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The Infiniverse is the universe where the Dimension Crossers (I.E. Infinity/Sword) are set into. I will have two or more folders for Fan works of this universe, allowing your own Crosser to be added, and the other for Main works that contribute to the story. This will be the home to The Crown and The Sword and possible future works of the Infiniverse. Have fun and post safely!

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335299 sometimes, i really wish fimfictiom would let us know when new people are around in groups and what not. Anyway, your ideas do soumd interest so hit me up. Im willing to see some of them.

Hey I have some ideas for people coming into Equestria, although most of them are essentially crossovers involving rampant magic or some other such thing but if that sounds interesting let me know and I'll post a link with links to all my ideas.

317675 That's why they live in a hall in the middle of the space between spaces.

317672 Oh yes.:twilightsmile: The best thing to do is to imagine that because time and space are infinite, somewhere out there in the distant past, future and/or space, all fandoms are possible.
So, for instance, in that galaxy so long ago and so far away, Young Skywalker takes wrong turn in his X wing and ends up around an unmapped planet, where an odd energy emanating between itself and the star it circles drive him to the curiosity of landing. There he arrives on a landmass where a group of wide-eyed, colourful quadrupeds greet him.
While taking stock of his grand new adventures in Equestria, Superman might drop by on his way to the destruction site of Crypton, or Loki could stopover for a chill-out session with Discord.
It could happen!:trollestia:
Of course, dimension-crossers come in where the size of time and space is too great to travel easily.:moustache:

Depends, 317373, do you think you can create such a story where fandoms collide? I don't think I could. :derpytongue2:

By Infiniverse, are you in fact referring to the fandom universe where any and all crossovers are possible at once? That is my favorite one!:pinkiehappy:

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