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With only four weeks left till the end of year exams, Sonata has but no choice; she must improve her grades and pass her tests, or she'll be forced to redo the year. But despite her amazing memory, with her lack of focus, she won't have much of a chance. But thanks to Vice Principal Luna, she won't have to go at it alone.


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Cute, i like it Sunset x Sonata is very cute

Hmm...very OOC nasty Twilight that I'm not sure I like. :trixieshiftright: And I would've thought that after what happened in Friendship Games Sunset would've tried to make friends with her.
But I guess it's an AU story because the sirens are at the school so...?
But I do like the idea you have here, so I'll add it to my tracking list for now~

where did the art come from?

6848519 Derpibooru is a sight isn't?

6848642 it was done by jankrys00blr here is his tumblr http://jankrys00blr.tumblr.com/

This was a good start, but it could really use some line breaks or extra spaces between time transitions. Adagio's and Aria's epiphany and confession just came out of nowhere, and the pacing got way too fast near the end. I was also disappointed in the clichéd "everyone's a winner" ending of the contest.

“Huh? Why did you—” Sonata cut herself off, confused. She looked around, and could see loads of people either coloured weirdly, dressed weirdly, or simply blushing or yelling like crazy at someone.

This is the EqG universe, that pretty much describes everyone all the time.

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