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I bid you welcome traveler let this ancient storyteller do what he does best. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcsS60n04i48UCZJ0lYPGsQ


Rain · 12:07am Jan 19th, 2018

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Thanks for the audio read of “Rain”. You did quite well with it.

Thanks for the fave!

Nice. I wish I could oblige, but clop isn't really my thing. I wish you well; I hope you get that feedback.

:rainbowlaugh: I'm afraid I've never been requested to voice such a work, although I did rewrite a clopfic in exospeak and then voiced that for a laugh. I'm sure taking the work seriously requires its own effort.

I posted it on those as well. I just didn't realize that group was SFW. I'm just wanting some perspective on my first clop reading since alot of my female subscribers have been requesting me to do so.

To answer your question, yes. I'm not against what you posted; I just didn't want to see you get in trouble over a mistake. An NSFW-permissive group will require users to lower their mature content filters in order to enter them or view their fora. I'm sorry. There might be other groups you could post to, though. I believe there are clopfic-specific groups, even, that would be willing to provide you feedback on your work. You could also look externally to sites like Reddit, if you don't already.

  • Viewing 35 - 39 of 39
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