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Something odd is going on in the Treehouse of Harmony: earthquakes have rocked Ponyville, while strange sounds and mysterious lights have been appearing with no apparent cause. Maybe it's nothing. Maybe it's just a stress-induced hallucination shared between the most famous members of the first graduating class of the School of Friendship.

No creature believes that, of course.

Whether it's an unknown threat or strange natural disaster, the Young Six have learned how to work together and leverage the power of their Friendship. They will have to see if that is enough to face this new challenge.

Chapters (3)

Ocellus isn't feeling so great. After she and her friends harnessed the magic of Harmony to save the world yet again, she’s still got essays and final exams and graduation prep to do. And now she’s being betrayed by her own body. Changelings are masters of disguise, but Ocellus knows you can’t always hide from your problems. Sometimes they require hard work. And a little help from her friends.

Rated Teen for references to sex. Also includes some fairly graphic descriptions of the poor bug getting sick.

An Honorable Mention in the The Discovery - A Young Six Writing Contest!

Chapters (1)

Princess Twilight Sparkle and her friends have faced endless troubles while ruling Equestria. There's never been a challenge they could not conquer.

But the end of the world has come, and nopony can stop it.

Contains narrative that jumps ahead into the future, several original characters, a despondent princess, probably some crying, and the magic of friendship.

A huge thank you goes out to Semillon, who beta read this story and provided some invaluable critiques.

Chapters (1)

Sometimes, the very best days are the ones where you don't do much of anything at all. Gallus, an expert napper, certainly believes that little else could be better.

But then, waking from a nap beside your loving husband and getting to enjoy some of his fall fluffiness, well... that might be the best thing of all.

Just a little bit of fluff about a little bit of fluff.

Chapters (1)