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This group was created mainly for those who knew someone on Fimfiction that passed away, but if you have lost a loved one or friend, you can also join.

1. Act like you are at a graveyard. Treat each post like you are at a real funeral, memorial service, or graveyard. That means no obnoxiousness or silliness that is uncalled for.
1.1 However, if the silliness is warranted, then that’s fine. Like if the person liked funny cat stories, those would be appropriate for posting.
2. No hate. No comments saying how you hated this person, or how much of a jerk they were. Those will earn you automatic banning for at least a couple of days.
3. Thread posting. In general, if it’s a memorial thread, then it’s okay. Other threads that are allowed are counseling threads and discussion threads that are relevant to this group.
4. Banning. This is the banning process:
• Strikes will be given for inappropriate comments IF you do so multiple times and if you put a hate thread or comment.
• One strike is a warning; nothing will happen.
• Two strikes causes you to be banned for up to a week.
• Three strikes will cause you to be banned from the group, and in order to get back in, you must write either of the admins with how you have changed and why we you should be let back in.

• If the story was written by the one that passed away
• Or a story that you wrote about a pony dying (peacefully!) or the aftereffects of such.

Pump It Up
Flea Candy

If you would like to be an admin, you must write to either of us with reasons why you would be a good admin and what you would offer to the group.

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