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I am the Knackerman. Most of my writing deals with horror, suspense, and tragedy. And yes, there will be gore.


One Last Thing... · 6:39pm Oct 14th, 2023

Times the Candy Mare has canonically been defeated, by whom, and how in chronological order:

The Most Horrible Hearth's Warming EVER: A Candy Mare Tale - Princess Luna(Survived) - destroyed her candy ghoul army, put her in a coma, and dismembered her, eventually sealed in multiple statues so she could not regenerate

The Last Something Sweet to Bite - Sunset Shimmer (survived) - Released her stolen souls, then beat and burned her to death

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The Order you should read the Something Sweet to Bite series in is probably the order in which the stories were published - Although you might get more out of the two orequels if you read those together. So I’d suggest the following:

1.) Something Sweet to Bite
2.) Something Sweet to Bite Too
3.) Home Sweet Home: A Candy Mare Tale
4.) The Most Horrible Hearth’s Warming Ever!
5.) The Last Something Sweet To Bite
6.) Something Sweet Bites Back
7.) Something Sweet to Bite: Curse of the Candy Cult
8.) Something Sweet to Bite: Candy Mare Goes to Hell
9.) Something Sweet to Bite: A New Generation

Hey Knackerman love the amazing work you have done just wanted to ask in what order should I read or watch the Candy Mare series?

love your work please keep it up

https://www.fimfiction.net/story/531263/my-little-pony-corrupted reading this story kinda made me think of something sweet to bite(I really have to catch up on your story) even if it's not as gory. It does include some blood and gore. What's you're opinion on the Learning with Pibby villain "The Darkness" aka "The Glitch" Knackerman? I loved the way it would corrupt everything it touched. It kinda reminded me of the Candy Curse(also would love to see what would happen if the two combined somehow, that would be a horrifying union).

Also, I'm planning on catching up to SSTB this October.

Interesting, thank you for the information

In the past I've had it take over organic beings and usually it simply 'coats' inorganic matter - however, in the version of Equestria that was completely dominated by the Candy Mare it got to the point that the ground itself had become fudge, the water turned to soda, and the clouds had naturally turned into cotton candy.

so TL;DR the candy curse converts organic material more quickly but inorganic material also will be converted eventually.

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