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Aria was supposed to be a tough punk, not having any sort of special feelings towards anybody, but Sonata seems to think differently. Aria rolls her eyes, but when Sonata invites him over for studying, the truth could reveal...

Sex is for dirty thoughts and sexual references

Featured on August 30th, 31st, and September 1st!

Art by Trainbang!

Audio Version by ScarlettBlade!

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Ha, this was great! I love the dynamics between the sisters. Great work! :pinkiehappy:

Wait.... The picture was a towel!
I thought it was a prom dress.....

hehehehe. I sure like this one. Alto sure didn't see that comin', and more Aria related stuff (for me, ANY siren related stuff) is a good thing! Also, i do have to agree- that is some awesome cover art, by the way.

7522920 Nope. That is indeed a wet, dripping Aria.

7522927 I know! The artist is awesome! He has another cover for another story on FimFic, don't remember the story, though. It's another Aria romance by someone else. Still, glad you enjoyed it!

This is really cute and adorable, Aria Blaze is now moved up to no. 4 on my top 20 cute mlp girls. :twilightsmile:

LOVE it so much! You did a amazing job if you ever need a story idea for Aria blaze I can hit you up with one because this Aria story was great and I can hook you up another Aria blaze story :heart: :pinkiehappy:

Is Alto a made up character?

Nice story. I found the dialog and narration to be really entertaining, especially the bickering. I would, however have liked to see at least a little bit more of Alto, if only to understand why Aria was so interested in him. That's really my only complaint, though. Pretty solid, entertaining read. Thanks for taking the time to write it!

I feel bad for Alto, the guy's got Aria crushing on him, and she could easily kill/hurt him in many ways; be it whilst getting it on or something else, something more natural like a hug or something... This is all assuming he doesn't like her back though, I couldn't really tell. :twilightblush:

Oh, that is glorious :rainbowlaugh::rainbowwild:

Will there be a sequel?

Well, that was a fun little read.
Way to reverse the situation. And Aria isn't even mad (anymore). That's a first :rainbowlaugh:

I have to say, that cover art is gorgeous

7524263 more than gorgeous, adoreabeautiful

7523960 I wish people, would stop using the 'other' tag instead of the 'oc'. It would make things a lot easier.

7524371 True... Question: if you're writing a 2nd person story... Do you use the Other tag or no tag at all?

7524520 hmmm...I think no tag at all because it's directed towards the reader. And because it's tagged second person, the reader should no, so no tag at all. :twilightsmile:

7524526 Ok, cool. What about 1st person?

7524529 if it's first person, then you need to use the character tag of whoever is speaking. If it's supposed to be the reader, OC tag would be the best.

7524194 Sonata at no. 3 cause who doesn't like her adorableness and loves eating tacos? :twilightsmile:

7524754 Okay, and the other 2?

Great story. I might have to get back and finish up with Aria's Challenge once again.

Nailed Aria's character, so here a like!

Well, not completely nailed -- I don't believe they would have stayed at CHS. That's just not Adagio or Aria. They wouldn't want to be anywhere near Sunset and her friends. Too much humiliation. CP would have made much more sense.

Also, where did you get this cover art? I must have it.

This is on the board

7524792 I found it on derpibooru. The link to the deviantartist is in the description, where you can find other awesome art. :twilightsmile:

7524797 Pfft. Really? Nah, mate, he's like this: i3.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/facebook/000/565/399/9c0.jpg

:rainbowlaugh: Great to know you enjoyed it!

7524791 You decide. I actually love that story. :twilightsmile:

7524781 Both Pinkie and Derpy tie at no. 2. Don't get me wrong though, both of them are lovable silly ponies like Pinkie enjoys making every pony smile and Derpy with her cute eyes that goes in different directions and likes eating muffins. Rainbow Dash will always be no. 1 on my list cause even though she's mostly tomboyish on the outside, she has a cheery lovable cute side on the inside.


Hey this is fun. Everyone felt normal and not that exaggerated..

Very Toradora!-esque. Well Tsundere wise, anyways, loved it.

Oh how happy and cheerful she was!

Enid Blyton or what? Not that that's a bad thing.

Dude, i love this little story here, props man, and kudos. :pinkiehappy:

Nice, sultry but not graphic, just suggestive which in my mind is hotter.

Id like to know if these two get a round 2 in the future

Pretty good! Sequel? :rainbowkiss: maybe a tier higher on the age rating? :trollestia:

This is really good, this definitely calls for a sequel

Their lips separated apart

As opposed to separating together.

For the fic AND cover art.

I've noticed a lot of people making Aria blaze stories...AND I LOVE IT!! I'm NOT ALONE!! This was Awesome Generation!

Awww. How sweet.

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