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I do not question the possibility of a fanfic without Rainbow Dash, I am merely pondering on the necessity of such.

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New story out · 6:31am Nov 4th, 2017

I'm not sure whether you get notification about my stories or not but if not I'll give you a heads up on this one. I feel like I should like give some descriptions of the story, but I was bashing my head into my monitor for hours last night just to come up with that "long" description so I'm not gonna go over do it again. So again here it is

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Thanks for the mail. I really enjoyed your story. I invite you to read mine and good luck on your journey here on Fimfiction!

Like I said, I think it's because she has had such a great influence on Spitfire in the past. I think that's why it was easy for her. Plus, she didn't exactly TEACH her anything, she simply made Spitfire question herself and was able to help her figure it out on her own.


And what makes you think Flashwind can teach self control? She is old but that doesn't mean she is wise. She has some experience in wartime, but nothing crazy like Silver has. Also they are not that much older than silver. But even if she was good at self control, even if she could teach, how could Spitfire learn self control in a matter of hours?

Comment posted by jnzsblzs deleted Jul 16th, 2017
Comment posted by jnzsblzs deleted Jul 16th, 2017
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