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I'm a Sonic fan (obviously) who is also a fan of this show. ...not much else to say.


As Twilight sets up for tonight's sleepover, Pinkie brought over exactly twenty-eight cookies for everypony at the sleepover. Pinkie claimed that the seven of them (including Spike) should have thirteen cookies each as an even amount. Pinkie’s logic doesn’t make any sense to Twilight and wants Pinkie to prove it to her if seven times thirteen really does equal to twenty-eight.

Inspired by Abbott and Costello’s 7 x 13 = 28 routine!

Pinkie Pie Grin vector by: KIOWA213

Edit: I know that 7x13 does not equal to 28! This is all in good fun comedy and it doesn't have to be taken so seriously. If you are sensitive with mathematics, then don't read it!

Update 11/16 - 11/20/14: In the popular list! Thanks guys!

Update 6/6/15: Now with a reading by: Astro-Brony

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Twilight would be able to clearly see that Pinkie was doing the maths wrong. Yes I know it's comedy but it doesn't make any sense!:raritydespair:
Great story though 7*13/28 would multiply again

Next, Pinkie must prove that 9 + 10 = 21. :pinkiecrazy:

I have to admit that I was hoping Celestia would show up for some reason and tell Twilight that Pinkie was correct.

Loved it and very funny.:rainbowlaugh:

5275420 Oops! :twilightblush:

Thank you for pointing that out! It's fixed! :twilightsmile:

Not sure what would happen once everyone arrived at the party and tried to get their 13 cookies. Realistically, there would only be 4 for everyone and Pinkie would realize she was wrong and would apologize to Twilight. Then again, it's Pinkie, so reality might bend to let everyone have 13 cookies.


Your classical source of Comedy inspiration alone earns a Like from me. But you followed through from your inspiration quite well too. Well done. :pinkiesmile:

Love the Skit and this was a great rendition of it. Thanks for your skill.

Now are you going to do who's on first with Pinkie and Rainbow?

BS degree indeed.:facehoof:

I shall not deny Pinkie's logic. Denial will simply turn me into a Rapidash.
Great story, and it was overall funny as well.

5275471 I'm glad you liked my story! :pinkiehappy:

5275540 Good point. They could've solve this whole thing from the beginning by counting the cookies. Then again, with Pinkie involved, all logic is thrown out the window. :rainbowlaugh:

5275750 Thank you so much for your kind words and I'm glad that you enjoyed my story! :pinkiehappy:

5275779 Mayyyyyybe? :raritywink:

5275822 Thanks! Glad that you liked it! :twilightsmile:

Yeah, she got a BullShit degree.

Considering I'm a logical person in general, you nearly forced me to shove a knife through my ear at what you've written.

But I can't deny that this was an expert idea, though there were quite a few mistakes.

10 stars, mate.

E: Okay, I watched the video... you've done one friggin awesome job despite the brain twist you've delivered.

well my mind is officially blown :pinkiegasp: Why did no one tell me you could multiply by ten any time you added something!

7*13 is 29, in base 41. (or you could call it base o+A, which is what 41 is, in base 41, using the base 64 numerals)

other notable 'facts' using this math are:
3 * 14=15 and 15/3 = 14
3 * 27=27 and 27/3 = 27
4 * 18=36 and 36/4 =18
5 * 12=15 and 15/5 = 12
6 * 12=18 and 18/6 = 12

“Seven will not go into two!” Pinkie explained.
Obliviously!” muttered Twilight.

I think you meant Obviously

I have no Idea what this is about but 7 x 13 = 28... Hmm. Maybe if you changed the equation to 7(1+3). Fixed! Hehe.

Well I just finished this and I conclude that :facehoof: X :pinkiehappy: = :trollestia:

Also, they are both idiots. Twilight more so for not calling Pinkie out on her obvious mistakes in logic as she makes them.

oh pinkie:rainbowkiss:
nice story, but one little mistake:

Don’t worry, the cookies was soft!

were, not was

I don't even have to read this story to give it a thumbs-up. Abbott and 'Coltstello' indeed.
I'll read it anyway, of course.

Maybe Twilight should have just taken all the cookies and demanded Pinkie to try to split them into 7 equal groups and see if she could get 13 cookies each.

Or better yet, hand out the cookies now and see how many everyone gets.

5276021 Uh, thanks? :rainbowhuh:

5276471 Thank you for pointing that out! It's fixed! :twilightsmile:

5276783 I'm glad you liked my story and thank you for pointing that out. It's already fixed! :twilightsmile:

5276869 Thank you for the like! :twilightsmile:

So, was this inspired by Abbot and Costello, as 5275753 thought, or was it inspired by Ma & Pa Kettle? Or both?

Edit: Nevermind! I commented before I read the description... :twilightblush:

5276909 I get the sense that Pinkie would have inexplicably given everypony (and Spike) 13 cookies anyway :pinkiehappy:

Im sorry to burst your bubble pinkie
but the 1s stand for 10 not one
since its the number before the ones place
you need to count those as ten so

I think that Twilight would be able to spot Pinkie's poor mathematical practices and correct her, but that really doesn't take away from it too much.

Sorry, but this wasn't any good. It's comedy, but it's out of character comedy.

5277617 Logic is the guy who shows up to parties, acts like he's cool, and refuses to let anyone have fun unless there is concrete reasoning.
Not trying to insult you, just wanted to put that out there.


As a Physics Major, this was physically painful for me to read.:fluttercry: Why do I do this to myself?:raritydespair:

Why do you do this to me?!:flutterrage:

5278599 Don't fret. I know that's not how math works. This was all just comedy based on Abbott and Costello. This story doesn't have to be taken so seriously.

Logic is also the guy who saves your bacon by thinking things through the first time around, even if the solution isn't fun.
Pinkie's the one who spends all the survival rations on the first night because she wanted to throw a party to cheer everyone up.
There's a reason we feel the urge to correct horribly incorrect math like this. You don't want Pinkie to be the one in charge of how many parachutes to bring, if she actually counts like this. If she can't be trusted with even basic stuff, no one will ever want to go skydiving with her, for fear of her incompetence getting them killed. Wanting to teach her logic, means wanting to be able to trust her.

Funny story though.

Comment posted by zel deleted Nov 17th, 2014

5278424 Don't poke holes, just enjoy the ride! :flutterrage:
5277617 It's Pinkie. Your logic is invalid. :ajsmug:
5278599 I feel your pain, until Pinkie gets in the equation, then I know nothing!

5278869 See? Logic is the one that tells were all going to starve to death, or that were falling to our deaths.
Plus, who would let Pinkie Pack? I would put Applejack in charge of that.

Comment posted by ShagDragon deleted Nov 17th, 2014

Love that video. Also love the "Who's on first, What's on second, I don't know's on third." Gets me every time. XD

Silly Twilight, you just had to make an example of the cookies!

Eeh...not really my thing. "Clever riddles" that take advantage of silly mistakes or loopholes are just...annoying. Like What 11-letter word do 98% of Harvard graduates pronounce incorrectly? The word "incorrectly"! Even more annoying when the person acts smug, like "I just totally blew your mind, didn't I?".

With her tail, she pulled out her degree from her mane, which was covered with small patches of frosting stains and pink hair. The degree itself is actually a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Rockvile University with a legit seal and a signature, assuming from the Dean

The reason Pinkie won this battle. She's a freaking Psychology grad! My brother gave me an interesting piece of advice some time back. A psychotic Psychologist could easily become a top grade super villain simply by doing what he's paid to do.

Pinkie was about to leap into the air and start to celebrate, but Twilight interrupted her. “However, if you can’t prove it, then you’ll have to give me a free milkshake from Sugar Cube Corner every single day for the entire week! Do we have a deal?”

So was Twilight planning on getting a milkshake everyday?

Brilliant! This was one of the best one-shots I found on here! Do another one for the Who's on First comedy sketch!

she should have just gone with it - kept her from being seen as an idiot and meant that there were more cookies to go around

Bull spit degree?

Comment posted by MasterNotWriter6626 deleted Nov 17th, 2014

5277838 Or just make Pinkie take all 28 cookies and put 13 in 7 heaps.

She tried to cook a few times before, but… let’s just say her food came out worse than Sweetie Belle’s burned toast.


This was great, but it would be even better if had been this, since the math actually checks out:

Cookies for Deserts by Pinkie Pie,

*Desserts (Unless you want to throw the cookies in a desert which would just be weird. Oh well. It's Pinkie.)

Twilight’s placed the bag of cookies down


It was so cute they way they nibbled~.”


“You did?” asked Twilight, impressed that Pinkie already planed it in advance.

*planned (Besides, switch "Twilight" and "asked".)

“Yes that’s sounds about- wait, what?”


Twilight’s eyes blinked and then titled her head on the side with a confused look on her face.

No need to mention the eyes. The correct sentence would be "Twilight blinked and then titled her head to the side with a confused look on her face." (Or something like that. Unless of course her eyes are a separate person.)

As Twilight stared at Pinkie with her stunned look on her face, she did her own calculations in her head. Even after she figured out her own math, Pinkie’s answer still doesn’t make any sense to her.

You're switching from past to present tense there. The correct word would be "didn't".

“Okay Twilight, It’s a deal…

You do NOT start with a capital after a comma. Besides "it's" is a contraction. The correct word is "its".

“Okay, Then I’m going to divide.”

*then (No capitals after commas.(Unless it's a name of course.))

next to the number one on it’s left side at the bottom of the equation.


Twilight ran up to the chalkboard until her face was close to board and looked it over for any mistakes.

Word missing.

When she’s finished, Pinkie gave Twilight her most innocent smile.


5281189 Thank you SO MUCH for pointing out my mistakes!

They're all fixed! :twilightsmile:

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