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I love fluttercord way too much.


A collection of Fluttercord oneshots, all sharing a certain hair clip in common! Was originally a oneshot only, but due to request is now a collection. Just full of fluffy moments between Fluttershy and Discord, and friendshipping shan't be forgotten.

Cover by spazzymousegirl on deviantart.

Chapter Descriptions*

Nuzzle: On their way to a picnic after the Tirek escapade, Discord gives Fluttershy a gift, and in return receives affection in a puzzling way he can't describe. With the help of his friends, can he figure out what happened?

Cuddle: Fluttershy is sick, so Discord decides to take care of her. He'll get her back to health...and keep her warm.

Fly: After helping an injured bear and her cub, Fluttershy must make her way back home in the middle of a storm. Her wings too weak for the winds, she gets hurt. Who will save her? And why, oh why was she born a Pegasus if she cannot even fly? Only love can save her now.

Confess: As all of the gang enjoy each other's company after helping Applejack out at the farm, a misunderstanding happens between Discord and Fluttershy when they are caught holding tails while having a snack with their friends. They have a fight, and Discord leaves them all with a broken heart. Can Fluttershy and Discord work things out? All they have to do is fess up.

Date: After a week apart, Discord asks Fluttershy, his friend-turned-marefriend, to help him 'decorate his room'. But is that really what he's up to? Could it be...a date? But why would he lie?

Celebrate:It's been a year since Tirek's defeat. Dreams bother Discord yet again, and Fluttershy is acting suspicious around him. It becomes clear to him that she's keeping a few secrets from him, and he needs to figure out why.

*Celestia and Cadence also makes an appearance, but it won't let me add them to the character list. T_T

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Daww, this is so cute!

AW! That was sweet!

Now, the only main error was that when Discord has many paragraphs in his speech, you need to put quotation marks at the beginning of each paragraph to show that it's still part of the speech. I was confused for a moment when the narrative was suddenly first-person.

Not bad. Just the monologing was a bit much. A few actions to break up the words to use facial expressions of body motions to show Discord's emotions or emphasis on words.

This......... is........
WHAT THEY SHOULD HAVE PUT AS AN EPILOGUE FOR THE TWO-PART SEASON FINALE!!!!!!!!! :raritycry::raritycry::raritycry::raritycry::raritycry::raritycry::raritycry::raritycry::raritycry:
WHY NOT HASBRO, WHY-HY-HY NO-O-O-OT?!!!!! :raritydespair::raritydespair::raritydespair:

:fluttershbad: HNNG! Oh my feels!

You owe me a new pancreas.

I demand more of this nuzzle!! More stories please!

soooooooooooooo adoooooooooooooooooooooorable :heart::heart::heart:

4455971 Aww, thanks! That was the aim, of course, so I'm so glad you think so! :pinkiesmile:

4455609 Haha, I'll see what I can do! I'm glad I've gotten such positive reception! I think I'm okay with how this site works now, though I suppose I should just write the story on the site rather than on a word doc? That's what I used to do on fanfiction, but I couldn't figure out how to upload it properly, so I had to copy and paste it and reformat it. So, yeah, I have a few other ideas in mind...

4455325 Is there a number I call or a site I go to so I can buy you one? I'm sorry for any med problems this story has called you, but it's nice to see it has at least an effect on its readers, lol! :rainbowlaugh:

4454411 Yes, I was a bit nervous about all the speech. But I really loved writing Discord's dialogue, so I guess I got carried away. I'll definitely remember your advice for next time!! Thanks! :twilightsmile:

4454166 Thanks! You're my first reviewer on this site, so I thank you even more for that! :heart::rainbowkiss::pinkiehappy:

4454265 *le gasp* YAY, you read this!!! Oh, I'm so glad. I can't remember if I reviewed Bride of Discord but it kept me up all night, it was so amazing. :3 You work so hard on your stuff and I totally respect you. Even the audio books! Man!

Thank you for the positive review and constructive criticism.
The thing is, while I'm not a grammar nut, I try to write as if it were being published, and there are so many grammar rules that sometimes I get things wrong. I'm not sure how I did, but with Discord's speech I tried following a rule explained by this link: http://english.stackexchange.com/questions/96608/why-does-the-multi-paragraph-quotation-rule-exist ...

However, I realize this doesn’t excuse the fact that readers got confused, so I’ll be sure to break it up more and add quotation marks for the next time so everyone can enjoy it more. Thank you so much!

4456173 will you continue??
that would be AMAZING

This fanfic is truly adorable! :yay: :heart:
I really enjoyed it!

4456196 don't worry, silly-filly! I am always looking for cute little fics like these. Hey, but wanna know what would get a lot of good feedback? If you did something like this, only it was Button Mash x Sweetie Belle, or as I call it ButtonBelle.

4456475 Well, writing fanfics can help keep my writing going so that maybe I can actually write something one day, so mayhaps if I come up with an idea I can flesh out enough, I don't see why not...

Thank you for your support though! You're so sweet. :pinkiesmile:

Thank you! I wanted to contribute to the Fluttercord library, if you will. :twilightblush:

Do you want to write a fic about those two? ButtonBelle sounds cute. Is Button Smash an OC? Am I commenting too much on my story comment page...? I'm taking up a lot of space. :applejackunsure:

4456553 well, it's Button Mash, and he is no OC. He is a backround pony in the song of Hearts And Hooves Day. However, the fan personality takes him into a whole new level of a great char. Look him up in Button's Adventures, an animation by JanAnimations. Oh, and I love authors who chat with their reviewers, so keep it going.


Fluttershy and Discord now may be the first ship I ever support thanks to this story. This is a fine piece of writing.

:twilightblush: Well, thank you! I'm so flattered! I did my best on it, so I'm really glad you think so!!

SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!

Thank you! That was the goal. :yay: I like the thought of their tails intertwining, so I had to do that especially.




Thank you
Thank you

Thank you!!!

Another! Another! Another! Another! Pleassssse ^_^

So this is love, hmm-m-m-m
So this loooooooove :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

I can't wait for more of these keep it up!!! :yay::yay::yay:



You are a Fluttercord Master Writer! :yay:
So happy that you're writing more~

Haha, sure! I'll be busy for a while, but I'll certainly do my best to update sometime soon! It's good to be writing fanfiction again...:twilightsmile:


:heart: This is looooove! :heart:

I'll update whenever I can! Thanks for the support! :raritywink:

The reviews were so sweet and supportive that I couldn't say no, so yeah, I wrote more! And it's fun, and it'll get fluffier! Thanks! ^_^ Hee hee, you all are so sweet. :twilightblush::yay:

If I could give another thumbs up I would, too bad I can't... :applecry:

D'aaaaaaaaaaaaw. This is great.

What you do really well is the dialogue. It really sounds like the characters most of the times. Your narrative is a little less polished and somewhat generic and a little cliche in the whole "constant "what am I feeling now and why". And even though it makes sense, a bit more subtlety in that would be nice. Also, the all-knowing, slightly too active narrator gets a little intrusive at times.

You really shine at the points when you use repetition for comedic effect. Like the nuzzling, the repeated "rub rub rub" is just adorable and hilarious and so are the bits where Discord completely fails to pay attention to his surroundings 'cause he is caught up in wondering about Shy's actions.

Two specifics:

“YOU gave FLUTTERSHY a present?” Rainbow Dash nearly couldn’t believe it." In the rest of the chapter, ALL-CAPS signifies yelling. But that looks really unnatural here, so I suggest using italics, like "You gave Fluttershy a present?" That way, the italics signify the extra emphasis, but it doesn't look like Dash is so loud that Shy ought to hear it.

Second: "(A/N Remember, Spike is included here, in case you’re confused—Fluttershy is with the animals)" NO! No author's notes in the narrative! EVER! That is bad writing and beneath you, you write too well to make such a mistake. If you are afraid the reader will get confused about what you mean, then you need to rewrite it, not stop the narrative to talk directly to the reader like that.

Now, time to look at the next chapter.

Ach, my teeth, they hurt. This is so sweet.

Liked the other chapter better, it was less cliched, but this was great fun still, I was smiling at the adorableness of it all the way through, so I can't complain.

Now, time for Discord to realize he has no clue what to do.

Happy writing.

:rainbowkiss: omg amazing.

I'll go ahead and respond to both here, mkay?
Chapter 1: I'm glad you enjoy my dialogue, because it's my favorite part in writing fiction. Especially Discord--he's just so fun with is vernacular (I think I used that word correctly).
Ah, and yes, the capital letters. I was nervous about using so much italics--I was afraid perhaps I overdid it then as well, so I tried mixing it up a bit. I'll try to keep it in mind.
As for the author's note, it's a habit I used when I had an account on fanfiction. It's a method used a lot on there, so I didn't think much of it. I guess I will now! XD But I realize I needed to be clearer, so I'll try to do that. I just get excited about posting it and don't consider everything. I'll have to remember your reviews so I can remember to do so.
Chapter 2: Heh, I did use a lot of cliche, didn't I? I was having fun with the fluff that I didn't really try to make it unique. I'll have to consider that for next chapter.
Thanks for the great feedback!!!

I now have diabetes :yay: thank you.

These are adorable! Your an excellent writer and story teller, I kept reading Nuzzle over and over and freaked out when I saw it had been updated! Was definitely not disappointed with this new chapter. :twilightsmile:


Wow, that was a lot more positive than I expected from any response starting with "m'kay". Glad you take the criticism graciously. Another thing that speaks in your favor.

I am, of course, not the definite judge of what is correct and not, but I have never seen an authors note in a proper, professional work. And while I will accept a lot in fanfic that will never make it to printed page, I will try nudge people towards cleaner, more understandable and simply better work and jumping out of even the "role" as narrator to clarify is simply not something you can defend. For me at least, it completely ruins pacing and immersion. And if nothing else, I try to help people be consistent within their own work and if caps is used once for shouting, then every other use of caps, unless it is in an in universe sign or poster, will be read as shouting.

And here I go, ranting again. You're doing fine, you keep writing, I keep nagging and then we'll go somewhere fantastic and terrific together.

Happy writing.

this is lovely and I want more.

Haha, no need to apologize for the ranting! I do the same. And of course I would never lash out or offend anyone who is honestly trying to help me and being considerate towards me, something you definitely did for me. You took the time to thoughtfully help me and explain what I could do to make the writing better, while also telling me what you enjoyed so I would know that I have both strong and weak points. And I see what you mean with the "mkay." That can sound negative at times. But yes, I take your helpful advice with a willing and appreciative attitude. You're especially right with the author's notes; they do not appear in public works and should not be used. I'll have to divorce with author's notes, haha. But yeah, thank you very very much. I truly do appreciate it. I'm sure we'll get to that beautiful place together. :twilightsmile:

Aw, you kept rereading it? Thank you! And it was hard for me not to update it, since some readers asked for it so nicely with such kind comments! I had to thank you all somehow, and I will update again, I promise. I don't know when, but I will! :moustache:

More is coming! I just started the next one.


It's true they do the author's note thing a lot on fanfiction, but that's because most of them are approximately 13 years old and don't know much about writing. :-) I would have noted that mistake if someone hadn't gotten to it first; it's really distracting, so I'm glad you're going to take it out.

Author's notes can go above or below a story, but not inside.

Story is adorable, by the way.

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