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Are you from the hospitality state or magnolia state (which ever they are the same). Then join this group for absolutely no reason whatsoever.

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355635 I'm over in Tate County myself.


In Olive Branch.

354948 woah, man. Where are you?


Wow, that's not far from me.

Yep, it's still alive. I know PLENTY of bronies around the state of Mississippi... but it appears as though our online presence is near absent. :ajbemused: Oh well.. if anyone wants to talk to me on skype, it's 'mysticolt' I'd love to talk to ya'll

is this board still alive

lol i thought i was the only brony in mississippi glad to see im not

from philly in neshoba county

So hello everypony, how is it going?

Northern Mississippi here. 30 minutes south of Southaven.

So how is everypony doing.:twilightsmile:

325958 I'm in school but not busy.

Everyone is in school and busy at the moment. Or at least I am. :raritydespair:

hello! my name is Emily, and I run the South Mississippi Bronies group on facebook :pinkiehappy: if anyone would like to get in contact with me about attending meetups, you can find the group here


or you can contact me through deviantArt and furaffinity, where I use this same username.

hope to hear from some of you!

Soooo..... What's up everyone.

Ha, im from Laurel anyone close?

Hold on there's ten of us... I smell the chance for a meet up

Clinton. Smack dab in the middle of Mississippi. I know a couple other bronies personally but just a couple. Glad to know I ain't alone xD

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