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I am the Knackerman. Most of my writing deals with horror, suspense, and tragedy. And yes, there will be gore.


Nightmare · 1:54am April 29th

Had a weird dream where Candy Mare was meticulously making these caramel fudge cookies, just drizzling layer after layer of caramel and fudge and for some reason it was low key the most sinister thing in the world. Like, it went beyond merely foreboding and was outright harrowing. There were these solid black things crowded around her just giggling away as she made these baleful no-bake cookies.

Nothing else was going on, but it was just absolutely menacing.

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The Broken series is inherently chaotic and can be read in any order, however the best order to read them in is the order in which they were written:


Love and Life are both part of an aborted reboot trilogy that WAS going to tie back into the original series with the final chapter being Broken Death, but ended up being abandoned because of developments in the show. Broken Love is still a pretty good one off story, but Life is not and will never be completed.

I just found the Broken series, but what order is it supposed to be in? Obviously, Kindness isn't the first, from the way it ends, and there's a definitive last one, but they aren't laid out in a series with sequels.

I don’t really see where rewriting the story with anthros would be a significant enough change to justify a whole new story, but by that same token I don’t really see the harm as long as you give due credit as you’ve said you intend to do.

So I guess that would be fine. Glad you enjoyed my writing. :pinkiesmile:

- As an aside, if anyone reads this in the future and wishes to make a similar request, I would prefer if such questions were posed through IM or other private messaging rather than posted on my user page. Thanks.

Hey, Knackerman.

I'm a big fan of your Something Sweet to Bite stories.

I was just wondering.... If it was okay with you... That I can do an anthro rewrite of your story?

I promise to give you the credit you deserve and that I own nothing that is rightfully yours.

Cross my heart and hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye.

Hi Knackerman,

How you doing? Hi I Just wanted to tell you that your story something sweet to bite really scared me. In fact i was scared of it for 3 days no joke by the way. And everytime i look at the candy mare I get scared of it. But I make parodies of my fears and other stuff and i try to make it funny. I am a funny guy after all so I put the candy mare in my gmod show where she gets beat up and she doesn't die because I might use her in a Christmas episode. Anyways I just wanted to say that your story is excellently terrifying Thanks for writing it I like it a lot too but uh don't tell anyone but I’m still kind of scared of the candy mare.

Also thanks for inspiring me to make parodies of my fears that sound’s weird but whatever.

Thanks again from, mariomario4156 aka Jud

Also if you can reply to me comment that would be nice but if you don't want to that's fine by me. :D

  • Viewing 237 - 241 of 241
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