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If it matters to anyone, I'm "xLyric" from the "Vinyl Scratch (FiM)" Facebook page. 21/M living in Houston, TX, USA; big fan of all sorts of fics. Other than that, really not much to put here...

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That's really cool! Well, it's great to know something one has done has really earned it! And for all it's worth, I hope I can make you laugh, cry, think, shiver in fear, or dance around again some day. Thank you for reading, commenting, and faving, and please have a good day. :twilightsmile:

1196759 Thank you for the kind words! Toby is pleased. :pinkiehappy:

1196759 Ah, good to know!


To those quoted who I've not replied to (and even those I have), and to those who have a story I've faved: Though I have 300 faves as of this comment, I assure you that I've read many more stories besides those. I only fave something that truly touches me in some way - GrimDark stories need to make me shiver, either in disturbance or anticipation; Romance needs to truly touch me and be well paced, or at least well narrated and not forced. Comedies/Randoms need to either leave me wondering what the FUCK I just read, or leave me laughing so hard I fall from my chair; Slice of Life stories are hard to get a fave from me without another genre joined to them simply because I don't usually find them interesting, but if I find something unique about them, I tend to enjoy them; Action, Adventure, and Dramas are most enjoyable when intense, but not over the top, as I'm not a fan of soap operas. I also still fave many things because I see potential, and while I'm not sure yet if they will remain favorites, I want to see where things go. My point is, I think of myself as a bit picky when it comes to stories, pickier than I began when I first started reading since I've seen what people with talent can do. So to those who have a favorite from me, I assure you you've earned it. I just wanted you to know that. You've either had me laughing my ass off, in tears, on the edge of my chair, cursing and screaming and begging for more to read, and maybe more than one or all of the above! I'll even tell you which if you PM me sometime. But I just wanted all of you to know that to me, these faves aren't arbitrary or easy to earn, and I truly enjoyed what I've read and your efforts in making these stories as great as possible. I hope to read more, and perhaps even better works from you all in the future. I know not many of those I follow or fave will read this, but I hope at least someone does and realizes how much I appreciate their efforts. I love to write myself, but I'm more of an essay writer, a logical thinker, than a storyteller, and come here to read and escape from the real world and its stress. I'm not very good at expressing myself, and as you can see, I have a tendency to ramble on and on, often aimlessly... but thank you all. Thank you for making this such an amazing place, and for making it worth coming back to every day.


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