I said, you're reading it from my own perspective, including my own biases. There are parts I've left out for privacy reasons too."

What about the legal reasons, Sparky?

Wouldn't look good on your record I'd presume.

I had no idea that I was dealing with a trained scientist!

Vitalspark: Age 37-38
Prefers girls of the age of 13-18
Your min to max ratio is way off, grandpa


You're lucky you blocked me on Discord.

Also, I never blocked you. I just checked. I only have one account blocked on Discord. It's a bot that kept spamming me.

You're still 40 years old.

Also, not 40. I know you know my real age, so why pretend to forget?

Vital. It's so lovely that I literally don't have to do anything to watch you embarass yourself.
Well, except for call you a kid fucker ofc
But you're used to that I'd assume :twilightblush:

Please stop and think about your responses before you post them. You're talking shit at a trash compacter.

We're talking about the same person, right? You're saying this person is undesirable?
And you're right. Hair between the toes is gross.
Also, was that an attempt at poetry? Your rhyming is okay, but you need to consider rhythm.

Assuming you aren't mentally disabled, which we will in this instance
You're still 40 years old. Trying to get with people a quarter of your age.
That's basic fact. Can't be misconstrued. You can try to change who the insult is aimed at all you want, but this ones aaaall for you friendo pedo

Part cockroach, part mouldy tea bag.
And you know better than both of us that you love them young, fresh and green
With no hair in between, know what I mean?

Japan, though I'm ethnically very British.
That having been said, I wouldn't have thought you'd have a problem with people of mixed heritage. (Especially part Asian.)
And are you seriously claiming your girlfriend is mentally deficient and has the mental age of a 9 year old? She always seems much smarter than that to me.

Why were you born in China or some shit?
Why are you a mutt of a million different shitty cultures?
(Including Sydney, pfft)
Why do you have to resort to fucking girls a quarter of your mental age?
I mean, I don't really need you to answer the last one, the answers are pretty blatant if you look at you for more than 10 seconds or can pick up on mental deficits easily

I blocked you? I would unblock you if I could, but we'd need to be on the same server or something so I could right click your name.

PS: why do you use the American spelling?

You're lucky you blocked me on Discord. Otherwise I'd have a lot of your own proof to shit all over this den.
You're smart about that at least, maybe not regarding age of consent laws however. Would suck for your local po-po to find out about your life story.

Joking aside, it'd actually be hilarious to see you on To Catch A 37yo Predator
If a heart attack doesn't get you first smh
All that kiddy shit and heart palpitations can be dangerous for your health Sparky~

Oh hey. Long time no see. How have you been?

A poisonous mix of autism and pedophilia :heart:

>inb4 you delete this you gross, pathetic fuck

Congratulations on reaching 600 followers, bear boy! :heart:

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