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Bums... Poopé


Reading: 10/3/14 · 5:44pm Oct 3rd, 2014

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Where are you now?!?
That's one of the biggest questions of the universe and life. Thurp lol.

SHE’S BETTER! :pinkiehappy::twilightsmile::yay::pinkiesmile::pinkiesmile:

I'm a little late with this but. Congratulations on getting hitched... like married, not tied to a post. :rainbowlaugh:

Emogak, since you've become kind of famous for doing all sorts of clop readings online, I think that it's most sensible that you should change your greetings quote to read:

"My little pony, my little pony...

Ahhh... ahhh...

ah, aaaahhh!!!!!

ungh, unngh, ahhh!!!!

"huff", "huff",


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