Entries for the Jake's Horse Word Extravaganza go here!

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Seems like they were expecting 10-20 entries and got 40.

Whoa, wait... did I miss the winner announcement?

Here is my entry: Twilight Years, a different take on a Twilight/human pairing. All feedback would be most welcome.

I knew there'd be a bit of a rush of stories at the end, but not like this! :twilightoops: I thought I maybe had a shot at third place back when there were only 20 stories, but now I would be pretty shocked.

The turnout has been pretty good. You see, Jake? People do care. Care about money mostly, but there's some love for writing and you in there somewhere.

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My story is feeling about 80 percent complete. This is exciting. I've never submitted a story for a contest before.

Now..... How do I post story.......

Edit: You post it under the story now.... man the site changes are messing with me.

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