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Swag and rage, a combination for a sir is what I always say. Hi I am SirSwagRage AKA SSR AKA Scooty Dash AKA Touchesttree AKA The Fag with the Swag AKA well you get the point. I am new to writing but I have written poetry for awhile and by what other ponies have said I'm pretty good. If you can't tell I am bi mostly leaning towards those handsome stallions. I am a comedian at heart, loving to make ponies laugh. Also I am a Junior in High School.

Swaggy Storries


I'm back I think well at least here is an update. · 12:39am Jul 8th, 2015

Hi I'm sorry I have been gone so long. I have just not really had a way to be on here and its hard to write on this computer. I am thinking about dropping my stories I have right now completely and start new ones. If anyone wants me to keep writing them tell me and I will come back to them. I was thinking about writing a paw patrol crossover for which I have fallen in love with the franchise. I'm sorry I have been gone so long and I would like to know how yall are today.

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Hi, Scooty! Thanks for taking a look at "Happy Hour," and I'm glad you enjoyed it enough to add to your library. Take care!

1579286 Dude you stole my bio. And I followed you to keep an eye on you

Okay one why did you follow me and two why do you have my bio

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