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Nightmare night what a fright give us something sweet to bite, Poison Drowning stabbed by knife so many ways to take your life

This group is for fan's of the "sweetest" mare in equestria pun very much intended.

post some scary stories for people and ponies to enjoy and don't forget to leave some candy out for the Candy Mare we wouldn't want her to gobble you up now :rainbowlaugh:

Contract with the Candy Mare

Also go and check out the story something sweet to bite and its sequels over on Knackerman's profile

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She'd have lighter hair made of taffy and a darker skin tone

Hey, do you think the author might write an alternate version of the candy mare where she chose not to be evil, but instead becomes a hero who loves making candy and not eat ponies? I think it'd be an interesting twist.

Comment posted by Savannah232 deleted Jun 18th, 2021

(In Deep Voice) This is going to be a weird question, but I'm going to ask this out of curiosity.
What would Candy Mare look like if she were a bimbo?

Comment posted by Candy Prophet deleted Jan 1st, 2021

I like that nod to Trick R Treat. I freaking love that movie

Cool by the way Something sweet to bite is the best fan fiction ever.

(In Deep Voice) Go ahead! I'd love to see it!

IDEA: Candy Mare Roleplay ASMR.
QUESTION: What if The Candy Mare became a bit perverted. A real SLUT! What are your opinions?

>>(In Deep Voice) I really don't know why you would do that to be honest.

Why have I read the last thing in your comment in Hammil's Joker voice while the rest of it in magic mirror from snow White voice?

(In deep voice) I like her victims to be devoured... with SMILES on their faces!


I pray everyone else comes to bear witness to your speech.

(In deep voice) ...Okay then. So, if we can get the rest of the gathering together... then I can tell you all about my sacred and personal mission... Our deity shall be delighted!


Directly, as in in this digital realm, I'm sure you can travel down the comment stack, choose his name, and send a little message. Then you can be able to hop back over here and tell us your messages for all to see.

Directly, as in the material realm - that I'm not so sure.


(In deep voice) Very good... is there any chance that I could speak to him directly, I wish to discuss with him, and the rest of the gathering about why I am here...


CaiusTheShadowPony. He's the one in charge of this grandiose gathering. Seek him if you wish to converse with him.

(In deep voice) Well, Can you tell me who runs this place, May I wish to speak to him/her please?

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