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Brony. Gay Brony. Gay Brony sailing the Gallbar ship (and others) until death do us part. Come follow my random gay self on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ParkerPenpony

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Oh hi, I'm really bad at social media BUT come check me out anyway. I promise lots of gayness, the occasional emotions/supportive post, and... more gayness. Byyyyyye!
(NSFW. Obvi.)

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  • 1 week
    1k Bookshelves - Ask Me Anything

    You absolute beauties. You mad lads. 1,000 bookshelves???!

    I just...

    Wow. I am so thankful, humbled, and honestly blown away by how much Involuntary Voyeur means to so many. Thank you for being part of this journey.

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  • 12 weeks
    ooooops have some extra Gallbar naughtiness

    My hoof slipped, and I wrote a short scene based on the fantastic Jcosneverexisted pics about the pre- Amity Ball festivities. (Derpi #2087561.) It's had me..... "distracted" for a while, and I had to get it out of my system by writing about it. The scene isn't canon for the rest of my Parkerverse. But it's a good, fun romp that you'll enjoy, hopefully.
    She's All Yak, But He's Got That Sack

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  • 17 weeks
    No Chapter This Week

    Hi all,
    No chapter to be published this week--too many personal obligations (many unforeseen) to finish writing and editing anything, and I want to make sure everything is top quality, so I don't want to rush. See you next week with a fresh chapter!

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What can I say? I love those two and all the delightful art of them. :ajsmug:

Saw you just posted a story. Your profile prompted me to search Gallbar, and that led to 2093435 where you commented. :trollestia:

To the author - sorry i haven't read your two latest works for i've been distracted by rl stuff.
this is a little personal but do you have an DeviantArt account? cause i'm on there...it's a very crazy story.

AWESOME! also in a more interesting/erotic note I actually got my bad-dragon Gryphon dildo the other day and I look forward to re-reading the story yet again but this time actually being able to feel like I am participating in it as sandbar. so yeah the chapters where sandbar takes it up the ass ought to be interesting... on a heavily erotic/lewd/shamelessly open note the dildo I got(medium size and firmness in natural coloration and cumtube) led me to discover that i am a NATURAL at oral and can deepthroat a gryphon no problem(even knotting my mouth).

You'll be excited to know that I'm ramping up on first drafts of the anticipated sequel. 😄
Nothing will be ready to publish for a while, but it's getting closer!

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