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I do not question the possibility of a fanfic without Rainbow Dash, I am merely pondering on the necessity of such.

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A review's review's review? · 4:06pm September 27th

Disclaimer: I could tell you the context here dear followers of mine, but I'm not going to. This blog post is for one person, and one person only, he asked me to do it this way, and I will honour his wish. I do not recommend you to read this comment if you're anyone else but Ice Star. Honestly I wouldn't recommend him to read it, it will just gonna make him more angry. But of course anyone is welcomed to read this whole thing, though if you want to find out the story behind it, you have to do

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I'm gonna follow you so that Italians can spy you better.

I just thought I'd be friendly.

Than I have to question your motives why you would write to me.

Sorry, I don't review One-Shots. I wouldn't be able to get the proper notes.

If you wish to review mine feel more than welcomed to do so. I always enjoy other people talk about my work.

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