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I am the Knackerman. Most of my writing deals with horror, suspense, and tragedy. And yes, there will be gore.


The Most Horrible Fanfic EVER! · 7:23pm November 3rd

It’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these denouements for one of my stories. I don’t believe I did one for Candy Mare Goes to Hell, in the end, as that story was pretty self explanatory and most of its influences and references were pretty plain and easy to identify. (For those that may have skipped that story, it was influenced of course by Jason Goes to Hell, DOOM, Dante’s Inferno, Hellraiser, Sandman, Bastard!!, and Berserk.) Also Candy Mare Goes To Hell was kind of a goof off story, at

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It’s less of a virus and more of a magic curse, so really the only limits of the candy curse seems to be that the victims bodies have to become some sort of sweet or confection. There have been candy ghouls made of icecream, pudding, gingerbread, cake, peanut brittle and even gelatin.

The Candy Mare doesn’t seem to have much control over what form the candy curse turns her minions into, with some of them being nearly as deadly as she is while others are just sticky puddles of misery. Regardless they all have some sort of sugary coating, but it’s not always candy strictly speaking.

My dear Knackerman, I've had a question regarding the SStB franchise. Ponies infected by the virus become zombies but is there a limit to the sweets a pony can become? Could someone become non-candy items like cake, ice cream, cookies, pie, etcetera? Is Pumpkin Patch picky about what her puppets are made of or does she not care?

Hello, Knackerman. Lord Eclipse here. I just want you to know that I'm a huge fan of your work. You are the inspiration behind a grimdark fic I've been working on for a while.

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