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This is a group for the Ponies from the Southern United States to represent! Because, hey, why not?

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Hey Everypony, Representing Texas here.

347850 South Carolinian from Columbia reporting in despite the hot weather

Here comes a Scottish man charging in from the southern colonies. South Carolina to be exact. Lovely place if you enjoy unreasonable temperatures.

332766 No idea, i am on the other side of the state...

Texas, taking the drills away from my Bayou state?
Oh well, nothing we can do about it.
It's not like we need the buisness much more then you Texas.
Why is it that Louisiana and Texas have this little friendly rivalry anyway?

ill knock ur blok off m8 i swer on me mum

304929 California is alot more west than us, buddy..

To be honest, is anyone legitimately surprised of so many people from Texas? It is the second biggest and second most populous state in the entire country...

I'm starting to notice that at least half the people here are Texans. Not bad, but...a bit odd maybe?

Adding another for Texas.

A new Texan has joined

I have brought the Texans:ajsmug:

Since we won the last battle of the war for ya, I guess this Texan will join.

Louisiana Tigers.

We have Alligator Cavalry.

Ew, rednecks.

I shall bring the Texans:flutterrage:

304929 ... Can't it be both? We're quite literally at the south end of the country, bordering Mexico for crying out loud. At least, that is how I see it.

304836 Er... Actually Texas is considered "west", cos of the cowboys, and such.

Hey! Don't forget about us Texans! The Lone Star State is too big not to include in this group. So spare some room for us, will ya'll?

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