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"Can I have your autograph?!"

My Waifu (plus ship)

This adorably sexy female fighter

Nailed it!

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Calling all Undertale fans for a game of CAH! (Actually active this time XD) · 12:47pm Mar 26th, 2016

Join if you feel like it! It's Undertale crazed!

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Favourite stories of mine

  • ABCD: Aria Blaze Can't Dance Aria Blaze tries to learn how to dance for one person only, then succeeds when dancing with that one person. by roseprincess 1,100 words · 1,118 views · 57 likes · 2 dislikes
  • STI: Sonata's Taco Invention A mishap with Sonata's new invention, and her and Sunset find themselves in a really dangerous (nah, hilarious) situation. by roseprincess 1,300 words · 864 views · 40 likes · 3 dislikes
  • Taming of the Siren Rainbow helps Aria one night, and many nights to follow by roseprincess 2,861 words · 824 views · 35 likes · 2 dislikes


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Where'd you go?:fluttershysad:


I just became a fan last March 15! :pinkiecrazy:

And the moment Yang walked into the club, I literally fainted. :trollestia: But now, she's all left. :pinkiecrazy:

And it's definitely Strawberry Sunrise. :ajsmug:

Since foreverrrrrrrrrrrr
XD Nah, I joined just before volume 3 finished


Since when were you a RWBY fan?!

Yes, Strawberry Sunrise, after the drink in the Yellow Trailer (Or the other way around, I'm honestly not sure XD )

a person or thing that makes something possible.
"the people who run these workshops are crime enablers"
a person who encourages or enables negative or self-destructive behaviour in another.

*shrugs* XD

Yang ish best
Go bumblebee :pinkiehappy:

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