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I am the Knackerman. Most of my writing deals with horror, suspense, and tragedy. And yes, there will be gore.



This story is a sequel to Something Sweet to Bite Too

Sunset Shimmer hasn't been sleeping well lately. She doesn't remember her dreams very well when she wakes, but what she does remember is always the same.
She's back in Equestria. Only Equestria is very different from how she left it. The Palace is deserted. The land is a bizarre, twisted, candy coated version of what she remembers. The night never seems to end. And there's something in the dark... Something that laughs and sings, but it's somehow more frightening than the bizarre landscape ever could be.
When Sunset is awake, it's the start of a new year at CHS. The Fall Formal is just around the corner, but she has other things on her mind. Will she discover the truth about her dreams? Or will Halloween bring with it tricks and treats that make her Nightmare Night memories seem pleasant by comparison?

Cover Art by kvernikovskiy

Chapters (23)
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Comments ( 224 )

The Candy Mare (girl in this world?) sure does work fast.

I don't trust that milk bone.

I was wondering how you were going to fit Something Sweet to Bite in with the Equestria Girls movies. Also, 20% crueler? Really? XD

6566423 Comedy is an important element of good horror I always thought. And Candy is being very tongue in cheek there

I'll be honest, I wasn't sure what to expect going into this. I loved the first Something Sweet to Bite and liked the sequel, but a third? Making one sequel that's still good is hard enough, but a third story? You got to be really good to pull that off. Luckily, not only did I really enjoy The Last Thing to Bite from start to end, I think it surpasses the original. Everything about this just seemed to work for me. I loved how you managed to tie in Something Sweet to Bite with Equestria Girls and still make it work, I loved watching Sunset grow as a character while dealing with the horrific events that occurred, I loved Pumpkin Patch, I loved Candy and her(it's) sick sense of humor, constantly mocking the characters in the story and making a joke out of the situation, I just loved this story. Hell, even the ending was great. I normally don't like those kind of endings, but the way you ended it and left it open just seemed perfect to me. I loved the sort of irony it has and how well it shows that history repeats itself. I seriously have nothing but praise for this one. Great job mate! 10/10.

6567112 You are far too kind!

I admit, I was a little worried about how poor Pumpkin Patch would be received. As important as she is to the story, I was leery of making her too important as late as she appears in the story.

I'm glad you enjoyed Candy's humor. It being a bit of a last hurrah for her, I wanted to make sure she got to have a lot of fun. I hope you had fun too! :pinkiecrazy:

Must've been difficult to write exactly that particular amount of words for the end...props to ya, Mikasa Knackerman...sorry.

6579783 Actually, would you believe it just ended up that way on it's own? I didn't even notice the word count until I'd finished writing. Had a bit of a laugh about it and decided not to edit it any further.

6579995 It's actually common for stuff like that to happen. I guess it was just destined to end on a note that's scary or unnerving on several levels.

Also, congrats! Your "Something Sweet to Bite" fics made on a top 10 list!

KNEW IT! As soon as she said Nightmare Night I was like SUNSET GET OUT OF THERE GET OUT!

GOSH ALMIGHTY THIS SERIES! *hugs the stories* I love love love love love love love it!!!! And this third story was the perfect ending! Absolutely perfect!!! Great Job Knackerman!!! Wonderful wonderful job!

6581461 You are far too kind, but I am very glad you enjoyed the finale! :pinkiehappy:

I haven't started reading this story yet but I"m already excited. I just wanted to warn you, Knackerman. The Candy Mare will return again...or she'll eat you...it's as simple as that.


Like how your promoted the prequel here. I found it better than SSTBT. Then again, I enjoy prequels and story-driven content over mindless action any day.

So the Dazzlings are in this story? Cool. Sonata is funny as always.

So who's the mysterious stranger?


God I hope this isn't the end of her, this is one dark character that I've REALLY gotten attached too. Incidentally, I've got an OC that would absolutely ADORE Candy Mare. :pinkiehappy: :pinkiecrazy:

That is one stubborn demonic entity. I LOVE it!! :pinkiehappy:

Great and powerful retching...

Twilight... You are REALLY starting to rub me the wrong way. :ajbemused:

Screw you, Researcher Twilight. RESEARCH IS NOT THE MOST IMPORTANT THING! Gah! :twilightangry2:

Comment posted by Surpirate deleted Nov 8th, 2015

Huh. I thought that this Pumpkin was the Candy Mare before she became the Candy Mare. 'Cause of portals and stuff.

Sunset, are you going Candy Mare on us? Because if so, I smell a sequel!

The last chapter (and the series!) Is quite possibly the best thing ever! :pinkiehappy: I loved every SECOND of this series, and I'm honestly sad it's finished. 1000/10!. :twilightsmile:

It's been a while since I was on the site, and I find out there is a third one. AWESOME!
I think it's more accurate to say you are a storyweaver than a writer, because there's all sorts of connections to all sorts of other areas, then you re-read and are like, "No way! This is a connection!" And it's like.... Whoa.....
And then you read more and thoroughly understand it then it's even more like WHOA.
Your talent never ceases to amaze. Outstanding job!

Oh god I just ate FUCK ME!:pinkiesick:


Thank you for this series, loved every bit of what I read, and this was a great way to end it. It's almost if this scene from Rocky Horror...

...met Killer Klowns from Outer Space. Loved it, loved Candy for everything she was.

Good job!



One Of my favorite Creepypasta/GrimDarknstories I applaud you writer!:pinkiehappy:

6696804 Hah, I can see the similarities! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you for your kind regard.

6702504 You are too kind. It was fun reading your commentary as you worked your way through the story.

Thanks for reading!

I'm conflicted. On one hand, I want to read this to find out what happens.

On the other, I really want to not be afraid of candy sometime this week.

See, that shit is why I keep a baseball bat in my room.
...and a knife, and a modified airsoft pistol.
I'm a very paranoid person, what of it?

Well then. I guess we'll see her again in Candy Mare 4: The Search for More Upvotes.

:trollestia: If you get the reference, you can guess what movie I finished watching.

6755603 I'm still waiting for 'The History of the World: Part 2" myself.

But nah, she's gone for good...

at least for a while. :pinkiesmile:

The rest of the school day couldn't go quickly enough for Sunrise.
I think you mean Sunset:ajsmug:.

Comment posted by Knackerman deleted Dec 31st, 2015

6786098 LOL! That's certainly not something your spell checker would catch! I wonder if this counts as an example of typoglycemia?

This was a great series. 10/10 would read again:pinkiecrazy:

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