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New Animation · 4:40pm Sep 12th, 2015

So this is another project I made for my 2D animation course. What I did was use the dialog from the movie the Anchorman and basically animated myself saying the lines. I'm currently working on making my own website to serve as my resume and a place to upload my own original content other than just YouTube. Its just a blog site from Wordpress.com for now but I plan on getting my own domain name.

My blog site

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My First Animation Upload · 2:28am Jul 29th, 2015

I know I haven't been active on the site for awhile, I have written a few chapters of "My Little Decepticon" and a few other ideas in what ever free time I have but I've been really busy with work and school. Good news is that in a month I'll get my certificate for 2D animation. Anyways part of my final assignment for my Web Animation class is to upload my final project online. This is the first animation that I'm uploading online the audio isn't the best but I like to think that this is one of

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My Weekend at Nightmare Nights 2014 · 12:13am Nov 3rd, 2014

So I went to this year's Nightmare Nights and I know it's a little late to write this since it was last weekend but now I have the time to do it.

Day 1

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Going to Nightmare Nights · 3:34am Oct 22nd, 2014

This weekend I'll be at this year's Nightmare Nights, I was their last year which was the first one. I wish I could stay at a room but I figure I'll save more money driving there since I live just over a half hour from the convention. Last year I got M A Larson's and Andrea Libman's autographs. Since Tabitha St. Germain will be there I'll defiantly try to get hers then I'll be half way towards getting the whole Mane Six cast's autographs. I will be in costume again this year but since I don't

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Second entry Cover issue MLP:FF 4 · 7:19pm Jan 23rd, 2014

By now some of you may have seen the fourth issue cover of My Little Pony: Friends Forever, if not here it is.

So far a lot of people have this crazy idea that this cover implies something incestuous is going on. It is because of this that I feel that I have to say something about this and that is-

Seriously?... I mean seriously?

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New Year, New Start · 7:32pm Jan 21st, 2014

So, I'm sure you all noticed the name change and if you've been followed me from the beginning than you know that this will be the third time I changed my user name. When I first created my profile I went with the user name The Chronicler, yes I know in retrospect it was kind of lame and it sounded like I had an ego. But the truth was I really couldn't think of a better name. Then around June of last year I changed my name to KaijuBrony, the reason was that I started watching a

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