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Thorax has had months. Months, of working tirelessly as the Ruler of the Changeling Hive and he is absolutely exhausted. He can barely stay awake when he comes to visit Ocellus at the School of Friendship to see how she's doing.

Ocellus, being the smart cookie that she is, comes up with a plan: She can pretend to be him, and he can go relax for a day.

Desperate, he accepts, but on the condition that he goes to class disguised as her and takes notes so she doesn't fall behind. After that, he can sneak off and finally get to sleep.

But then Smolder and Ember get involved.

Now with a Spanish translation!

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Good lord is this good.

The relationship between Ember and Thorax is just SOOOOOOOOOOOO cute, and same goes for Ocellus and Smoulder.

I sincerely hope you write more good sir!

This was very cute 😄, i really enjoyed this story. Nice work! and hope too read your next story.

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You may want to consider changing the title of your story; it's the exact same as a very NSFW one.

I haven't read such a pure and convincing SoL story like this in a long time. It was perfect in almost every way, shape and form. Will be faving and watching for your next piece. Bravo!

But like rip4thwall said, a different title might be a good idea. Had to see the green E before I was convinced it wouldn't be about something else. Glad I did.

Maybe with an EqD recommend people will see this comment and help me fight those stupid romans. They hate friendship, you know.

We really need more of the Embrax ship.

really great stuff. keep it up. :)

Ok, fantastic characterization? Check. Adorable shipping moments? Check. Ocellus and Thorax being adorkable bugamooses? Check. How in the flipping name of Celestia's lingerie stash did I miss this?! This is wonderful! I do hope you make more stories in the future.

Hey you sneaked my storys title! LAME!

An entertaining and well-written story! Well done!
I concur. :moustache:

This was way better than I expected. I like the sudden turn for Drama and such... Also, Ember/Thorax isn't a ship I typically think of, but I suppose it works here.

“I’m dreadfully sorry I couldn’t be with you this whole time but Sandbar’s handwriting on his mid-term proved extremely difficult to parse.

Can you blame him? He doesn't have any hands in the first place. :trollestia:

Considering how many fics are on this site, it was inevitable.


Honestly, I prefer this one. :ajbemused:

This was awesome:pinkiehappy:. I had no idea that I would like Smolcellus, but you have opened my eyes lol. You just nailed the characters and made their relationships believable which is very hit or miss in fanfics. Can't wait to see more of your work in the future.

This was really enjoyable :)

"How in the flipping name of Celestia's lingerie stash"

Dude, phrases like this are why comments in good stories MUST be read.

Well this was a nice bit of cute and fluff I needed to wake up this morning.

What an adorable and wonderful story.

This was really great! :raritystarry: Believable relationships for the win!
The scene where they first confront each other involves the throwing around of so many names that it reminded me of the dinner scene from Shrek 2:
(Originally, it was gonna be Rarity, but I felt like Pinkie would be more likely to pop in to the situation at random.)

...Wait, is Ocellus actually a girl?

Other than that, amazing story, wish there was more stuff like this on the site and less of the gore stuff. :twilightsmile: Although given your talent and this being your first fic, I'm inclined to believe this is an alt account. Ehh, not my problem really. If you keep writing stuff like this, who cares.

Did you miss the voice and all the times they've referred to her as "she"?

9302616 I guess? I mean... my native language doesn't have a different pronoun for male and female, so I get them confused a lot! :twilightblush: And dudes can totally sound cute in this world!

:heart: I promise I'm not an alt account

I really like the characterisation of the changelings as a race of adorable, overemotional and somewhat socially challenged nerds, honestly. Thorax and Ocellus being friends is hardly ever addressed in fanfiction, but it's so cute! And the ships were too, surprisingly, although they weren't what I expected going in. Great story :)

9302677 Like I said, doesn't really matter. Good writers are always welcome, whether they're hiding a few troll or fetishclop accounts or nawt. :twilightblush:

I'm now convinced there is not enough EmberxThorax in the world. Adorably pleasant.

Comment posted by Friendly Spartan IV deleted Nov 20th, 2018

Smolder and Ocellus? You get a favorite from me my friend

Two things I love about this story

1: It makes sense
2: The ship wasn't unnecessary
3: :rainbowkiss:SQUEE

Aside from the romance element, this could be an episode of the show.

More Smolder and Ocellus!

More Smolder and Ocellus!!

More Smolder and Ocellus!!!


cute story.

tho like what others said the title imo needs a change since there is a naughty one with said title before this.

hmm i wonder when next for Hot Swap (the naughty one) comes

Warning: fanfic may contain best ship
This was great, a nice fun little slice of life story with some great humour. It’s one of those fics I can see being an episode.

What a fantastic, cute story. Great characterization, emotions, very funny at times (Ocellus's list cracked me up), and great ships! Thanks for sharing!

Thank you so much! I usually try not to respond to individual comments (because then I feel bad because it feels like I'm picking favorites and then I feel like I have to respond to every single one :raritydespair:) but I just want to say that you've done some great stuff for GallBar with Involuntary Voyeur :heart:

Aww, thank you! Support from another long-time lurker turned publisher means a lot! :twilightsheepish: I can't wait to see what you do next! (Though I privately hope you do more Smolder/Ocellus, because you nail their interactions perfectly!)

So cute. Please, write more Thorax/Ember.

I enjoyed this story. Though I must admit, I expected it to push the boundaries a bit more, with more awkwardness from their switch. Still, a good story.


I normally don't go for Embrax (they r both very Gay) but I actually think they r very cute here!!!! And I LOVE Smolder/Ocellus so that was just beautiful!!! I love the idea of them being cute and adorable together!

“Yeah, we’re going to try on a bunch of dresses, remember?”

Thorax’s wings shot out and flittered, chirping excitedly as they rubbed together. His cheeks filled with heat at the sound, and he squirmed in his seat to keep himself under control.

Why was he excited?

:rainbowlaugh: Too perfect.

Very cute. :twilightsmile: I think you hit on everyone's personality very well, and I could easily see this being an episode - heck, I wish it was an episode, we need more Thorax! :raritydespair:

I did just notice a few confusing passages like the one below, wasn't sure if they were typos or could perhaps just be worded better. :twilightsheepish: Probably one more thorough proofread will catch anything else like it.

“Ocellus...” Thorax started, a stern, fatherly tone into her voice.

I really hope you do more with Thorax, he's fun to write and to read about. Such a wholesome bug. :pinkiehappy:

Aw, thank you so much!

There are definitely a few parts that could have been worded better :twilightsheepish: but once I finished this story I was so excited that I just had to publish it as soon as possible, haha.

Not a problem, it's refreshing to see enthusiasm like that! By and large your writing is already crafted well. :twilightsmile: Just noticed those and wanted to make note.

You mentioned loving brother stuff on my latest story. Think you'll try your virtual pen at Pharynx? :moustache:

Oh hell yeah
I have an outline in mind for a little something, but that'll have to be after this current fic I'm writing

It is like freaky Friday but with a creepy uncle and a hot niece.

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