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Unfinished Smolder Autumn Blaze story · 11:44pm Last Friday

For context. The most Recent Yona and Limestone story was originally for the unusual pairing event I forgot the proper name of. I didn't finish it in time obviously. Why? Becuase I was originally doing a story with Smolder and Autumn Blaze. In which they'd pair up in a weird dragon holiday sport event where basically they all play a giant Battle Royale against each other.

Anyway I typed some of it so here it is for anyone who wants to read wips that will literalyl never finish

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Ay, thanks for reading The Bubble!

Thank you for adding my story to your folder. appreciate any like and or comment

I'm glad you're enjoying "The Dusk Guard: Rise!" Thank you for the favorite!

Thank you so much, VariableRadius, for the favorite! :heart:

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