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I write about horses and other creatures kissing. The gayest of kissing



After Twilight Sparkle reopens her School of Friendship she decides, as an act of diplomacy, to hold another Friends and Family Day to prove her school is different this time. Almost everyone agrees that this is was a good call and has a good time, but one earth pony refuses to and it's up to his griffon friend to try and change that.

This is a Season 8 story, based on only the first two episodes. Which means I'll probably have to mark this under Alternate Universe eventually.

The image is by PinataGhost, who you can find through that link or by clicking through the very cute image. Do it. It's a very good art.

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D'awww... The feels are real here.


YAAAAY SHIPPING!!! i love the pairing of gallus and sandbar! but a few words i have to say to gallus are as follows "gallus.. remember this day... this is when the rest of your life changes... i advise you return the feelings sandbar sends to you, he loves you..." and might i say FINALLY A GALLUSBAR FANFIC! I NEED MORE!! please make more to this story like their love developing further to where it can no longer fit the "simple friendship" category where they then qualify as lovers

Let the shipping begin!

Cute short story.

Yes. Cute gryphon and pony boy smoochies. This pleases Coaldust.


The young griffon slowly walked through the empty halls of the male side of the dorms, taking his time as he approached his and Sandbar’s shared room as he felt that there was no need to rush. So he just took his time to enjoy the quiet, grinning as he felt the difference between the loud party and this hallway.

And yet, after a short amount of time, he happened upon the door to his room, decorated with both his and Sandbar’s names. He opened the door quickly, grumbling softly to himself about how his roommate never bothered to lock the door.

And they were roommates.

Oh my God, they were roommates

And eventually bedmates(cuddling at night) and then most likely way later ACTUAL mates and you know EXACTLY what i mean by that although i wonder how headmare twilight would react if she found out they had become the highest tier of lovers and i wonder how their friends would react

I hould not be able to get this. Feels bad man. XD

We need more gallusbar fics(a clopfic or two couldnt hurt{it would be cute to see them sharing such intimacy})

Well, give the VClaw some time and we may get just that...



Yes, him. The King of Gay Comedy.

This whole darn thing was really cute.

Ocellus is MVC, and the line about ‘heck’ and ‘frick’ being swears was great.

I am loving this! You're really incorporating their upbringings and experiences into their personalities, leading to some phenomenal characterization! Kudos!

... this ship i like it

Nice thor reference ...

No swearing on this Christian minecraft server XD

I just ascended to a higher plane of existence. :pinkiesad2: F E E L S :heart:

Now this is a freaking good story with an overload of cuteness.

You’ve set the scene quite well! It’s very easy to imagine how you’ve written it all out, and I do like the idea, despite how saddening it is, that Sandbar hadn’t his parents around much, if at all, when he was a foal (though hopefully not that small of a foal!). Lots of characters don’t get happy beginnings, as we saw with others (Starlight), so it’s really awesome seeing this again featured in one of the Young 6, who we still haven’t much a clue over! ^^ So thanks so much for writing this!

And I LOVE Gallus x Sandbar! YAS! A treasure, this piece! It’s not blown out of proportions, sticks true to how we saw the characters, and is really overall laid out well! So double-score!

Haaaaaa nice referance. Love that vine

This seems fast on Sandbar's part, given that he's known Gallus for, what, less than a week? Not an inherent problem, there's just a big part of me that wants the story to be more drawn out given that the two haven't gone on a single date yet. I.e., write more! Expand on this!

Also the small douche part of me wants to say something, but I want to qualify it first - if the above wasn't proof enough - that I've got no issues whatsoever with gay relationships.


Sorry, I just feel like someone had to do that.

Other gay ships I've supported include Daisuke/Ken from Digimon Zero-Two (which makes the canon ending of it piss me off on two fronts, since I also shipped Hikari with Takeru, so the canonical Daisuke/Hikari ending is doubly disappointing), and of course Shinji and Kaworu from Evangelion.

Also while I don't support Naruto/Sasuke and am quite happy with Naruto ending up with Hinata, I do feel like a lot of their problems could have been solved if Naruto and Sasuke had just banged each other at some point.

Come again?

I really want u to continue this, you have massive support aswell! Keep up the good work!

Comment posted by Daneh deleted Apr 7th, 2019

I also agree, would be nice to see more of this

Luckily, there's already two sequels to consume if you really would like more.

He let that sit for a moment before feeling the need to correct himself. “Well, Ocellus and I are. Everyone else was sort of busy with their own stuff. But they’re with us in spirit!” He immediately grumbled at his poor delivery, running a claw through his head feathers. “What I’m really struggling to say is that it’s Friends and Family Day, dude. And as your friend,” he looked down to Sandbar with a small grin, “I say frick our parents, let’s just have a good time together.”

What made you think this kind of language is acceptable?

Except for Thorax who, due to being the leader of a kingdom recently reformed from one that’s not suited for children, instead treated the wary crowd around him to a small transformative show to win them all over.

that is funny considering all that was on a literal show cleared as being suitable for children!

‘Gallus’ shook his head calmly, smiling gently and sadly. “I have to deal with your grandfather. You owe me way more than just one. Now then…” He proceeded to clear his throat, his voice dropping from Ocellus’ shy, timid tone to Gallus’ more sarcastic one.

hehe, good start to passing herself off as Gallus

And yet, after a short amount of time, he happened upon the door to his room, decorated with both his and Sandbar’s names.

oh my Celestia they were roommates

Another strange addition, one Gallus didn’t quite recall being there when he left, was a large, shifting bulge atop Sandbar’s bed. Whatever it really hid under the earth pony’s turtle themed blanket.

two for two on obvious mysteries for Gallus

“Dad’s a publicist, mom’s an actress.” Sandbar corrected before giving a loud huff.

huh, is Sandbar from the pony equivalent of LA? that does make sense

Gallus simply responded with a shrug. “Dunno. He’s sort of everyone’s grandpa in Griffonstone. He’s the only one who’d care to keep track of that stuff. And he’s, by his word alone, ‘slept with more chicks than I’ve met.’” He grimaced as he recalled the event. ‘The Talk’ had been quite the event for twelve year old him.

that uh, must have been incredibly awkward!

With a strangely sweet smile, Sandbar leaned forward to press his lips against the bird boy’s beak, giving him a short and gentle smooch.

hoowee, thought this was gonna be a slower burn but that is quite the accelerant! and very sweet, glad all that blushing wasn’t for nothing

Gallus didn’t move to leave, just questioning what had just happened there.

ehehe! very cute start to what feels like the first chapter of a slow burn! though i’m guessing that Gallus will take a while longer to figure out what Sandbar blushing and kissing him on the equivalent of lips could possibly mean

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