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This story is a sequel to The Prodigal Student

Ever since her recovery from her defeat at the Fall Formal Sunset Shimmer has tried to make amends to all the people she had wronged. But not everyone at Canterlot High is as forgiving and for some an apology won't be good enough. Now that she is confronted with her past, how far will Sunset Shimmer go to put it behind her?

This is a sequel to The Prodigal Student. (You'll need to read that first to get some of what's going on here)

I want to thank Shadow Bolt for helping me with this story.
I got the background for this cover from FavoriteArtMan

(This story used to be called From Sunset to Sunrise but I changed the title to something a little less cheesy)

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Nice Godzilla 2014 reference :ajsmug:

5069508 Thanks it was something I threw in there in the last minute.

5070141 Also...Fluttershy...didn't know she was psychotic, always thought that was Pinkie's thing. :pinkiecrazy:

5070228 Originally it was Pinkie Pie who said that but my friend convinced me that it would be more disturbing if Fluttershy did instead. He's also the one who gave me the Godzilla reference.:twilightsheepish:

Seems like I wasn't the only one who had this idea for a story. Rainbow Rocks caused a lot of fans to pull a complete 180 on Sunset.

It could use a little editing. Meanwhile, this story's so cool! :rainbowkiss:

I can imagine that Mystic Rose is bit like Starscream:

One might say that Sunset has become a bit like Batman in terms of fighting. :raritywink:

5094239 Thanks, that is an interesting comparison. Although I always compared Starscream with Sunset Shimmer but you can say Mystic Glow was corrupted by her so in a way the student became the master.

5096455 I've also compared Sunset with Starscream and they have many similarities. The key differences are:
1. Sunset's neither a murderer like Starscream nor does she have his treacherous streak.
2. Starscream's a coward, a bigger megalomaniac, a suck-up, and a bigger liar, as seen here:

3. Starscream never seems to learn from his mistakes in most versions, but Sunset does.

Need I go on? :raritywink:

5098497 Well, I would say that with your third point the closest match would be Starscream from Transformers Armada before the battle against Unicron.


we could say that Sunset was a diet version of Starscream.

5107113 Fair enough, my friend.

I've read three of your stories, now.

In all of them, the ideas were neat. The pacing is actually okay, and the characterization is decent.

The grammar, however, is usually below average on average, and at times, it's quite bad. It's weird, though, because sometimes you'll do something correctly, only to do it incorrectly a couple sentences later. I strongly recommend grabbing an editor so you have an extra pair of eyes to catch mistakes like that.

hey! never told us about that it was blackmail Mystic Glow

5751721 I couldn't think anything so I figured why not leave it to your imagination?:scootangel:

I read this story some time ago but forgot it's name and couldn't find it again until today. I really need to remember it this time; street fighter Sunset Shimmer is a badass.

Very impressive story. I just have one question though. Detention for the rest of the school year? Wow. At least she wasn't expelled.

"Beat her within an inch of her life," she whispered in a dark disturbing tone.

It's always the quiet ones you have to watch out for in more ways than one I guess

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