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New Animation · 4:40pm Sep 12th, 2015

So this is another project I made for my 2D animation course. What I did was use the dialog from the movie the Anchorman and basically animated myself saying the lines. I'm currently working on making my own website to serve as my resume and a place to upload my own original content other than just YouTube. Its just a blog site from Wordpress.com for now but I plan on getting my own domain name.

My blog site

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1445674 And if you need any more ideas, call me via private message. :raritywink:

1445598 I'll think about it, but if I do it, it will take time.

1445517 Well, anything can happen. You saw the look on Sunset's face in the beginning.

Anyway, give it a shot.

1445299 So are asking me write this story? cause I like the mystery angle and I think I can write a story involving Sunset and Flash reconciling their differences:derpytongue2:. But I don't know if I can make it a ship fic cause I don't think Flash is over Twilight.:twilightblush:

1445232 At the hospital, much to the girls' relief, they hear that Flash will make a recovery. He's lucky that bullet missed his heart by mere centimeters (There are examples of near-fatal gunshot wounds that you could choose from this link. Sunset wants to see him... alone. The other girls can see why.

Throughout the story, there will be questions like "Who could've done this?" or "Why shoot Flash?" Sunset thinks she may know the answer to both of these questions, for there's only one girl in C.H.S. who hates her so much.

You see where I'm going with this?

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