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Everyone has secrets. Sometimes they tell people about them, sometimes they don't. Even after hundreds of years, there are still things Adagio hasn't told Sonata.

When Sonata finds a book full of Adagio's secrets, she just can't resist reading it.

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Wow, this story went from super cute to super eerie, and I loved it!!! The sisterhood between Adagio and Sonata was just so sweet and so real, and I really liked how at the end you tied it in with Equestria Girls at large and turned Adagio's joy into vengeance!!

“It was full of memories. You don't have anything else to remember our home by, so you put your memories into a book where you won't lose them. Memories are just thoughts, so you tried to make them real by turning them into words. I... felt sad that those words are all you have, so I made you this." Sonata looked down at the picture. "Please don't be mad at me," she added in a soft tone.

This part was especially feelsy :fluttercry:

This started out cute and playful, got touchy-feely, and then a little bit tragic if not for the little hints of what may happen following RR. I get the impression that losing whatever power they have left will be what breaks Adagio in front of the others, the apologetic feelings she tried to suppress for so long boiling over and showing themselves against her will, only to learn that Aria and Sonata don't loathe/resent her for their now-even-worse predicament, cuing group hugs!

Or something like that. Was that the implication? :rainbowhuh:

6195625 I am so glad you liked it! This was a lot of fun for me to write, so I'm thrilled to hear that somebody else enjoyed it.

6196114 Yes, that is almost exactly what I see happening in their future.

That was far sadder then I thought it would be. Good but sad.

This was quite good. I like reading fics with bonding between the sirens especially Adagio and Sonata.

There were books that were better written our there, but this one had always fascinated her with its outlandish characters, ranging from living disembodied skulls to fallen angels and armor possessed by the spirit of a justice-obsessed ghost.


Well written sweet little story, though I'm wondering why I can't see the number of likes and dislikes it has gotten. Can an author deactivate those or make them invisible for the public?

6301602 Fixed. Thank you for both the compliment and correction.

As for the likes and dislikes, according to this site blog post, stories with few votes (like this one) do not show those votes to the public, so that's probably why you don't see them.

I need to complete Planescape: Torment one of these days.

This was very well written. It's hard to make me care about Sonata.

I liked these lines;

Adagio was not a very fun person, and her room reflected that.

In stark contrast, Adagio’s writing, just as everything else she put any semblance of effort into, was flawless.

It was just at that border where 'late at night' transitioned into 'early morning,' taking all the worst qualities of both.

If only she stayed that way more often, they'd get along just fine.

A wall of books stood in front of her, each one eagerly awaiting the time when she would honor it with her attention.

“It was full of memories. You don't have anything else to remember our home by, so you put your memories into a book where you won't lose them. Memories are just thoughts, so you tried to make them real by turning them into words. I... felt sad that those words are all you have, so I made you this."

It was a rare expression for her, but that only made it all the more precious, a sight that Sonata could never duplicate in drawing no matter how hard she tried.

Adagio reigned in her briefly rampant emotions and locked them away in the darkest depths of her mind, where they could do no harm.


She had made very little process

She had made very little progress


She took a few moments to prepare herself mentally and physically, as what she was about to do next required a great deal of concentration.

She then struck the pillow with her forehead. Repeatedly.

Oh Sonata. :trollestia:

She admired her fish tank.

I hope she takes care of her fish better than Commander Shepard. :trollestia:

She lost a staring contest with a plush squid.

Oh Sonata. :rainbowlaugh:

But couldn't they at least coordinate their bouts of antisocial behavior so as not to overlap? Doing otherwise was terribly inconsiderate of them.

Priorities, Sonata got them straight. :trollestia:

I mean, unless she, like, measured and recorded exactly where she left it... Huh. That sounds like something she would do.

Oh Adagio. :trollestia:

She had made very little process, as the book seemed to be designed as a grueling test of the reader's vocabulary.

Oh Adagio. :trollestia:

but her mind filled with a furious rant cursing that infernal ball of fire for daring to think it had control over her sleep cycle.

Oh Adagio. :trollestia:


I need to complete Planescape: Torment one of these days.

You have no idea how happy I am that somebody understood that. I would highly recommend finishing it when you get a chance.

Anyway, glad you liked it. Thanks for the comment.


You have no idea how happy I am that somebody understood that. I would highly recommend finishing it when you get a chance.

It's strange. I've finished Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura over ten times, yet I've never gone beyond meeting Vhailor in Planescape: Torment. Maybe because that game is so deep it may as well be a quicksand.

Anyway, glad you liked it. Thanks for the comment.

You're welcome and thank you for making the effort to reply to my own comment. That happens less than it should in this supposed "land of love and tolerance."

6600220 Well, if you made it to Vhailor, you're getting pretty close to the end, and that's were a lot of the good stuff happens. Not to pressure you, but I think the ending is simply too good not to experience when you've gotten that close.

6606289 I'd have to start a new game anyway to remember and appreciate everything leading up to Vhailor, but I'll see if I can dig up Planescape: Torment.

I love love love the stories that delve into seeing the Sirens as sisters and this fic does it perfectly!

And what a range of emotions! First the bit with bored Sonata was really cute, then it got really sad with Adagio not being interested in what she made, then it got cute again! And then that last line got really sad. I wonder how this fics version of Adagio reacted after the Battle of the Bands?

Keep up the awesome work!

I thoroughly enjoyed this... Geez. If this were a contest, I'd have to surrender the title of Requiem to you. Like, in a heartbeat.
I like the fact that Sonata isn't the idiot that most people make her out to be, and that her thousands of years of living have made her an amazing artist. It's funny, I've often imagined her as a bit of an artist, or maybe a mechanic, and you've portrayed her quite well. Fantastic story! :twilightsmile:

7544368 Don't think of it as a contest. Our stories might have had the same name, but they handle such different topics that I don't think there's much point in comparing them directly.

It feels weird reading this again after so long. I pretty much can't not think of Sonata as being an artist ever since I read The Evening Sonata, but I also imagine that all three of the sirens would have picked up all kinds of hobbies if only to pass the time, and it's really hard to imagine Sonata being so old and still legitimately stupid.

Anyway, glad you liked it!

Well, that was more of a compliment saying that your story was far better than mine than actually saying they were to be compared. :twilightsheepish:
The Evening Sonata, huh? Hm... I gotta read that now~

7544391 Oh. Umm... :fluttershysad:

Wow, I sounded so much more unpleasant than I intended just then. I should probably shut up and go to sleep. Sorry for snapping at you like that, thanks for the compliment.

And yes, definitely read The Evening Sonata. Three Little Visitors is pretty good too.

:twilightsmile: You're fine. You didn't sound like you were snapping at me at all.
Aw... Don't shut up and go to sleep, that's no fun! :fluttershysad:

7544578 Oh. Okay then. :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:
This has been such a good day for me overall. Shame to end it early. Alright, I'll give it a few more hours.


(TFW you're over a year late to the party and you hope no one notices:)

Hey, a compliment's a compliment. I'll take them for as long as people are willing to give them.

Also, I just realized I'm not following you yet, which is simply absurd. Let me correct that really quick.

(!) It went from cute to sad to cute all over. I would say this is a 100X better then my unpublished story but that's a under statement. Like:heart:

7620481 Thanks! That's very kind of you to say, but make sure you're not selling yourself short. There's always room to improve and I'm quite sure your story is no exception.

But thank you very much for reading! :heart:

7620715 A)No problem. B) I tend to do that seeing as their are always better writers.

I like this! As one who has yet to watch EQG This was relatively spoiler free and peaked my interest in it even more! Reminds me of my sister and how she used to try and make me smile, I'm not a smiley guy you see. KEEP up the good work! Sonata is already a favorite and I have have yet to watch the show!

7668231 Thanks! I was sort of going for a little extra scene that fit in well enough with the movie that it felt like a natural addition. A teaser/preview kind of thing, I guess. I could honestly have probably made this one quite a bit better, and I make go back and polish it a bit sometime soon, but I'm very glad you enjoyed it! :heart: I'm personally more partial to Aria and Adagio than Sonata, but Sonata's the most fun to write in some ways. :pinkiecrazy:

Definitely watch EQG when you get a chance. The first one is honestly pretty forgettable, but the second one and onward are all pretty good. Rainbow Rocks in particular is, in my opinion, the best thing to come out of the franchise thus far. :twilightsmile:

My other stories are probably a bit more dependent on context, though, so I'm not sure I can really recommend them if you haven't seen Rainbow Rocks yet. :twilightoops:

Well you can bet I will watch them when I get the time and finish your stories!


I feel like this story was one that could’ve had a sequel, but didn’t really need it. It’s closure was like a cliff hanger with the author having to wonder what happens next.

Good job!

Thanks for reading and commenting!

Oddly, while I did intend for this to be standalone, and think it generally works if assumed to be that, I later decided that it fit the continuity I had in mind for later stories, so the next two of mine are both kinda sequels to this, just not direct enough continuations that I thought this one was required reading for them.

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