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If I was a pony, I'd be Rarity, darling! (okay, and maybe a little Fluttershy) ^.^ Just a British girl who passes the time by writing (and reading!) pony-centric fiction

Favorite Ponies

Favorite Mane Six can't choose between these two :3

Favorite Princess

Favorite CMC

Favorite Background Pony

Favorite Non-Pony

Ok let's face it: everypony is best pony <3

Random Favorite Ships

(for anyone who's scrolled down to the bottom of my user page) :trollestia:
1. Fluttercord

2. RarityPants

3. Sunset x Adagio

4. Flutterdash

5. Nightmare Rarity x Fluttershy (why not)

6. Or even Nightmare Fluttershy x Rarity?

If anyone knows a good fic of that let me know :')
7. Sunata

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2364475 Well, glad to see you are back!


I don't know if any of you guys still remember me, or even if you are still active, because I haven't been on this site for nearly two years :fluttercry: but I wanted to let you know that I'm okay. When I stopped coming online back then, I'd kind of just lost hope in everything. I didn't think I was going to carry on and I didn't want to carry on, but something kept me going. After a while things started to get better :pinkiesmile: but by the time I was starting to feel like myself again, I couldn't remember my fimfic password any more, or even which email address I signed up with :ajsleepy: for a long time I've wanted to come back on here.

Today I decided I'd try again, although my email address I used for this account stopped working. I had to keep guessing for ages but eventually I managed to guess the right password! :yay: I just wanted to let you guys know, things got so so much better for me and I really really appreciate all the support you guys gave me during the most difficult and lonely time of my life. I'm really sorry I never came back online and really grateful for your help you gave me :pinkiesmile: :heart:

...honey? you still there?

Hey, Are you ok? A lot of people are worried about you.

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