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Angel Bunny and Opalescence, the real stars of the show, are fed up of being pushed to the sidelines in every episode. Having somehow disposed of the entire writing staff of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, they set about rectifying this in season 7.

These are the leaked episodes from their writing sessions.

Chapters (7)

After a long night of recording with Neon Lights, Vinyl Scratch comes home to find that there has been a break in. She rushes in to find Octavia sobbing on the floor, a broken cello grasped tightly in her hooves. What has happened to her beautiful marefriend, and is there any way for Vinyl to discover what hides within a room filled with tears, blood and broken pieces?

WARNING: Very suggestive and violent scenes.

Proofreader and collaborator by the wonderful VitalSpark (thankies! :rainbowkiss::heart:)
Cover made by: ACharmingPony on DeviantArt.

Chapters (1)

Note: Please see this blog if you are unaware on the second and third chapter.

Shortly after her birth, Princess Flurry Heart's life is threatened by an assassin. But when the assassin is stopped it is not a changeling, griffon, or somepony starting a rebellion. In fact it's somepony very familiar...

Set right after the events of The Crystalling.

Idea by Rated Ponystar

Special thanks to my co-author Vital Spark and my editor Angry Lass

FEATURED 7/8/16! AGAIN ON 7/22/16 AND 10/8/16!

Chapters (3)

Luke Skywalker crash lands on Equestria. Twilight Sparkle, Spike, and their friends help him repair his droid and his ship, but in the process he develops friendships with them. Will he return to the fight against the last remnants of the Empire, or will his new friendships, and his feelings towards the Princess of Friendship be enough to make him stay?

The first couple of thousand words of this story were a collaboration with Short Stories, but the rest is me. Proofread by Arian Blaze plus the people of the Crossover Skype Chat.

See if you can also spot references to Doctor Who, Star Trek, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and Back to the Future.

Chapters (1)

When Rainbow Dash opened the door to see Adagio Dazzle standing there, she could have never predicted the adventure, romance, and pain that would follow.

Slow romance between Rainbow Dash and Adagio Dazzle, set in the Equestria Girls universe, with elements of adventure, slice-of-life, sadness, and comedy. Expect new chapters on a monthly basis.

Collaboration between VitalSpark and loyaltyprincess. Traditional version of cover art by Munchiezxx, redrawn by loyaltyprincess.

Chapters (6)

Captain Levi of the Survey Corps, along with his comrades Eren Yeager and Sasha Blouse are transported to Equestria while exploring a potato farm.

But is Equestria ready for a pony with Eren’s unique ability? Does the land ruled by the royal sisters have enough potatoes to satisfy Sasha? And will Levi be able to restrain himself from kicking ponies in the face for long enough to learn a message of friendship?

Oh, and Jean is in it too.

Collab with the amazing VitalSpark as a birthday present for Winter Snowburst.:heart:

Also, fabulous art for this story here! Made by VitalSpark

Chapters (1)

After the events of Rainbow Rocks, it seems Sunset Shimmer has everything she wants in life, but even her closest friends don't notice that she's missing something she really needs.

Luckily, Vinyl Scratch, superstar DJ and amateur shipper extraordinaire realizes that Sunset needs a special someone in her life, and knows a Great and Powerful girl who would be just perfect for her.

Rated T for smouldering looks and heavily implied sex.
Collab written by me and the amazing VitalSpark. Edited by him too :twilightsmile:
With a little review by Lethally Insane!
Cover art by lumineko
Also, check the word count.

Chapters (1)

Your classic, everyday romance and adventure story with the best couple, musical numbers and plotline ever.
Applejack has always been the subject of bullying at her school, mainly because of her style of clothing and Southern accent. She found it hard to live with this most days, but when a poster appeared announcing needed members for a band, well, she thought she'd found her chance.
Of course, she felt moreso when she met the founder, Rainbow Dash.

Big thanks to all who helped with this story - editors, song writers, and, of course, the users who post supporting comments on every chapter.

Chapters (7)

Brought together under mysterious circumstances, thirteen guests find themselves trapped in a manor with no way out. Little do they realize that amongst their numbers lurks a killer with a lethal agenda. Could it be the ever-elusive Time Turner? Or the meek animal lover Fluttershy? Most importantly, can they find them out before they've all dropped dead?

Chapters (14)
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