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Comment posted by TCC56 deleted Feb 10th, 2020

38 stories!! Well done everyone! I've got a lot of reading to do! 😊

Hope I made the Cutoff in time! Not expecting to win but when I saw the contest I had to try and make something for this thing! :D Thanks to Semillion for pointing out I forgot to add my story to the group! XD

(Also, anyone else know another a group for me to shamelessly share and plug future Student Six stories?)

Hey, I sent you a PM. Just wanted to clarify one thing for everyone:

it wasn't written for this competition, though (that) technically wasn't a rule

This is a rule. It just technically isn't written down, much like "Your story must be your own work" and "We are not responsible if you are killed when writing your entry."

I guess now they're written down.

Hey I have an older story that doesn't necessarily qualifies (it's definitely over the word count and it wasn't written for this competition, though the latter technically wasn't a rule) but I think anyone who reads it will have a blast. So please give it a chance. I dont want the money I'm way more interested about the judges opinion.

Hey, RainbowDoubleDash, don't forget to write something for this!

Aw hell yeah we're at the top of trending groups.

Get dunked on, RGRE.

I was fitst member.

Don’t let me forget to write something for this!

I think I’m gonna have fun with this.

Imma see what I can do for this contest XD

Hope fully I am not incredibly terrible lol

Thanks for making a group that is a contest!

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